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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
631john79.2169.73 ppm55.235 hours ago
631john74.7560.53 ppm45.251 day ago
631john74.2658.12 ppm43.162 days ago
BrainYZN77.0765.97 ppm50.843 days ago
BrainYZN77.5867.52 ppm52.383 days ago
BrainYZN73.7666.67 ppm49.183 days ago
BrainYZN76.0965.32 ppm49.703 days ago
BrainYZN72.0466.29 ppm47.763 days ago
BrainYZN78.0466.91 ppm52.224 days ago
BrainYZN77.5466.17 ppm51.314 days ago
BrainYZN71.0962.78 ppm44.634 days ago
BrainYZN73.0860.66 ppm44.334 days ago
BrainYZN77.2369.96 ppm54.034 days ago
BrainYZN74.0862.90 ppm46.605 days ago
BrainYZN78.2263.89 ppm49.975 days ago
BrainYZN70.0662.48 ppm43.785 days ago
BrainYZN78.0862.15 ppm48.535 days ago
BrainYZN76.0764.63 ppm49.175 days ago
631john75.1261.56 ppm46.255 days ago
BrainYZN72.0865.08 ppm46.916 days ago
BrainYZN78.5460.74 ppm47.706 days ago
BrainYZN70.5662.14 ppm43.856 days ago
BrainYZN72.0862.44 ppm45.016 days ago
631john71.6161.81 ppm44.266 days ago
BrainYZN70.5861.43 ppm43.367 days ago

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