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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous87.5044.93 ppm39.3114 hours ago
anonymous97.5017.69 ppm17.252 days ago
anonymous90.0056.31 ppm50.682 days ago
anonymous85.0055.98 ppm47.582 days ago
ResearchStudy20.0042.45 ppm8.494 days ago
anonymous87.5049.91 ppm43.675 days ago
anonymous90.0035.48 ppm31.936 days ago
anonymous90.0034.46 ppm31.016 days ago
brainworking82.5071.88 ppm59.301 week ago
anonymous92.5034.16 ppm31.601 week ago
jdueri85.0025.31 ppm21.511 week ago
anonymous82.5043.91 ppm36.231 week ago
natalieboyne72.5029.40 ppm21.321 week ago
Snowball20085.0020.22 ppm17.191 week ago
Snowball20082.5020.61 ppm17.001 week ago
anonymous85.0045.07 ppm38.311 week ago
anonymous77.5019.59 ppm15.182 weeks ago
anonymous82.5036.92 ppm30.462 weeks ago
anonymous60.0033.82 ppm20.292 weeks ago
anonymous82.5043.02 ppm35.492 weeks ago
anonymous85.0042.61 ppm36.222 weeks ago
iuliana70.0026.98 ppm18.892 weeks ago
anonymous90.0037.36 ppm33.622 weeks ago
test123a87.5046.46 ppm40.652 weeks ago
anonymous70.0035.27 ppm24.692 weeks ago

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