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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous72.7776.42 ppm55.614 years ago
anonymous72.2871.72 ppm51.844 years ago
anonymous67.3373.55 ppm49.524 years ago
anonymous72.2873.08 ppm52.824 years ago
anonymous70.5779.74 ppm56.284 years ago
anonymous72.7775.48 ppm54.934 years ago
anonymous68.8175.61 ppm52.034 years ago
anonymous71.7870.93 ppm50.924 years ago
anonymous72.7770.49 ppm51.304 years ago
anonymous70.3074.17 ppm52.144 years ago
anonymous72.0870.06 ppm50.504 years ago
home278.2244.64 ppm34.9210 years ago
home239.8240.70 ppm16.2110 years ago
home253.2433.84 ppm18.0210 years ago
home242.3133.54 ppm14.1910 years ago
home252.2645.85 ppm23.9610 years ago
home251.2233.47 ppm17.1410 years ago
home248.7645.98 ppm22.4210 years ago
home256.7536.24 ppm20.5710 years ago
home242.8144.91 ppm19.2310 years ago
home273.5840.67 ppm29.9310 years ago
home277.6045.95 ppm35.6610 years ago
home270.3042.31 ppm29.7410 years ago
home269.6043.25 ppm30.1010 years ago
home273.1037.54 ppm27.4410 years ago

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