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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
Cold290.0064.21 ppm57.7916 hours ago
Cold285.0064.61 ppm54.9216 hours ago
Cold285.0066.30 ppm56.3616 hours ago
Cold280.0066.44 ppm53.1516 hours ago
Cold285.0064.51 ppm54.8316 hours ago
anonymous52.5024.19 ppm12.701 day ago
Cold282.5062.52 ppm51.582 days ago
anonymous95.0028.67 ppm27.242 days ago
Cold290.0068.38 ppm61.543 days ago
Cold280.0067.25 ppm53.803 days ago
Cold280.0068.54 ppm54.833 days ago
Cold282.5064.57 ppm53.273 days ago
Cold282.5068.59 ppm56.593 days ago
Cold287.5069.35 ppm60.683 days ago
Cold285.0069.01 ppm58.663 days ago
anonymous72.5028.89 ppm20.954 days ago
Cold287.5064.91 ppm56.805 days ago
Cold285.0065.11 ppm55.345 days ago
Cold282.5066.39 ppm54.775 days ago
Cold282.5065.26 ppm53.845 days ago
ILIKEHOTDOGS77.5032.96 ppm25.545 days ago
rubik87.5064.36 ppm56.326 days ago
Cold290.0065.10 ppm58.596 days ago
Cold285.0063.95 ppm54.366 days ago
vasilisk85.0023.65 ppm20.106 days ago

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