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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous4184.211,322.53 ms1,570.509 hours ago
anonymous4172.221,603.56 ms2,220.319 hours ago
anonymous3188.001,273.60 ms1,447.2710 hours ago
anonymous2190.911,386.36 ms1,525.0010 hours ago
anonymous2342.001,097.67 ms2,613.5016 hours ago
anonymous2334.261,045.42 ms3,051.4916 hours ago
anonymous2342.481,254.98 ms2,954.2316 hours ago
anonymous2335.62976.29 ms2,740.5516 hours ago
anonymous2333.14731.75 ms2,208.1016 hours ago
anonymous2328.381,328.14 ms4,679.1216 hours ago
anonymous2329.301,268.55 ms4,329.2816 hours ago
anonymous2336.671,483.05 ms4,044.6916 hours ago
anonymous2317.332,026.27 ms11,690.0216 hours ago
anonymous230.002,763.21 ms016 hours ago
anonymous230.002,721.85 ms016 hours ago
anonymous4176.471,549.18 ms2,025.852 days ago
anonymous4180.951,481.29 ms1,829.822 days ago
anonymous4165.001,505.60 ms2,316.312 days ago
anonymous4163.161,686.32 ms2,670.002 days ago
anonymous4166.671,843.13 ms2,764.702 days ago
anonymous4182.611,487.00 ms1,800.052 days ago
anonymous4183.331,344.94 ms1,613.932 days ago
anonymous5146.671,659.67 ms3,556.432 days ago
anonymous4194.741,442.95 ms1,523.112 days ago
anonymous31100.001,071.00 ms1,071.002 days ago

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