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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous6187.501,255.13 ms1,434.438 hours ago
anonymous5193.331,175.93 ms1,259.938 hours ago
anonymous5183.331,012.17 ms1,214.608 hours ago
anonymous5162.501,268.13 ms2,029.008 hours ago
anonymous5181.821,324.55 ms1,618.898 hours ago
anonymous4193.331,016.07 ms1,088.648 hours ago
anonymous4183.331,457.25 ms1,748.708 hours ago
anonymous3187.501,040.00 ms1,188.578 hours ago
anonymous4150.001,991.67 ms3,983.338 hours ago
anonymous3192.311,272.08 ms1,378.089 hours ago
anonymous21100.001,354.00 ms1,354.009 hours ago
anonymous4353.481,623.58 ms3,035.872 days ago
anonymous4359.261,500.11 ms2,531.442 days ago
anonymous4371.111,516.76 ms2,132.942 days ago
anonymous3282.501,249.08 ms1,514.042 days ago
anonymous3288.891,179.26 ms1,326.672 days ago
anonymous3274.171,390.72 ms1,875.122 days ago
anonymous3271.431,404.96 ms1,966.952 days ago
anonymous22100.00970.87 ms970.872 days ago
anonymous2287.821,097.31 ms1,249.492 days ago
anonymous2288.241,201.00 ms1,361.142 days ago
anonymous2248.401,875.85 ms3,875.922 days ago
anonymous2252.081,921.23 ms3,688.762 days ago
anonymous2324.442,026.96 ms8,292.093 days ago
anonymous6256.251,647.56 ms2,929.003 days ago

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