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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous71.1161.09 ppm43.442 weeks ago
anonymous82.6774.60 ppm61.671 month ago
anonymous82.6770.97 ppm58.671 month ago
anonymous84.5574.38 ppm62.891 month ago
threedspeedrunner80.5763.40 ppm51.081 month ago
threedspeedrunner76.0967.24 ppm51.171 month ago
tomek66670.3069.17 ppm48.621 month ago
tomek66670.7970.71 ppm50.061 month ago
tomek66677.2370.69 ppm54.591 month ago
z0rd77.2363.14 ppm48.767 months ago
z0rd77.1062.41 ppm48.127 months ago
z0rd70.6163.86 ppm45.097 months ago
z0rd69.1558.58 ppm40.518 months ago
NewBU75.5863.35 ppm47.889 months ago
asdf01173.6655.45 ppm40.849 months ago
asdf01173.6162.55 ppm46.059 months ago
anonymous73.0864.06 ppm46.8112 months ago
z0rd70.6161.70 ppm43.5712 months ago
anonymous75.5859.38 ppm44.8812 months ago
anonymous70.1260.60 ppm42.4912 months ago
anonymous70.1557.42 ppm40.2812 months ago
anonymous71.1257.56 ppm40.941 year ago
anonymous74.7561.06 ppm45.641 year ago
anonymous63.6454.22 ppm34.511 year ago
anonymous74.6060.62 ppm45.221 year ago

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