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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
captainchu757230.002,757.85 ms012 hours ago
anonymous9319.261,695.82 ms8,803.7314 hours ago
anonymous210.002,757.64 ms02 days ago
anonymous2118.752,295.81 ms12,244.332 days ago
anonymous3175.001,402.83 ms1,870.442 days ago
anonymous2196.001,699.24 ms1,770.042 days ago
anonymous210.002,761.36 ms02 days ago
Chell99210.002,756.31 ms02 days ago
anonymous2264.581,462.73 ms2,264.872 days ago
anonymous220.008,756.51 ms03 days ago
anonymous220.002,764.63 ms03 days ago
Corsa3188.891,943.00 ms2,185.883 days ago
Corsa3160.002,207.90 ms3,679.833 days ago
Corsa3142.861,909.00 ms4,454.333 days ago
anonymous5273.961,429.03 ms1,932.214 days ago
anonymous5278.761,390.31 ms1,765.264 days ago
anonymous5290.131,224.87 ms1,358.954 days ago
anonymous4287.871,346.48 ms1,532.404 days ago
anonymous32100.00978.43 ms978.434 days ago
anonymous2294.79881.06 ms929.524 days ago
anonymous210.002,759.91 ms05 days ago
anonymous32100.00793.04 ms793.045 days ago
anonymous32100.00956.26 ms956.265 days ago
Monstah210.002,751.82 ms07 days ago
ecstatic2163.641,541.36 ms2,422.141 week ago

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