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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
rubik80.0056.63 ppm45.3016 hours ago
rubik82.5054.35 ppm44.8416 hours ago
anonymous90.0034.54 ppm31.091 day ago
anonymous77.5037.59 ppm29.131 day ago
anonymous80.0037.44 ppm29.951 day ago
anonymous67.5039.66 ppm26.771 day ago
ejit70.0027.97 ppm19.582 days ago
anonymous52.5022.61 ppm11.872 days ago
anonymous80.0016.89 ppm13.512 days ago
anonymous75.0037.86 ppm28.402 days ago
anonymous85.0033.52 ppm28.492 days ago
anonymous80.0033.45 ppm26.762 days ago
anonymous65.0033.31 ppm21.652 days ago
anonymous77.5032.48 ppm25.172 days ago
anonymous80.0030.89 ppm24.712 days ago
anonymous75.0034.42 ppm25.823 days ago
anonymous67.5031.71 ppm21.403 days ago
anonymous70.0032.90 ppm23.033 days ago
anonymous72.5031.19 ppm22.613 days ago
anonymous80.0033.60 ppm26.883 days ago
anonymous77.5032.80 ppm25.423 days ago
anonymous75.0034.50 ppm25.883 days ago
anonymous77.5034.42 ppm26.683 days ago
meegpies67.5016.11 ppm10.873 days ago
elemexe27.5021.35 ppm5.873 days ago

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