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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous82.5060.30 ppm49.751 minute ago
anonymous97.5023.36 ppm22.785 hours ago
anonymous72.5030.79 ppm22.3214 hours ago
anonymous77.5025.29 ppm19.6014 hours ago
anonymous70.0030.16 ppm21.1115 hours ago
anonymous65.0021.23 ppm13.8015 hours ago
anonymous60.0026.58 ppm15.9515 hours ago
anonymous67.5027.09 ppm18.2916 hours ago
anonymous67.5026.53 ppm17.911 day ago
anonymous90.0024.54 ppm22.091 day ago
anonymous90.0035.65 ppm32.091 day ago
anonymous95.0036.51 ppm34.683 days ago
anonymous82.5047.94 ppm39.554 days ago
anonymous95.0018.35 ppm17.434 days ago
anonymous57.5020.17 ppm11.606 days ago
anonymous87.5027.75 ppm24.286 days ago
anonymous77.5024.23 ppm18.786 days ago
anonymous92.5019.14 ppm17.702 weeks ago
anonymous75.0034.22 ppm25.672 weeks ago
anonymous77.5031.46 ppm24.382 weeks ago
anonymous95.0024.51 ppm23.282 weeks ago
anonymous77.5035.17 ppm27.262 weeks ago
anonymous72.5024.82 ppm17.992 weeks ago
Jkviele85.0046.10 ppm39.192 weeks ago
Jkviele75.0034.68 ppm26.012 weeks ago

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