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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous97.5020.87 ppm20.354 hours ago
12678037.5014.19 ppm5.3218 hours ago
anonymous50.0021.52 ppm10.762 days ago
anonymous47.5022.31 ppm10.602 days ago
anonymous60.0027.75 ppm16.653 days ago
anonymous77.5039.38 ppm30.524 days ago
anonymous80.0034.76 ppm27.814 days ago
mbashaw65.0027.71 ppm18.017 days ago
anonymous77.5027.35 ppm21.201 week ago
simolari5.0025.39 ppm1.271 week ago
whitey197180.0030.53 ppm24.421 week ago
anonymous87.5034.15 ppm29.882 weeks ago
jaeiyd85.0024.73 ppm21.022 weeks ago
anonymous92.5031.26 ppm28.922 weeks ago
snowc0ne75.0049.86 ppm37.402 weeks ago
snowc0ne85.0052.06 ppm44.252 weeks ago
snowc0ne80.0055.98 ppm44.782 weeks ago
anonymous90.0047.71 ppm42.942 weeks ago
Talas77.5035.87 ppm27.802 weeks ago
omar787.5029.77 ppm26.053 weeks ago
snowc0ne80.0043.87 ppm35.103 weeks ago
anonymous65.0031.06 ppm20.193 weeks ago
snowc0ne75.0048.21 ppm36.163 weeks ago
snowc0ne75.0042.82 ppm32.123 weeks ago
snowc0ne80.0043.29 ppm34.633 weeks ago

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