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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous72.5040.92 ppm29.674 hours ago
anonymous75.0026.34 ppm19.766 hours ago
anonymous75.0034.12 ppm25.591 day ago
Irenacukjati65.0025.64 ppm16.672 days ago
eroyfoote2.5032.55 ppm0.813 days ago
anonymous95.0054.20 ppm51.493 days ago
anonymous80.0050.56 ppm40.453 days ago
anonymous85.0045.02 ppm38.273 days ago
anonymous72.5032.82 ppm23.793 days ago
anonymous77.5030.05 ppm23.293 days ago
anonymous82.5028.33 ppm23.374 days ago
anonymous77.5042.61 ppm33.025 days ago
anonymous87.5016.10 ppm14.095 days ago
anonymous72.5026.43 ppm19.165 days ago
Andersson90.0037.57 ppm33.816 days ago
Andersson90.0037.54 ppm33.796 days ago
Andersson90.0045.79 ppm41.216 days ago
Andersson75.0041.42 ppm31.076 days ago
Andersson72.5041.47 ppm30.076 days ago
Andersson90.0042.11 ppm37.906 days ago
Andersson92.5044.04 ppm40.746 days ago
Andersson80.0044.91 ppm35.936 days ago
Andersson77.5040.36 ppm31.286 days ago
Andersson82.5042.24 ppm34.856 days ago
Andersson80.0044.82 ppm35.866 days ago

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