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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous210.002,757.53 ms015 hours ago
anonymous3350.002,190.26 ms4,380.511 day ago
anonymous4366.771,927.59 ms2,887.041 day ago
anonymous4358.401,701.62 ms2,913.511 day ago
anonymous4354.681,719.91 ms3,145.502 days ago
anonymous4362.541,696.94 ms2,713.192 days ago
anonymous4365.081,832.43 ms2,815.492 days ago
anonymous4363.432,093.08 ms3,299.782 days ago
anonymous5356.131,988.34 ms3,542.382 days ago
anonymous4374.351,823.85 ms2,453.112 days ago
anonymous5349.352,017.41 ms4,088.355 days ago
andyyyxxx2367.201,622.80 ms2,414.825 days ago
andyyyxxx2349.751,822.47 ms3,663.225 days ago
anonymous2325.952,244.64 ms8,649.076 days ago
anonymous2318.592,201.87 ms11,847.016 days ago
anonymous920.002,758.18 ms07 days ago
anonymous210.002,754.82 ms07 days ago
ginnyrej210.002,756.20 ms01 week ago
ginnyrej210.002,756.00 ms01 week ago
anonymous2186.671,054.53 ms1,216.772 weeks ago
mmarjoram13210.002,762.75 ms02 weeks ago
mmarjoram13210.002,763.09 ms02 weeks ago
anonymous210.002,763.50 ms02 weeks ago
anonymous2180.00739.55 ms924.442 weeks ago
anonymous2129.411,881.12 ms6,395.802 weeks ago

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