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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
631john73.7666.89 ppm49.348 months ago
631john79.0763.42 ppm50.158 months ago
631john71.7857.72 ppm41.439 months ago
631john75.5766.52 ppm50.279 months ago
631john74.5761.90 ppm46.169 months ago
631john74.7560.47 ppm45.209 months ago
631john75.2567.97 ppm51.159 months ago
631john70.7958.19 ppm41.199 months ago
631john76.7371.01 ppm54.499 months ago
631john71.2955.95 ppm39.8910 months ago
631john72.2861.12 ppm44.1810 months ago
631john72.2862.45 ppm45.1410 months ago
anonymous79.1071.71 ppm56.721 year ago
anonymous72.1268.53 ppm49.431 year ago
anonymous76.7373.69 ppm56.541 year ago
anonymous77.1176.97 ppm59.351 year ago
anonymous71.7866.77 ppm47.931 year ago
anonymous74.7566.07 ppm49.392 years ago
jskim76.7368.76 ppm52.763 years ago
jskim68.6366.53 ppm45.663 years ago
jskim79.0768.54 ppm54.194 years ago
jskim69.6064.67 ppm45.014 years ago
jskim77.7270.52 ppm54.814 years ago
jskim72.7765.60 ppm47.744 years ago
anonymous76.7370.11 ppm53.804 years ago

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