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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous9347.111,208.49 ms2,565.0511 minutes ago
anonymous9336.851,279.66 ms3,472.9114 minutes ago
anonymous9337.171,336.59 ms3,595.8118 minutes ago
anonymous9332.741,115.33 ms3,406.7521 minutes ago
anonymous9338.121,218.26 ms3,195.7124 minutes ago
anonymous9340.691,217.21 ms2,991.0827 minutes ago
anonymous9341.661,145.91 ms2,750.3630 minutes ago
anonymous9340.621,240.00 ms3,052.3833 minutes ago
anonymous9335.681,298.79 ms3,639.6638 minutes ago
anonymous9339.611,233.29 ms3,113.3041 minutes ago
anonymous9338.941,293.53 ms3,321.6544 minutes ago
anonymous9334.501,282.84 ms3,718.5647 minutes ago
anonymous9332.701,106.43 ms3,384.0350 minutes ago
anonymous9324.951,476.92 ms5,919.6354 minutes ago
anonymous230.002,764.65 ms019 hours ago
marnavik1210.003,773.78 ms01 day ago
david07210.002,763.75 ms02 days ago
anonymous32100.00718.36 ms718.363 days ago
anonymous3296.15788.00 ms819.524 days ago
anonymous32100.00897.75 ms897.754 days ago
anonymous32100.00823.09 ms823.094 days ago
anonymous3292.311,023.65 ms1,108.964 days ago
anonymous3296.151,093.46 ms1,137.204 days ago
anonymous4274.241,604.68 ms2,161.406 days ago
anonymous4261.541,760.96 ms2,861.566 days ago

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