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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
brainworking75.6261.00 ppm46.131 month ago
anonymous75.1057.88 ppm43.473 months ago
NewBU88.0473.14 ppm64.393 months ago
NewBU76.5866.66 ppm51.053 months ago
anonymous71.1262.42 ppm44.403 months ago
NewBU84.5671.64 ppm60.584 months ago
asdf01183.5966.82 ppm55.864 months ago
jimbu171.7863.10 ppm45.296 months ago
jimbu176.1164.69 ppm49.236 months ago
jimbu172.1461.04 ppm44.036 months ago
jimbu176.1062.17 ppm47.316 months ago
jimbu171.6361.89 ppm44.336 months ago
jimbu179.0862.03 ppm49.056 months ago
jimbu172.1357.31 ppm41.346 months ago
jimbu168.1459.59 ppm40.606 months ago
jimbu171.6559.19 ppm42.416 months ago
jimbu165.6756.10 ppm36.846 months ago
jimbu168.1254.25 ppm36.966 months ago
falco33072.1159.12 ppm42.636 months ago
falco33074.5755.29 ppm41.236 months ago
falco33074.5857.69 ppm43.026 months ago
anonymous76.5866.53 ppm50.957 months ago
anonymous79.5762.97 ppm50.117 months ago
anonymous85.0567.79 ppm57.667 months ago
threedspeedrunner87.0671.20 ppm61.997 months ago

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