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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
cornholio6666168.751,153.75 ms1,678.1815 hours ago
cornholio6666169.571,275.91 ms1,834.1315 hours ago
cornholio6666142.111,402.26 ms3,330.3715 hours ago
cornholio6666170.001,423.95 ms2,034.2115 hours ago
cornholio6666156.251,178.81 ms2,095.6715 hours ago
cornholio6666126.321,169.16 ms4,442.8015 hours ago
cornholio6666162.501,197.56 ms1,916.1015 hours ago
cornholio6666173.681,078.26 ms1,463.3615 hours ago
sudo5364.291,464.49 ms2,278.101 day ago
sudo5359.581,434.10 ms2,407.191 day ago
cornholio6666153.331,461.80 ms2,740.881 day ago
cornholio6666162.50978.88 ms1,566.201 day ago
cornholio6666165.001,170.10 ms1,800.151 day ago
cornholio6666160.001,342.00 ms2,236.671 day ago
cornholio6666156.251,444.38 ms2,567.781 day ago
cornholio6666147.371,996.42 ms4,214.671 day ago
cornholio6666137.501,494.19 ms3,984.501 day ago
cornholio6665158.821,539.41 ms2,617.001 day ago
cornholio6666142.861,578.33 ms3,682.781 day ago
cornholio6666152.171,213.35 ms2,325.581 day ago
cornholio6666157.89838.42 ms1,448.181 day ago
cornholio6666163.161,259.89 ms1,994.831 day ago
cornholio6666154.551,082.50 ms1,984.581 day ago
cornholio6666164.711,283.94 ms1,984.271 day ago
sudo5367.671,300.30 ms1,921.662 days ago

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