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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous82.5050.00 ppm41.252 days ago
anonymous75.0024.57 ppm18.433 days ago
anonymous75.0021.93 ppm16.454 days ago
anonymous87.5028.89 ppm25.284 days ago
anonymous97.5050.14 ppm48.896 days ago
anonymous85.0051.30 ppm43.616 days ago
anonymous87.5050.66 ppm44.332 weeks ago
anonymous85.0052.28 ppm44.442 weeks ago
anonymous75.0023.96 ppm17.972 weeks ago
Foster22370.0041.70 ppm29.192 weeks ago
Foster22380.0041.55 ppm33.242 weeks ago
Foster22377.5041.64 ppm32.272 weeks ago
Netje85.0014.20 ppm12.072 weeks ago
sandman570.0022.87 ppm16.012 weeks ago
Foster22385.0036.77 ppm31.253 weeks ago
Foster22372.5034.96 ppm25.353 weeks ago
Foster22377.5036.66 ppm28.413 weeks ago
anonymous87.5036.59 ppm32.023 weeks ago
anonymous75.0034.04 ppm25.533 weeks ago
anonymous85.0030.19 ppm25.663 weeks ago
anonymous90.0049.34 ppm44.413 weeks ago
anonymous85.0055.41 ppm47.103 weeks ago
anonymous85.0052.99 ppm45.043 weeks ago
anonymous85.0052.58 ppm44.693 weeks ago
anonymous82.5028.48 ppm23.503 weeks ago

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