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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
rubik80.0053.81 ppm43.053 hours ago
rubik82.5055.39 ppm45.703 hours ago
JAGERMEISTER82.5028.88 ppm23.8316 hours ago
anonymous97.5027.34 ppm26.661 day ago
JAGERMEISTER92.5032.25 ppm29.833 days ago
anonymous70.0030.41 ppm21.293 days ago
anonymous92.5040.23 ppm37.213 days ago
anonymous90.0027.29 ppm24.563 days ago
anonymous87.5064.98 ppm56.864 days ago
anonymous45.0068.50 ppm30.834 days ago
Cold287.5064.93 ppm56.816 days ago
Cold285.0065.50 ppm55.686 days ago
Cold287.5066.00 ppm57.751 week ago
Cold287.5067.73 ppm59.261 week ago
mariapaulavelasquez97.5023.57 ppm22.982 weeks ago
anonymous85.0035.18 ppm29.902 weeks ago
anonymous72.5041.00 ppm29.732 weeks ago
CalvinHobbs90.0044.77 ppm40.292 weeks ago
CalvinHobbs85.0037.36 ppm31.762 weeks ago
CalvinHobbs92.5040.38 ppm37.352 weeks ago
CalvinHobbs92.5039.94 ppm36.942 weeks ago
anonymous82.5040.57 ppm33.472 weeks ago
anonymous52.5026.04 ppm13.672 weeks ago
ccoates077.5031.10 ppm24.102 weeks ago
ccoates070.0028.66 ppm20.062 weeks ago

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