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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
ERROR40492.5047.02 ppm43.493 hours ago
BrainTester175.0026.02 ppm19.524 hours ago
ghodes57.5027.23 ppm15.6615 hours ago
ERROR404100.0049.69 ppm49.691 day ago
anonymous82.5036.23 ppm29.891 day ago
anonymous72.5025.62 ppm18.571 day ago
ERROR40492.5044.52 ppm41.182 days ago
ERROR40492.5049.81 ppm46.072 days ago
anonymous55.0020.31 ppm11.172 days ago
ERROR40495.0047.94 ppm45.542 days ago
ghodes85.0024.62 ppm20.936 days ago
ghodes82.5016.23 ppm13.396 days ago
ERROR40497.5052.52 ppm51.216 days ago
Cold_new82.5073.16 ppm60.366 days ago
ERROR40495.0046.50 ppm44.186 days ago
anonymous87.5034.70 ppm30.367 days ago
anonymous82.5044.49 ppm36.707 days ago
nstevens92.5037.93 ppm35.091 week ago
ERROR40487.5039.18 ppm34.281 week ago
ERROR40495.0040.22 ppm38.211 week ago
ERROR40480.0038.14 ppm30.511 week ago
ERROR40482.5031.94 ppm26.351 week ago
anonymous92.5037.25 ppm34.461 week ago
anonymous75.0034.61 ppm25.961 week ago
anonymous77.5036.64 ppm28.401 week ago

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