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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous3352.651,662.82 ms3,158.2414 hours ago
anonymous3353.511,613.73 ms3,015.8214 hours ago
anonymous3372.531,268.70 ms1,749.2714 hours ago
anonymous3368.751,393.98 ms2,027.6114 hours ago
anonymous3361.221,551.44 ms2,534.2814 hours ago
anonymous3372.481,265.84 ms1,746.5214 hours ago
anonymous3313.542,537.20 ms18,745.0214 hours ago
anonymous2353.271,700.11 ms3,191.272 days ago
anonymous3336.242,007.37 ms5,538.582 days ago
anonymous3358.791,641.33 ms2,791.822 days ago
anonymous3362.531,587.41 ms2,538.552 days ago
anonymous3361.541,751.10 ms2,845.542 days ago
anonymous233.702,703.21 ms72,986.772 days ago
anonymous2323.812,408.00 ms10,113.602 days ago
anonymous2346.152,080.78 ms4,508.352 days ago
anonymous3362.511,392.37 ms2,227.334 days ago
anonymous3351.751,369.49 ms2,646.244 days ago
anonymous3371.551,304.08 ms1,822.604 days ago
anonymous3359.971,628.96 ms2,716.385 days ago
anonymous3365.211,443.49 ms2,213.765 days ago
anonymous3355.741,535.08 ms2,753.965 days ago
anonymous3354.891,562.39 ms2,846.185 days ago
anonymous4352.781,726.14 ms3,270.585 days ago
anonymous220.002,764.31 ms05 days ago
anonymous4347.152,056.87 ms4,362.407 days ago

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