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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Minus1236292.86709.45 ms764.034 hours ago
Minus1236295.00713.62 ms751.184 hours ago
anonymous220.002,756.36 ms01 day ago
anonymous220.002,758.17 ms01 day ago
anonymous239.922,204.27 ms22,219.012 days ago
anonymous3311.432,375.80 ms20,788.242 days ago
anonymous330.002,763.07 ms02 days ago
anonymous2186.67851.47 ms982.462 days ago
Minus1236295.00710.18 ms747.552 days ago
Minus1236296.43627.59 ms650.842 days ago
Minus12362100.00632.06 ms632.062 days ago
Minus1236295.00733.65 ms772.262 days ago
Minus12362100.00661.98 ms661.982 days ago
anonymous2175.001,051.75 ms1,402.332 days ago
anonymous2184.621,076.31 ms1,272.002 days ago
brainworking3378.571,305.05 ms1,660.983 days ago
brainworking2392.861,195.90 ms1,287.903 days ago
brainworking4278.571,017.86 ms1,295.453 days ago
brainworking4264.46769.66 ms1,194.003 days ago
brainworking3288.69792.82 ms893.923 days ago
brainworking2296.15532.96 ms554.273 days ago
brainworking2283.46666.30 ms798.343 days ago
anonymous3277.781,144.99 ms1,472.134 days ago
anonymous3289.731,085.08 ms1,209.254 days ago
anonymous210.002,764.80 ms04 days ago

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