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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous3381.591,212.24 ms1,485.7121 hours ago
anonymous3374.171,349.76 ms1,819.9021 hours ago
anonymous3386.811,259.23 ms1,450.6321 hours ago
anonymous3392.511,326.45 ms1,433.7721 hours ago
anonymous4166.671,450.67 ms2,176.001 day ago
anonymous4183.331,521.17 ms1,825.401 day ago
anonymous4177.781,114.00 ms1,432.291 day ago
anonymous4166.671,648.42 ms2,472.631 day ago
anonymous31100.001,083.38 ms1,083.381 day ago
anonymous3157.141,592.00 ms2,786.001 day ago
anonymous3170.591,438.41 ms2,037.751 day ago
anonymous4138.461,971.31 ms5,125.401 day ago
anonymous4181.821,376.27 ms1,682.111 day ago
anonymous4181.251,263.19 ms1,554.691 day ago
anonymous4164.711,322.53 ms2,043.911 day ago
anonymous3186.671,325.53 ms1,529.461 day ago
anonymous2185.711,365.79 ms1,593.421 day ago
anonymous3289.171,218.18 ms1,366.182 days ago
anonymous3294.051,130.67 ms1,202.232 days ago
anonymous3183.331,197.50 ms1,437.002 days ago
anonymous3166.671,099.73 ms1,649.602 days ago
anonymous23100.001,113.24 ms1,113.242 days ago
anonymous23100.001,268.54 ms1,268.542 days ago
anonymous2394.891,439.08 ms1,516.632 days ago
anonymous2396.301,466.82 ms1,523.232 days ago

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