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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
take77.5035.86 ppm27.797 hours ago
anonymous7.5022.50 ppm1.6914 hours ago
anonymous95.0017.81 ppm16.921 day ago
take97.5029.68 ppm28.943 days ago
take62.5030.15 ppm18.843 days ago
anonymous80.0033.57 ppm26.864 days ago
take80.0032.96 ppm26.374 days ago
brainworking80.0066.79 ppm53.435 days ago
brainworking72.5050.99 ppm36.975 days ago
take70.0029.53 ppm20.676 days ago
take70.0030.16 ppm21.116 days ago
take75.0029.60 ppm22.201 week ago
anonymous85.0059.03 ppm50.181 week ago
anonymous77.5055.03 ppm42.651 week ago
dami70.0025.80 ppm18.061 week ago
anonymous90.0029.81 ppm26.831 week ago
anonymous82.5028.14 ppm23.221 week ago
anonymous85.0025.69 ppm21.841 week ago
anonymous95.0022.10 ppm21.001 week ago
anonymous90.0016.18 ppm14.562 weeks ago
anonymous92.5031.92 ppm29.532 weeks ago
anonymous85.0057.55 ppm48.922 weeks ago
terell2697.5059.16 ppm57.682 weeks ago
YoshiF7d95.0037.92 ppm36.022 weeks ago
YoshiF7d87.5045.43 ppm39.752 weeks ago

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