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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
NewBU75.0969.33 ppm52.065 days ago
anonymous89.6077.51 ppm69.454 months ago
anonymous89.1166.72 ppm59.454 months ago
anonymous92.0874.89 ppm68.964 months ago
anonymous91.0970.68 ppm64.384 months ago
anonymous79.5970.69 ppm56.274 months ago
anonymous88.1271.94 ppm63.394 months ago
anonymous82.0663.99 ppm52.514 months ago
anonymous85.6465.68 ppm56.254 months ago
anonymous85.1571.11 ppm60.554 months ago
anonymous86.6370.83 ppm61.364 months ago
anonymous86.0468.29 ppm58.765 months ago
anonymous83.1769.42 ppm57.745 months ago
anonymous87.1375.71 ppm65.975 months ago
anonymous90.1080.11 ppm72.185 months ago
anonymous91.0967.16 ppm61.185 months ago
NewBU79.5873.97 ppm58.875 months ago
NewBU76.0864.89 ppm49.375 months ago
anonymous86.6374.29 ppm64.365 months ago
anonymous86.6374.95 ppm64.935 months ago
anonymous88.1273.65 ppm64.905 months ago
anonymous86.1464.71 ppm55.745 months ago
anonymous80.0967.77 ppm54.285 months ago
anonymous88.6171.75 ppm63.585 months ago
anonymous86.0770.66 ppm60.825 months ago

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