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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous5156.251,471.63 ms2,616.229 hours ago
cornholio6665150.001,578.20 ms3,156.4021 hours ago
cornholio6665176.471,486.06 ms1,943.3121 hours ago
cornholio6665171.431,278.90 ms1,790.4721 hours ago
cornholio6665152.631,263.84 ms2,401.3021 hours ago
cornholio6665153.331,582.13 ms2,966.5021 hours ago
cornholio6665142.861,577.14 ms3,680.0021 hours ago
cornholio6665181.251,394.94 ms1,716.8521 hours ago
cornholio6665156.521,256.09 ms2,222.3121 hours ago
anonymous4350.601,437.56 ms2,840.992 days ago
anonymous4334.881,849.13 ms5,301.512 days ago
anonymous3363.491,524.28 ms2,400.742 days ago
cornholio6665181.821,527.73 ms1,867.223 days ago
cornholio6664231.222,297.05 ms7,357.203 days ago
cornholio6665230.562,120.49 ms6,939.783 days ago
cornholio6665178.571,322.71 ms1,683.453 days ago
cornholio6665154.551,674.18 ms3,069.333 days ago
cornholio6665150.001,724.44 ms3,448.893 days ago
cornholio6665165.001,176.00 ms1,809.233 days ago
cornholio6665163.161,636.95 ms2,591.833 days ago
Burnz_B3260.711,551.52 ms2,555.443 days ago
Burnz_B3266.431,688.01 ms2,540.893 days ago
Burnz_B2292.081,270.09 ms1,379.323 days ago
Burnz_B3242.502,076.57 ms4,886.043 days ago
Burnz_B2270.291,660.49 ms2,362.215 days ago

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