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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous76.7367.58 ppm51.861 day ago
631john76.0968.40 ppm52.052 days ago
BrainYZN83.6667.39 ppm56.383 days ago
BrainYZN75.5660.36 ppm45.613 days ago
BrainYZN78.7162.77 ppm49.413 days ago
BrainYZN78.7159.06 ppm46.493 days ago
BrainYZN78.0464.63 ppm50.443 days ago
BrainYZN76.5565.74 ppm50.334 days ago
BrainYZN82.5169.45 ppm57.314 days ago
BrainYZN79.5265.20 ppm51.854 days ago
BrainYZN75.7467.73 ppm51.304 days ago
BrainYZN80.2066.90 ppm53.654 days ago
BrainYZN77.2364.18 ppm49.565 days ago
BrainYZN81.0566.91 ppm54.235 days ago
BrainYZN83.1770.97 ppm59.025 days ago
BrainYZN77.5764.32 ppm49.895 days ago
BrainYZN79.0271.02 ppm56.125 days ago
631john83.5366.86 ppm55.855 days ago
BrainYZN79.5468.67 ppm54.626 days ago
BrainYZN77.7264.51 ppm50.146 days ago
BrainYZN79.0566.86 ppm52.856 days ago
BrainYZN78.2270.51 ppm55.156 days ago
BrainYZN76.2468.26 ppm52.046 days ago
BrainYZN78.2271.20 ppm55.697 days ago
BrainYZN74.7569.85 ppm52.217 days ago

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