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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
z0rd77.2363.14 ppm48.762 months ago
z0rd77.1062.41 ppm48.122 months ago
z0rd70.6163.86 ppm45.092 months ago
z0rd69.1558.58 ppm40.514 months ago
NewBU75.5863.35 ppm47.884 months ago
asdf01173.6655.45 ppm40.844 months ago
asdf01173.6162.55 ppm46.054 months ago
anonymous73.0864.06 ppm46.817 months ago
z0rd70.6161.70 ppm43.577 months ago
anonymous75.5859.38 ppm44.887 months ago
anonymous70.1260.60 ppm42.497 months ago
anonymous70.1557.42 ppm40.287 months ago
anonymous71.1257.56 ppm40.947 months ago
anonymous74.7561.06 ppm45.647 months ago
anonymous63.6454.22 ppm34.517 months ago
anonymous74.6060.62 ppm45.227 months ago
anonymous72.7761.22 ppm44.557 months ago
anonymous73.6158.18 ppm42.837 months ago
anonymous70.1055.08 ppm38.617 months ago
anonymous71.6058.93 ppm42.197 months ago
anonymous61.7055.45 ppm34.217 months ago
anonymous68.6559.50 ppm40.857 months ago
z0rd78.7167.76 ppm53.348 months ago
z0rd78.5862.10 ppm48.808 months ago
z0rd72.1462.99 ppm45.448 months ago

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