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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous2373.891,398.28 ms1,892.4123 hours ago
anonymous2371.601,392.27 ms1,944.4423 hours ago
anonymous2362.921,340.25 ms2,130.2023 hours ago
anonymous2359.391,432.15 ms2,411.2823 hours ago
anonymous2290.391,026.53 ms1,135.6423 hours ago
anonymous224.172,688.54 ms64,525.001 day ago
anonymous3354.871,571.86 ms2,864.601 day ago
anonymous3352.301,596.41 ms3,052.261 day ago
anonymous3363.521,662.86 ms2,617.921 day ago
anonymous2351.181,699.84 ms3,321.401 day ago
Nasa21210.002,563.86 ms02 days ago
Minus12362100.00611.66 ms611.662 days ago
Minus1236294.44737.51 ms780.892 days ago
Minus1236293.33715.84 ms766.972 days ago
anonymous2358.261,538.15 ms2,640.052 days ago
anonymous2369.391,576.78 ms2,272.402 days ago
anonymous2370.211,482.03 ms2,110.932 days ago
anonymous2274.251,034.47 ms1,393.262 days ago
anonymous2277.841,020.60 ms1,311.142 days ago
anonymous7186.671,095.67 ms1,264.233 days ago
anonymous7172.731,009.55 ms1,388.133 days ago
anonymous61100.00814.15 ms814.153 days ago
anonymous6171.431,254.57 ms1,756.403 days ago
anonymous5187.501,412.38 ms1,614.143 days ago
anonymous2357.201,630.02 ms2,849.843 days ago

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