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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
631john73.2764.06 ppm46.9412 hours ago
anonymous88.5372.26 ppm63.985 days ago
anonymous73.6162.97 ppm46.351 week ago
anonymous77.5765.69 ppm50.962 weeks ago
anonymous71.1259.44 ppm42.272 weeks ago
z0rd78.1162.22 ppm48.603 weeks ago
test123a75.7467.99 ppm51.501 month ago
z0rd76.0764.85 ppm49.332 months ago
anonymous78.6065.21 ppm51.252 months ago
anonymous82.5665.65 ppm54.203 months ago
anonymous71.1161.09 ppm43.443 months ago
anonymous82.6774.60 ppm61.674 months ago
anonymous82.6770.97 ppm58.674 months ago
anonymous84.5574.38 ppm62.894 months ago
threedspeedrunner80.5763.40 ppm51.084 months ago
threedspeedrunner76.0967.24 ppm51.174 months ago
tomek66670.3069.17 ppm48.624 months ago
tomek66670.7970.71 ppm50.064 months ago
tomek66677.2370.69 ppm54.594 months ago
z0rd77.2363.14 ppm48.7610 months ago
z0rd77.1062.41 ppm48.1210 months ago
z0rd70.6163.86 ppm45.0910 months ago
z0rd69.1558.58 ppm40.5111 months ago
NewBU75.5863.35 ppm47.8812 months ago
asdf01173.6655.45 ppm40.841 year ago

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