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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
kirka220.002,752.58 ms010 hours ago
anonymous210.002,758.06 ms05 days ago
anonymous2165.561,698.21 ms2,590.496 days ago
anonymous2147.731,898.47 ms3,977.766 days ago
anonymous2142.831,778.08 ms4,151.396 days ago
anonymous2129.531,809.36 ms6,126.746 days ago
anonymous2124.351,783.99 ms7,326.256 days ago
anonymous2131.431,862.74 ms5,926.916 days ago
373356210.002,778.71 ms01 week ago
anonymous2117.501,563.05 ms8,931.711 week ago
373356210.002,796.05 ms02 weeks ago
anonymous1376.141,859.59 ms2,442.463 weeks ago
anonymous210.002,765.28 ms03 weeks ago
anonymous214.762,425.29 ms50,931.003 weeks ago
anonymous2125.001,979.38 ms7,917.503 weeks ago
anonymous210.002,764.30 ms03 weeks ago
anonymous226.352,565.40 ms40,405.003 weeks ago
anonymous23100.001,041.79 ms1,041.793 weeks ago
anonymous2397.621,349.05 ms1,381.963 weeks ago
anonymous23100.001,143.90 ms1,143.903 weeks ago
anonymous2397.621,262.12 ms1,292.903 weeks ago
anonymous23100.001,085.30 ms1,085.304 weeks ago
anonymous23100.001,013.52 ms1,013.521 month ago
anonymous2392.311,101.08 ms1,192.841 month ago
anonymous23100.00977.26 ms977.261 month ago

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