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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous75.0024.76 ppm18.577 hours ago
anonymous87.5030.88 ppm27.028 hours ago
tanvirshikder87.5045.80 ppm40.082 days ago
tanvirshikder80.0040.48 ppm32.382 days ago
vieta0077.5041.48 ppm32.152 days ago
vieta0085.0037.06 ppm31.506 days ago
anonymous67.5037.54 ppm25.341 week ago
anonymous80.0016.66 ppm13.331 week ago
take82.5033.29 ppm27.461 week ago
anonymous50.0029.24 ppm14.621 week ago
anonymous72.5024.61 ppm17.841 week ago
anonymous82.5026.97 ppm22.252 weeks ago
anonymous65.0029.49 ppm19.172 weeks ago
anonymous85.0032.75 ppm27.842 weeks ago
anonymous77.5036.39 ppm28.202 weeks ago
anonymous57.5029.80 ppm17.142 weeks ago
anonymous70.0032.07 ppm22.452 weeks ago
anonymous75.0027.87 ppm20.902 weeks ago
anonymous95.0031.56 ppm29.982 weeks ago
anonymous70.0032.44 ppm22.712 weeks ago
anonymous67.5031.07 ppm20.972 weeks ago
anonymous65.0030.95 ppm20.122 weeks ago
anonymous80.0023.69 ppm18.952 weeks ago
anonymous75.0035.71 ppm26.782 weeks ago
anonymous67.5034.66 ppm23.402 weeks ago

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