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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous90.0051.77 ppm46.591 day ago
Workmem100.0021.70 ppm21.702 days ago
anonymous90.0039.12 ppm35.214 days ago
Joebin72.5043.92 ppm31.845 days ago
anonymous75.0030.53 ppm22.906 days ago
jrodriguez32982.5022.70 ppm18.736 days ago
Joebin85.0038.28 ppm32.541 week ago
anonymous65.0032.96 ppm21.421 week ago
Joebin82.5039.91 ppm32.931 week ago
Joebin67.5037.86 ppm25.561 week ago
Joebin75.0041.37 ppm31.031 week ago
anonymous85.0033.83 ppm28.761 week ago
Ainunnaim55.0018.86 ppm10.371 week ago
zerazams7767.5022.39 ppm15.112 weeks ago
anisalias9667.5029.03 ppm19.602 weeks ago
anisalias9682.5026.61 ppm21.952 weeks ago
anisalias9660.0027.57 ppm16.542 weeks ago
anisalias9660.0025.81 ppm15.492 weeks ago
asa967065.0020.70 ppm13.462 weeks ago
D2016107312740.0024.68 ppm9.872 weeks ago
d2016107309187.5019.36 ppm16.942 weeks ago
d2016107309170.0020.65 ppm14.462 weeks ago
aydarajab40.0030.42 ppm12.172 weeks ago
adilah67.5019.51 ppm13.172 weeks ago
adilah77.5019.91 ppm15.432 weeks ago

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