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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous4373.811,724.89 ms2,336.9520 hours ago
anonymous4352.481,983.79 ms3,779.8620 hours ago
anonymous4363.251,766.53 ms2,792.8720 hours ago
anonymous4368.331,874.82 ms2,743.6420 hours ago
anonymous4353.332,054.43 ms3,852.0520 hours ago
anonymous4380.751,659.34 ms2,054.813 days ago
anonymous4351.091,917.97 ms3,753.783 days ago
anonymous4377.531,737.56 ms2,241.283 days ago
anonymous7266.481,426.25 ms2,145.263 days ago
anonymous7279.621,348.73 ms1,694.053 days ago
anonymous7247.121,971.16 ms4,183.693 days ago
anonymous7265.871,608.58 ms2,442.223 days ago
anonymous7272.221,382.33 ms1,914.003 days ago
anonymous6293.751,401.86 ms1,495.323 days ago
anonymous21100.00831.00 ms831.003 days ago
anonymous8185.71922.29 ms1,076.003 days ago
anonymous71100.00623.92 ms623.923 days ago
anonymous6191.67749.75 ms817.913 days ago
anonymous51100.00692.63 ms692.633 days ago
anonymous41100.00795.50 ms795.503 days ago
anonymous31100.00800.44 ms800.443 days ago
anonymous2190.91781.82 ms860.003 days ago
anonymous2314.811,700.20 ms11,476.325 days ago
anonymous4357.371,684.82 ms2,936.565 days ago
anonymous4357.651,583.44 ms2,746.575 days ago

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