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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
karaage97.5027.41 ppm26.724 days ago
karaage85.0031.30 ppm26.611 week ago
karaage95.0020.88 ppm19.841 week ago
wikikrishna90.0027.86 ppm25.072 weeks ago
anonymous65.0018.13 ppm11.782 weeks ago
wikikrishna82.5029.20 ppm24.093 weeks ago
eNoVa82.5028.24 ppm23.301 month ago
eNoVa87.5023.40 ppm20.481 month ago
anonymous90.0027.78 ppm25.002 months ago
anonymous92.5024.82 ppm22.962 months ago
anonymous90.0036.94 ppm33.252 months ago
anonymous75.0031.75 ppm23.812 months ago
karaage92.5027.94 ppm25.842 months ago
karaage80.0026.37 ppm21.102 months ago
karaage80.0030.50 ppm24.402 months ago
snowc0ne62.5027.53 ppm17.212 months ago
wikikrishna87.5029.14 ppm25.502 months ago
wikikrishna77.5029.17 ppm22.612 months ago
wikikrishna82.5029.61 ppm24.432 months ago
wikikrishna75.0022.73 ppm17.052 months ago
lugurlu198592.5028.14 ppm26.033 months ago
anonymous92.5029.92 ppm27.683 months ago
karaage67.5022.84 ppm15.424 months ago
karaage72.5025.79 ppm18.704 months ago
karaage82.5024.14 ppm19.924 months ago

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