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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous32100.00925.54 ms925.541 minute ago
anonymous32100.00832.73 ms832.733 minutes ago
anonymous3295.001,029.91 ms1,084.115 minutes ago
anonymous32100.001,083.48 ms1,083.487 minutes ago
anonymous32100.00963.85 ms963.858 minutes ago
anonymous32100.001,037.19 ms1,037.1919 minutes ago
anonymous3258.931,986.80 ms3,371.5521 minutes ago
anonymous32100.001,365.94 ms1,365.9422 minutes ago
anonymous32100.001,195.52 ms1,195.5224 minutes ago
anonymous32100.001,123.70 ms1,123.7026 minutes ago
anonymous32100.00921.61 ms921.6128 minutes ago
anonymous32100.001,014.61 ms1,014.6129 minutes ago
anonymous3288.891,423.17 ms1,601.0631 minutes ago
anonymous3287.501,734.81 ms1,982.6433 minutes ago
anonymous3268.752,074.75 ms3,017.8235 minutes ago
anonymous3238.892,131.11 ms5,480.0043 minutes ago
anonymous3226.542,205.96 ms8,312.3246 minutes ago
CalvinHobbs9182.141,476.82 ms1,797.8717 hours ago
CalvinHobbs81100.001,164.10 ms1,164.1017 hours ago
CalvinHobbs7185.001,114.90 ms1,311.6517 hours ago
anonymous6194.121,255.53 ms1,334.0019 hours ago
anonymous5195.001,041.15 ms1,095.9519 hours ago
Minus12362100.00645.20 ms645.201 day ago
Minus1236296.67681.93 ms705.441 day ago
Minus1236296.15705.31 ms733.521 day ago

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