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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous82.5044.34 ppm36.5854 minutes ago
Cold290.0068.92 ppm62.039 hours ago
anonymous90.0023.40 ppm21.0611 hours ago
anonymous62.5024.93 ppm15.5811 hours ago
anonymous65.0023.43 ppm15.2311 hours ago
anonymous72.5024.87 ppm18.0311 hours ago
anonymous70.0022.29 ppm15.6011 hours ago
anonymous72.5022.00 ppm15.9512 hours ago
anonymous82.5016.42 ppm13.5512 hours ago
NCMentis72.5037.86 ppm27.4512 hours ago
Cold277.5067.25 ppm52.122 days ago
Cold285.0067.54 ppm57.412 days ago
Cold285.0072.67 ppm61.772 days ago
Cold285.0072.23 ppm61.402 days ago
mralistair92.5024.12 ppm22.312 days ago
jimbu182.5047.13 ppm38.885 days ago
jimbu172.5039.21 ppm28.435 days ago
anonymous77.5017.07 ppm13.235 days ago
Brokoli1172.5023.61 ppm17.126 days ago
kosobi70.0032.64 ppm22.857 days ago
ada_92.5037.13 ppm34.351 week ago
ada_87.5032.75 ppm28.661 week ago
anonymous57.5027.70 ppm15.931 week ago
anonymous82.5026.38 ppm21.761 week ago
anonymous75.0017.28 ppm12.961 week ago

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