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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous72.5036.45 ppm26.432 days ago
anonymous80.0019.20 ppm15.362 days ago
TonyStark70.0036.04 ppm25.232 days ago
wingmaker92.5047.12 ppm43.593 days ago
Mcterminator895.0027.59 ppm26.214 days ago
Mcterminator875.0029.86 ppm22.404 days ago
Mcterminator877.5027.35 ppm21.204 days ago
wingmaker82.5046.83 ppm38.635 days ago
wingmaker77.5055.41 ppm42.945 days ago
wingmaker75.0046.16 ppm34.626 days ago
wingmaker92.5049.58 ppm45.866 days ago
wingmaker85.0052.85 ppm44.927 days ago
Azkrak77.5042.23 ppm32.731 week ago
TonyStark70.0036.37 ppm25.461 week ago
TonyStark90.0033.19 ppm29.871 week ago
wingmaker75.0037.96 ppm28.471 week ago
wingmaker75.0043.66 ppm32.751 week ago
Kbutlett65.0024.94 ppm16.211 week ago
Kbutlett62.5024.47 ppm15.291 week ago
Kbutlett67.5025.02 ppm16.891 week ago
Kbutlett67.5026.31 ppm17.761 week ago
Kbutlett80.0025.36 ppm20.291 week ago
terell2697.5056.83 ppm55.412 weeks ago
officermark82.5013.70 ppm11.302 weeks ago
anonymous85.0031.99 ppm27.192 weeks ago

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