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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Minus1237281.041,030.47 ms1,271.4922 hours ago
Minus1237279.441,188.46 ms1,495.9622 hours ago
Minus1237275.001,138.71 ms1,518.2822 hours ago
anonymous210.002,761.18 ms024 hours ago
Minus1237288.54982.74 ms1,109.922 days ago
Minus1237286.191,073.12 ms1,245.062 days ago
Minus1237278.571,083.23 ms1,378.662 days ago
Minus1237284.211,104.24 ms1,311.292 days ago
anonymous4360.721,674.60 ms2,757.912 days ago
anonymous4323.652,189.13 ms9,256.062 days ago
anonymous4361.111,608.92 ms2,632.772 days ago
anonymous210.002,757.50 ms03 days ago
Minus1237267.861,202.71 ms1,772.423 days ago
Minus1237291.67936.31 ms1,021.435 days ago
Minus1237278.791,169.53 ms1,484.415 days ago
Minus1237288.461,054.92 ms1,192.525 days ago
Minus1237280.56939.52 ms1,166.305 days ago
Minus1237281.821,105.02 ms1,350.586 days ago
Minus1237278.131,044.39 ms1,336.826 days ago
Minus1237281.361,052.67 ms1,293.796 days ago
Minus1237296.43851.68 ms883.226 days ago
Minus1237289.12967.86 ms1,086.056 days ago
Minus1237280.001,006.98 ms1,258.726 days ago
anonymous220.002,724.30 ms01 week ago
anonymous31100.00887.29 ms887.291 week ago

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