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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
taka75.0026.39 ppm19.793 days ago
taka82.5023.67 ppm19.533 days ago
taka87.5021.37 ppm18.703 days ago
taka67.5022.40 ppm15.123 days ago
taka77.5030.02 ppm23.273 days ago
taka72.5032.62 ppm23.653 days ago
taka67.5030.80 ppm20.793 days ago
Maksik65.0038.06 ppm24.741 week ago
brainworking82.5033.63 ppm27.741 week ago
Maksik77.5037.73 ppm29.241 week ago
Maksik67.5034.42 ppm23.232 weeks ago
Maksik80.0039.70 ppm31.762 weeks ago
anonymous72.5032.85 ppm23.821 month ago
anonymous62.5031.24 ppm19.531 month ago
Maksik80.0044.03 ppm35.221 month ago
anonymous15.0018.95 ppm2.841 month ago
Maksik77.5046.88 ppm36.331 month ago
Maksik77.5040.67 ppm31.522 months ago
nemamea165.0026.73 ppm17.372 months ago
nemamea180.0024.62 ppm19.702 months ago
Maksik80.0043.35 ppm34.682 months ago
Maksik80.0045.79 ppm36.632 months ago
Maksik80.0044.31 ppm35.452 months ago
Maksik80.0042.10 ppm33.682 months ago
karaage100.0015.97 ppm15.972 months ago

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