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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous95.0023.25 ppm22.094 hours ago
Maksik90.0036.48 ppm32.832 days ago
anonymous35.0019.10 ppm6.692 days ago
Maksik77.5037.79 ppm29.292 days ago
Maksik77.5041.09 ppm31.843 days ago
Maksik80.0035.82 ppm28.663 days ago
Cold285.0055.24 ppm46.955 days ago
Cold280.0053.39 ppm42.711 week ago
dotjimdot67.5017.22 ppm11.622 weeks ago
anonymous45.0015.02 ppm6.763 weeks ago
nemamea165.0027.63 ppm17.963 weeks ago
nemamea172.5025.31 ppm18.353 weeks ago
nemamea162.5018.49 ppm11.563 weeks ago
nsnb60.0019.36 ppm11.623 weeks ago
anonymous82.5026.70 ppm22.034 weeks ago
Maksik72.5038.25 ppm27.731 month ago
Maksik75.0038.27 ppm28.701 month ago
Maksik75.0040.24 ppm30.181 month ago
wikikrishna95.0032.18 ppm30.571 month ago
Maksik70.0036.95 ppm25.871 month ago
Maksik67.5035.68 ppm24.081 month ago
Maksik80.0037.44 ppm29.951 month ago
Cold277.5048.00 ppm37.201 month ago
Maksik75.0042.55 ppm31.911 month ago
Maksik70.0040.43 ppm28.301 month ago

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