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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
fun200885.0037.20 ppm31.621 month ago
fun200880.0032.60 ppm26.081 month ago
anonymous92.5045.83 ppm42.391 month ago
anonymous80.0048.88 ppm39.101 month ago
anonymous80.0048.78 ppm39.021 month ago
anonymous82.5051.76 ppm42.701 month ago
anonymous80.0052.10 ppm41.681 month ago
anonymous62.5028.40 ppm17.752 months ago
strus190672.5015.31 ppm11.102 months ago
anonymous95.0044.99 ppm42.742 months ago
anonymous82.5046.24 ppm38.152 months ago
anonymous87.5047.34 ppm41.422 months ago
Factorous100.0026.84 ppm26.842 months ago
anonymous92.5023.40 ppm21.652 months ago
anonymous57.5022.26 ppm12.802 months ago
nstevens82.5041.15 ppm33.952 months ago
nstevens80.0040.68 ppm32.542 months ago
anonymous75.0035.44 ppm26.582 months ago
anonymous70.0032.73 ppm22.912 months ago
anonymous95.0025.56 ppm24.282 months ago
anonymous85.0055.09 ppm46.832 months ago
anonymous82.5057.96 ppm47.822 months ago
anonymous75.0052.48 ppm39.362 months ago
anonymous82.5049.36 ppm40.722 months ago
anonymous97.5024.70 ppm24.082 months ago

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