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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
rimble3585.0042.44 ppm36.073 days ago
anonymous32.5051.51 ppm16.743 days ago
rimble3582.5043.46 ppm35.854 days ago
anonymous87.5029.47 ppm25.794 days ago
anonymous35.0021.58 ppm7.554 days ago
anonymous60.0025.12 ppm15.074 days ago
klaudiatabor77.5033.51 ppm25.974 days ago
anonymous72.5025.00 ppm18.134 days ago
klaudiatabor75.0031.80 ppm23.854 days ago
anonymous67.5031.87 ppm21.514 days ago
rs27252.5019.11 ppm10.035 days ago
anonymous52.5018.79 ppm9.865 days ago
anonymous100.0033.76 ppm33.765 days ago
rimble3582.5042.33 ppm34.925 days ago
rimble3577.5038.99 ppm30.225 days ago
anastasia3375.0036.04 ppm27.035 days ago
anastasia3385.0029.37 ppm24.965 days ago
kmcherron95.0022.21 ppm21.106 days ago
jimbob92.5036.90 ppm34.136 days ago
sgolpanian10075.0030.42 ppm22.827 days ago
hagyong80.0032.27 ppm25.821 week ago
hagyong80.0031.56 ppm25.251 week ago
jr030955.0026.52 ppm14.591 week ago
hagyong92.5033.72 ppm31.191 week ago
yct139565.0027.59 ppm17.931 week ago

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