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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
falco33080.0022.10 ppm17.6819 hours ago
falco33085.0023.19 ppm19.7119 hours ago
falco33072.5019.83 ppm14.3819 hours ago
falco33075.0018.93 ppm14.2019 hours ago
falco33077.5018.31 ppm14.1920 hours ago
karaage95.0019.50 ppm18.531 week ago
karaage95.0020.60 ppm19.571 week ago
karaage67.5019.18 ppm12.951 week ago
karaage95.0020.91 ppm19.861 week ago
karaage92.5023.49 ppm21.732 weeks ago
karaage90.0019.71 ppm17.742 weeks ago
karaage90.0020.31 ppm18.282 weeks ago
karaage100.0019.48 ppm19.482 weeks ago
karaage90.0023.13 ppm20.822 weeks ago
NLYANAZ2.5015.04 ppm0.382 weeks ago
Cold_new95.0061.70 ppm58.623 weeks ago
Cold_new87.5054.08 ppm47.323 weeks ago
Cold_new90.0059.13 ppm53.223 weeks ago
Cold_new82.5056.80 ppm46.863 weeks ago
Cold_new87.5057.39 ppm50.223 weeks ago
Cold_new77.5058.66 ppm45.463 weeks ago
Cold_new57.5046.21 ppm26.573 weeks ago
Cold_new87.5063.76 ppm55.793 weeks ago
Cold_new82.5065.85 ppm54.333 weeks ago
Cold_new85.0067.44 ppm57.323 weeks ago

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