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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
CalvinHobbs9176.921,604.54 ms2,085.9015 minutes ago
CalvinHobbs91100.00921.75 ms921.7518 minutes ago
anonymous210.002,751.55 ms02 hours ago
anonymous210.002,753.67 ms02 hours ago
anonymous210.002,754.00 ms02 hours ago
anonymous2294.44476.16 ms504.164 hours ago
CalvinHobbs9176.921,451.08 ms1,886.4010 hours ago
CalvinHobbs9154.551,599.91 ms2,933.1711 hours ago
CalvinHobbs9175.001,501.67 ms2,002.2211 hours ago
CalvinHobbs9191.671,387.17 ms1,513.2711 hours ago
CalvinHobbs9186.671,143.33 ms1,319.2313 hours ago
CalvinHobbs91100.001,287.20 ms1,287.2013 hours ago
CalvinHobbs9178.571,268.64 ms1,614.6415 hours ago
CalvinHobbs9193.331,243.40 ms1,332.2115 hours ago
anonymous210.002,759.14 ms017 hours ago
brainworking5275.891,219.26 ms1,606.5520 hours ago
brainworking5262.841,274.08 ms2,027.4421 hours ago
brainworking4293.75819.28 ms873.9021 hours ago
brainworking3297.22750.50 ms771.9421 hours ago
brainworking22100.00725.43 ms725.4321 hours ago
anonymous2295.00464.24 ms488.671 day ago
brainworking32100.00689.94 ms689.942 days ago
brainworking22100.00684.38 ms684.382 days ago
anonymous2129.411,593.29 ms5,417.202 days ago
brainworking5272.321,033.26 ms1,428.703 days ago

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