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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous2123.53968.24 ms4,115.008 hours ago
CalvinHobbs51100.00870.70 ms870.7016 hours ago
CalvinHobbs41100.00854.47 ms854.4716 hours ago
CalvinHobbs3188.89991.22 ms1,115.1316 hours ago
CalvinHobbs3384.221,806.36 ms2,144.691 day ago
CalvinHobbs3383.451,836.32 ms2,200.531 day ago
CalvinHobbs3381.821,666.15 ms2,036.401 day ago
brainworking42100.00583.21 ms583.211 day ago
brainworking32100.00536.36 ms536.362 days ago
brainworking2295.45615.37 ms644.672 days ago
brainworking32100.00691.42 ms691.422 days ago
brainworking22100.00671.37 ms671.372 days ago
brainworking3293.75721.88 ms770.003 days ago
brainworking22100.00578.99 ms578.993 days ago
anonymous226.072,663.22 ms43,860.863 days ago
anonymous2380.951,911.20 ms2,360.903 days ago
anonymous2376.691,763.12 ms2,299.023 days ago
anonymous2386.971,721.93 ms1,979.923 days ago
anonymous2369.932,083.44 ms2,979.123 days ago
RINAN2281.361,625.46 ms1,997.773 days ago
anonymous41100.001,113.94 ms1,113.943 days ago
anonymous3193.751,306.56 ms1,393.673 days ago
anonymous2192.861,226.07 ms1,320.383 days ago
anonymous9172.731,514.45 ms2,082.375 days ago
anonymous9166.671,087.33 ms1,631.005 days ago

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