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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous87.5029.78 ppm26.064 hours ago
karaage92.5033.46 ppm30.9516 hours ago
anonymous67.5032.58 ppm21.9923 hours ago
anonymous67.5027.47 ppm18.5423 hours ago
nstevens87.5040.60 ppm35.535 days ago
anonymous87.5040.51 ppm35.456 days ago
karaage87.5034.12 ppm29.867 days ago
anonymous92.5027.80 ppm25.727 days ago
anonymous87.5020.24 ppm17.711 week ago
kogutczerwony75.0027.61 ppm20.712 weeks ago
kogutczerwony62.5023.78 ppm14.862 weeks ago
kogutczerwony77.5027.06 ppm20.972 weeks ago
nstevens92.5036.72 ppm33.972 weeks ago
anonymous80.0039.11 ppm31.292 weeks ago
Damiens87.5025.39 ppm22.223 weeks ago
AVCog87.5021.53 ppm18.843 weeks ago
nstevens85.0036.40 ppm30.943 weeks ago
itrn72.5035.41 ppm25.674 weeks ago
itrn85.0034.75 ppm29.544 weeks ago
itrn87.5030.54 ppm26.724 weeks ago
nstevens95.0036.64 ppm34.814 weeks ago
sudo92.5041.55 ppm38.434 weeks ago
anonymous85.0046.38 ppm39.424 weeks ago
nstevens77.5040.71 ppm31.551 month ago
nzogna87.5041.12 ppm35.981 month ago

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