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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous6277.781,698.33 ms2,183.578 hours ago
anonymous6272.621,619.63 ms2,230.318 hours ago
anonymous6284.381,282.76 ms1,520.318 hours ago
anonymous6263.741,493.82 ms2,343.758 hours ago
anonymous5296.88878.09 ms906.428 hours ago
anonymous4295.00944.68 ms994.408 hours ago
anonymous32100.00733.89 ms733.898 hours ago
anonymous22100.00830.92 ms830.928 hours ago
anonymous210.002,760.83 ms01 day ago
anonymous5196.00963.16 ms1,003.291 day ago
anonymous41100.00840.70 ms840.701 day ago
anonymous31100.00871.44 ms871.441 day ago
anonymous21100.00918.27 ms918.271 day ago
anonymous2175.001,203.75 ms1,605.001 day ago
anonymous2184.621,268.77 ms1,499.451 day ago
Minus1236297.62638.25 ms653.812 days ago
Minus1236290.00705.20 ms783.562 days ago
Minus1236292.31748.53 ms810.912 days ago
Minus1236296.43581.00 ms602.522 days ago
Minus1236285.71642.66 ms749.772 days ago
Minus1236292.82672.59 ms724.612 days ago
Minus1236292.82669.36 ms721.142 days ago
Minus1236295.83608.43 ms634.892 days ago
Minus1236297.06569.33 ms586.592 days ago
anonymous7288.331,252.28 ms1,417.672 days ago

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