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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
NewBU76.5970.23 ppm53.794 months ago
NewBU75.0969.33 ppm52.064 months ago
anonymous89.6077.51 ppm69.458 months ago
anonymous89.1166.72 ppm59.458 months ago
anonymous92.0874.89 ppm68.968 months ago
anonymous91.0970.68 ppm64.388 months ago
anonymous79.5970.69 ppm56.278 months ago
anonymous88.1271.94 ppm63.398 months ago
anonymous82.0663.99 ppm52.518 months ago
anonymous85.6465.68 ppm56.258 months ago
anonymous85.1571.11 ppm60.558 months ago
anonymous86.6370.83 ppm61.368 months ago
anonymous86.0468.29 ppm58.768 months ago
anonymous83.1769.42 ppm57.748 months ago
anonymous87.1375.71 ppm65.978 months ago
anonymous90.1080.11 ppm72.188 months ago
anonymous91.0967.16 ppm61.188 months ago
NewBU79.5873.97 ppm58.879 months ago
NewBU76.0864.89 ppm49.379 months ago
anonymous86.6374.29 ppm64.369 months ago
anonymous86.6374.95 ppm64.939 months ago
anonymous88.1273.65 ppm64.909 months ago
anonymous86.1464.71 ppm55.749 months ago
anonymous80.0967.77 ppm54.289 months ago
anonymous88.6171.75 ppm63.589 months ago

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