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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
StenPi75.6362.85 ppm47.543 weeks ago
StenPi80.5959.93 ppm48.303 weeks ago
anonymous75.1062.89 ppm47.232 months ago
anonymous71.1061.17 ppm43.492 months ago
anonymous72.1453.56 ppm38.642 months ago
anonymous80.2062.91 ppm50.454 months ago
anonymous78.5760.93 ppm47.874 months ago
Foster22377.1163.88 ppm49.266 months ago
Foster22373.6459.24 ppm43.636 months ago
Foster22374.1361.47 ppm45.576 months ago
anonymous84.6565.52 ppm55.466 months ago
anonymous82.1865.31 ppm53.676 months ago
anonymous82.1871.53 ppm58.786 months ago
anonymous83.6663.21 ppm52.886 months ago
anonymous83.6672.94 ppm61.026 months ago
jilChaos86.0266.07 ppm56.838 months ago
jilChaos85.0267.40 ppm57.308 months ago
jilChaos83.0769.64 ppm57.858 months ago
jilChaos85.5466.64 ppm57.008 months ago
jilChaos80.0263.11 ppm50.508 months ago
jilChaos83.0164.88 ppm53.868 months ago
jilChaos81.0767.99 ppm55.128 months ago
jilChaos84.0461.38 ppm51.588 months ago
jilChaos82.5265.45 ppm54.018 months ago
jilChaos83.5265.67 ppm54.858 months ago

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