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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous85.1573.85 ppm62.882 months ago
anonymous77.5971.00 ppm55.092 months ago
anonymous76.6069.74 ppm53.421 year ago
anonymous82.5668.00 ppm56.141 year ago
anonymous79.7069.32 ppm55.251 year ago
anonymous76.0867.16 ppm51.101 year ago
anonymous80.0764.65 ppm51.761 year ago
anonymous76.2470.23 ppm53.541 year ago
anonymous76.2469.48 ppm52.971 year ago
anonymous77.7270.54 ppm54.831 year ago
anonymous76.0869.77 ppm53.081 year ago
anonymous80.6967.60 ppm54.551 year ago
anonymous83.1771.06 ppm59.102 years ago
anonymous82.1872.03 ppm59.192 years ago
anonymous74.7564.67 ppm48.342 years ago
jskim84.1670.71 ppm59.512 years ago
jskim85.1575.78 ppm64.532 years ago
jskim78.7166.13 ppm52.052 years ago
jskim79.0768.94 ppm54.512 years ago
chemam4562.1659.27 ppm36.842 years ago
chemam4556.6958.66 ppm33.262 years ago
chemam4561.6661.30 ppm37.802 years ago
chemam4561.6661.66 ppm38.022 years ago
chemam4561.3961.53 ppm37.772 years ago
chemam4561.1962.14 ppm38.032 years ago

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