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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
cmatchett72.5037.03 ppm26.852 hours ago
cmatchett70.0037.52 ppm26.262 hours ago
cmatchett75.0036.83 ppm27.622 hours ago
anonymous65.0027.94 ppm18.162 days ago
anonymous62.5022.86 ppm14.292 days ago
anonymous70.0024.59 ppm17.212 days ago
anonymous95.0026.21 ppm24.902 days ago
anonymous77.5025.90 ppm20.072 days ago
anonymous87.5023.37 ppm20.453 days ago
anonymous87.5024.63 ppm21.553 days ago
anonymous82.5043.12 ppm35.574 days ago
anonymous85.0033.64 ppm28.594 days ago
anonymous92.5021.83 ppm20.194 days ago
anonymous85.0045.59 ppm38.755 days ago
anonymous82.5040.54 ppm33.455 days ago
anonymous87.5043.82 ppm38.345 days ago
anonymous77.5046.74 ppm36.225 days ago
anonymous82.5039.68 ppm32.745 days ago
anonymous72.5027.89 ppm20.226 days ago
hennigs582.5021.53 ppm17.761 week ago
anonymous50.0020.38 ppm10.191 week ago
brainworking82.5065.86 ppm54.331 week ago
anonymous82.5024.83 ppm20.482 weeks ago
anonymous77.5018.43 ppm14.282 weeks ago
GraceK77.5054.75 ppm42.432 weeks ago

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