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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
NewBU76.5970.23 ppm53.792 months ago
NewBU75.0969.33 ppm52.062 months ago
anonymous89.6077.51 ppm69.456 months ago
anonymous89.1166.72 ppm59.456 months ago
anonymous92.0874.89 ppm68.966 months ago
anonymous91.0970.68 ppm64.386 months ago
anonymous79.5970.69 ppm56.276 months ago
anonymous88.1271.94 ppm63.396 months ago
anonymous82.0663.99 ppm52.516 months ago
anonymous85.6465.68 ppm56.256 months ago
anonymous85.1571.11 ppm60.556 months ago
anonymous86.6370.83 ppm61.366 months ago
anonymous86.0468.29 ppm58.767 months ago
anonymous83.1769.42 ppm57.747 months ago
anonymous87.1375.71 ppm65.977 months ago
anonymous90.1080.11 ppm72.187 months ago
anonymous91.0967.16 ppm61.187 months ago
NewBU79.5873.97 ppm58.877 months ago
NewBU76.0864.89 ppm49.377 months ago
anonymous86.6374.29 ppm64.367 months ago
anonymous86.6374.95 ppm64.937 months ago
anonymous88.1273.65 ppm64.907 months ago
anonymous86.1464.71 ppm55.747 months ago
anonymous80.0967.77 ppm54.287 months ago
anonymous88.6171.75 ppm63.587 months ago

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