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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous23100.001,347.38 ms1,347.381 day ago
anonymous2398.041,329.79 ms1,356.391 day ago
anonymous2394.841,433.86 ms1,511.851 day ago
anonymous2371.351,928.71 ms2,703.196 days ago
anonymous6273.211,377.93 ms1,882.056 days ago
anonymous9252.781,738.12 ms3,293.286 days ago
anonymous9254.041,574.36 ms2,913.306 days ago
anonymous6353.521,884.01 ms3,520.466 days ago
anonymous6356.061,832.84 ms3,269.396 days ago
anonymous6347.061,906.18 ms4,050.286 days ago
anonymous6342.221,799.24 ms4,261.376 days ago
anonymous6361.111,857.92 ms3,040.246 days ago
anonymous6365.931,679.83 ms2,548.066 days ago
anonymous6355.322,175.01 ms3,931.876 days ago
anonymous2388.891,736.52 ms1,953.581 week ago
anonymous23100.001,472.94 ms1,472.942 weeks ago
anonymous2397.921,750.56 ms1,787.812 weeks ago
anonymous2387.151,774.77 ms2,036.452 weeks ago
anonymous23100.001,271.87 ms1,271.872 weeks ago
anonymous2391.881,606.13 ms1,748.062 weeks ago
anonymous2394.121,568.72 ms1,666.762 weeks ago
anonymous2385.311,594.68 ms1,869.172 weeks ago
anonymous2378.791,828.94 ms2,321.352 weeks ago
anonymous2370.351,835.48 ms2,609.082 weeks ago
anonymous23100.001,240.69 ms1,240.692 weeks ago

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