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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
beast101210.002,731.42 ms09 hours ago
anonymous4289.901,239.83 ms1,379.062 days ago
anonymous3295.001,040.61 ms1,095.382 days ago
anonymous4248.531,834.18 ms3,779.522 days ago
anonymous4282.501,187.43 ms1,439.312 days ago
anonymous4290.911,118.61 ms1,230.472 days ago
anonymous3295.451,100.41 ms1,152.812 days ago
anonymous2295.83986.29 ms1,029.172 days ago
anonymous210.002,761.90 ms03 days ago
anonymous2242.972,130.33 ms4,957.264 days ago
anonymous5177.781,125.78 ms1,447.434 days ago
anonymous41100.00678.33 ms678.334 days ago
anonymous3188.89945.67 ms1,063.884 days ago
anonymous3175.001,245.06 ms1,660.084 days ago
anonymous3173.331,356.13 ms1,849.274 days ago
anonymous2190.91797.27 ms877.004 days ago
brainworking3256.251,454.54 ms2,585.855 days ago
brainworking2288.75910.55 ms1,025.975 days ago
brainworking2288.89884.84 ms995.455 days ago
brainworking2260.711,461.10 ms2,406.515 days ago
anonymous210.002,761.46 ms05 days ago
patt12344352.691,999.93 ms3,795.655 days ago
anonymous2271.831,359.97 ms1,893.446 days ago
anonymous2259.381,551.19 ms2,612.536 days ago
anonymous2267.711,690.93 ms2,497.386 days ago

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