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namen# input% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous5188.891,245.11 ms1,400.7513 hours ago
anonymous5183.331,280.22 ms1,536.2713 hours ago
anonymous5155.171,542.93 ms2,796.5614 hours ago
anonymous5161.761,534.00 ms2,483.6214 hours ago
anonymous5165.001,600.45 ms2,462.2314 hours ago
anonymous4186.671,285.90 ms1,483.7314 hours ago
anonymous3193.331,063.07 ms1,139.0014 hours ago
anonymous2184.621,357.15 ms1,603.9114 hours ago
anonymous210.002,750.09 ms01 day ago
anonymous4279.761,502.78 ms1,884.082 days ago
anonymous4269.031,518.03 ms2,199.012 days ago
anonymous4269.751,451.88 ms2,081.652 days ago
anonymous4267.861,507.94 ms2,222.222 days ago
anonymous3294.231,236.62 ms1,312.332 days ago
anonymous2292.001,310.51 ms1,424.462 days ago
anonymous2289.291,247.78 ms1,397.522 days ago
anonymous2285.891,626.77 ms1,894.082 days ago
anonymous3272.321,556.66 ms2,152.393 days ago
anonymous3272.001,492.97 ms2,073.573 days ago
anonymous3270.931,704.80 ms2,403.363 days ago
anonymous3272.771,589.98 ms2,184.963 days ago
anonymous2285.421,371.15 ms1,605.243 days ago
anonymous2278.031,300.30 ms1,666.413 days ago
anonymous2289.581,225.03 ms1,367.473 days ago
anonymous2271.441,566.62 ms2,192.953 days ago

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