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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous74.7566.07 ppm49.392 days ago
jskim76.7368.76 ppm52.7610 months ago
jskim68.6366.53 ppm45.6611 months ago
jskim79.0768.54 ppm54.192 years ago
jskim69.6064.67 ppm45.012 years ago
jskim77.7270.52 ppm54.812 years ago
jskim72.7765.60 ppm47.742 years ago
anonymous76.7370.11 ppm53.802 years ago
anonymous84.1678.41 ppm65.992 years ago
anonymous76.5869.37 ppm53.122 years ago
anonymous76.0772.60 ppm55.232 years ago
anonymous74.5877.76 ppm58.002 years ago
anonymous72.0768.43 ppm49.322 years ago
anonymous76.2477.52 ppm59.102 years ago
anonymous69.1167.37 ppm46.562 years ago
anonymous71.1074.41 ppm52.912 years ago
anonymous76.5868.63 ppm52.562 years ago
anonymous82.6780.10 ppm66.222 years ago
anonymous80.6069.08 ppm55.682 years ago
anonymous80.6970.12 ppm56.582 years ago
anonymous78.7176.74 ppm60.402 years ago
anonymous75.2576.06 ppm57.232 years ago
anonymous72.2871.04 ppm51.352 years ago
anonymous76.0674.64 ppm56.772 years ago
anonymous78.5671.00 ppm55.782 years ago

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