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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
Foster22392.5024.22 ppm22.404 hours ago
officerm95.0016.02 ppm15.221 day ago
officerm72.5018.90 ppm13.701 day ago
officerm75.0015.16 ppm11.371 day ago
anonymous87.5043.57 ppm38.122 days ago
kilgore35nick60.0020.36 ppm12.222 days ago
anonymous77.5041.17 ppm31.914 days ago
anonymous85.0061.02 ppm51.875 days ago
anonymous85.0062.38 ppm53.025 days ago
anonymous90.0034.71 ppm31.245 days ago
anonymous87.5047.81 ppm41.835 days ago
anonymous80.0054.38 ppm43.505 days ago
anonymous82.5050.55 ppm41.705 days ago
anonymous82.5051.51 ppm42.505 days ago
anonymous85.0052.80 ppm44.885 days ago
anonymous82.5048.38 ppm39.915 days ago
Cold_new87.5069.26 ppm60.606 days ago
Cold_new85.0073.39 ppm62.386 days ago
PracticeA80.0044.30 ppm35.446 days ago
anonymous65.0035.73 ppm23.226 days ago
anonymous75.0026.71 ppm20.037 days ago
officerm57.5021.11 ppm12.141 week ago
officerm45.0016.24 ppm7.311 week ago
officerm67.5011.74 ppm7.921 week ago
Cold_new97.5070.83 ppm69.061 week ago

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