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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
amanirozali82.5023.50 ppm19.391 day ago
NLYANAZ17.5020.26 ppm3.551 day ago
NLYANAZ25.0018.48 ppm4.621 day ago
NLYANAZ2.5099.97 ppm2.501 day ago
NLYANAZ5.0034.80 ppm1.741 day ago
afrina52.5021.01 ppm11.032 days ago
anonymous42.5019.29 ppm8.202 days ago
adilah75.0018.08 ppm13.562 days ago
anonymous70.0033.13 ppm23.192 days ago
alexismael50.0023.14 ppm11.572 days ago
jeevethaparasuraman55.0019.04 ppm10.473 days ago
coolkowkank67.5032.95 ppm22.243 days ago
coolkowkank77.5030.54 ppm23.673 days ago
coolkowkank75.0030.62 ppm22.973 days ago
coolkowkank70.0034.44 ppm24.113 days ago
coolkowkank72.5033.35 ppm24.183 days ago
coolkowkank75.0033.26 ppm24.953 days ago
coolkowkank67.5032.92 ppm22.223 days ago
coolkowkank60.0031.76 ppm19.063 days ago
coolkowkank72.5030.80 ppm22.333 days ago
coolkowkank77.5028.28 ppm21.923 days ago
anonymous80.0027.17 ppm21.743 days ago
nurkhalida47.5012.16 ppm5.784 days ago
afrina92.5018.28 ppm16.914 days ago
fatinnabilah_9642.5015.70 ppm6.674 days ago

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