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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous6166.671,591.13 ms2,386.704 days ago
anonymous5192.861,840.64 ms1,982.234 days ago
anonymous4290.871,082.82 ms1,191.574 days ago
anonymous3294.441,038.58 ms1,099.674 days ago
anonymous2297.22917.06 ms943.264 days ago
anonymous2284.621,214.66 ms1,435.514 days ago
anonymous4370.031,497.24 ms2,138.016 days ago
anonymous4340.771,923.26 ms4,717.586 days ago
anonymous4342.941,938.75 ms4,514.636 days ago
anonymous52100.00902.90 ms902.901 week ago
anonymous5277.781,217.31 ms1,565.121 week ago
anonymous4295.45983.63 ms1,030.471 week ago
anonymous32100.00970.90 ms970.901 week ago
anonymous22100.00933.61 ms933.611 week ago
anonymous3171.431,603.86 ms2,245.401 week ago
anonymous21100.00740.93 ms740.931 week ago
anonymous2184.621,069.62 ms1,264.091 week ago
anonymous5319.532,309.51 ms11,826.261 week ago
anonymous4359.841,732.20 ms2,894.661 week ago
anonymous4349.211,626.77 ms3,306.021 week ago
anonymous220.002,757.50 ms02 weeks ago
anonymous4338.291,856.05 ms4,846.882 weeks ago
anonymous4351.921,717.05 ms3,306.912 weeks ago
anonymous4365.391,458.26 ms2,230.012 weeks ago
anonymous4355.271,491.97 ms2,699.652 weeks ago

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