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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
NewBU95.0028.50 ppm27.082 days ago
anonymous82.5018.54 ppm15.302 days ago
anonymous80.0022.90 ppm18.321 week ago
anonymous87.5027.50 ppm24.061 week ago
jabraham198382.5025.55 ppm21.081 week ago
brainworking90.0067.80 ppm61.021 week ago
anonymous90.0033.60 ppm30.242 weeks ago
anonymous80.0030.73 ppm24.582 weeks ago
anonymous85.0052.71 ppm44.802 weeks ago
anonymous82.5057.79 ppm47.682 weeks ago
anonymous85.0032.99 ppm28.042 weeks ago
anonymous80.0020.19 ppm16.152 weeks ago
anonymous80.0039.95 ppm31.962 weeks ago
anonymous87.5038.77 ppm33.922 weeks ago
Cold285.0063.66 ppm54.112 weeks ago
Cold282.5065.66 ppm54.172 weeks ago
Cold290.0064.57 ppm58.112 weeks ago
anonymous87.5042.16 ppm36.892 weeks ago
anonymous80.0050.91 ppm40.732 weeks ago
anonymous75.0048.52 ppm36.392 weeks ago
Cold295.0061.86 ppm58.773 weeks ago
Cold292.5063.02 ppm58.293 weeks ago
anonymous87.5028.76 ppm25.173 weeks ago
jide75.0022.08 ppm16.563 weeks ago
anonymous80.0056.75 ppm45.403 weeks ago

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