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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
SHebble80.0020.91 ppm16.7317 hours ago
SHebble80.0014.12 ppm11.3017 hours ago
decadence60.0027.50 ppm16.502 days ago
nzogna90.0042.97 ppm38.675 days ago
nzogna72.5041.16 ppm29.845 days ago
nzogna62.5036.48 ppm22.805 days ago
nzogna72.5031.98 ppm23.195 days ago
nzogna82.5027.13 ppm22.385 days ago
nzogna87.5038.96 ppm34.095 days ago
nzogna70.0036.31 ppm25.425 days ago
nzogna57.5032.82 ppm18.875 days ago
nzogna75.0035.74 ppm26.815 days ago
anonymous67.5031.89 ppm21.535 days ago
rikelme82.5054.62 ppm45.066 days ago
rikelme77.5055.94 ppm43.356 days ago
rikelme77.5055.03 ppm42.656 days ago
rikelme80.0053.93 ppm43.146 days ago
rikelme85.0047.32 ppm40.226 days ago
rikelme75.0046.71 ppm35.036 days ago
rikelme82.5050.37 ppm41.566 days ago
rikelme75.0046.14 ppm34.616 days ago
rikelme80.0048.55 ppm38.846 days ago
rikelme80.0047.17 ppm37.746 days ago
anonymous72.5044.63 ppm32.366 days ago
anonymous80.0048.46 ppm38.776 days ago

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