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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous85.0044.29 ppm37.653 days ago
anonymous77.5039.47 ppm30.593 days ago
anonymous75.0042.06 ppm31.553 days ago
anonymous67.5036.16 ppm24.413 days ago
patrickbruinsma92.5021.73 ppm20.104 days ago
anonymous82.5058.06 ppm47.906 days ago
anonymous80.0058.03 ppm46.426 days ago
anonymous75.0057.31 ppm42.986 days ago
rikelme95.0038.97 ppm37.021 week ago
mmwatr7277.5033.43 ppm25.911 week ago
mmwatr7270.0032.98 ppm23.091 week ago
mmwatr7272.5035.63 ppm25.831 week ago
mmwatr7275.0029.97 ppm22.481 week ago
mmwatr7272.5032.25 ppm23.381 week ago
mmwatr7272.5035.73 ppm25.901 week ago
mmwatr7272.5037.37 ppm27.091 week ago
mmwatr7275.0036.21 ppm27.161 week ago
anonymous80.0028.11 ppm22.491 week ago
anonymous87.5017.75 ppm15.531 week ago
anonymous82.5028.16 ppm23.231 week ago
anonymous72.5027.25 ppm19.761 week ago
shosho75.0042.37 ppm31.781 week ago
shosho77.5041.97 ppm32.531 week ago
shosho85.0042.13 ppm35.811 week ago
anonymous85.0025.78 ppm21.912 weeks ago

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