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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
631john84.1674.20 ppm62.4510 months ago
631john77.0971.50 ppm55.1210 months ago
631john78.5663.78 ppm50.1110 months ago
631john78.2259.18 ppm46.2910 months ago
631john77.7261.83 ppm48.0610 months ago
631john82.6769.05 ppm57.0910 months ago
631john77.0870.74 ppm54.5311 months ago
631john79.7063.89 ppm50.9211 months ago
631john82.6766.28 ppm54.8011 months ago
631john78.0862.37 ppm48.7011 months ago
631john80.0662.96 ppm50.4111 months ago
631john81.0665.15 ppm52.8111 months ago
631john74.5661.83 ppm46.1011 months ago
631john79.5765.56 ppm52.1711 months ago
631john75.5963.64 ppm48.1112 months ago
631john74.5969.85 ppm52.1012 months ago
631john77.2364.50 ppm49.8112 months ago
631john82.6767.30 ppm55.6412 months ago
631john79.7064.56 ppm51.461 year ago
631john77.0763.28 ppm48.771 year ago
631john78.2261.59 ppm48.171 year ago
631john79.0867.64 ppm53.491 year ago
631john74.7561.45 ppm45.941 year ago
631john77.0867.59 ppm52.101 year ago
631john73.5964.53 ppm47.491 year ago

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