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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous72.7776.42 ppm55.612 years ago
anonymous72.2871.72 ppm51.842 years ago
anonymous67.3373.55 ppm49.522 years ago
anonymous72.2873.08 ppm52.822 years ago
anonymous70.5779.74 ppm56.282 years ago
anonymous72.7775.48 ppm54.932 years ago
anonymous68.8175.61 ppm52.032 years ago
anonymous71.7870.93 ppm50.922 years ago
anonymous72.7770.49 ppm51.302 years ago
anonymous70.3074.17 ppm52.142 years ago
anonymous72.0870.06 ppm50.502 years ago
home278.2244.64 ppm34.928 years ago
home239.8240.70 ppm16.218 years ago
home253.2433.84 ppm18.028 years ago
home242.3133.54 ppm14.198 years ago
home252.2645.85 ppm23.968 years ago
home251.2233.47 ppm17.148 years ago
home248.7645.98 ppm22.428 years ago
home256.7536.24 ppm20.578 years ago
home242.8144.91 ppm19.238 years ago
home273.5840.67 ppm29.938 years ago
home277.6045.95 ppm35.669 years ago
home270.3042.31 ppm29.749 years ago
home269.6043.25 ppm30.109 years ago
home273.1037.54 ppm27.449 years ago

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