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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous94.0267.40 ppm63.372 months ago
anonymous67.1554.76 ppm36.772 months ago
anonymous96.0268.13 ppm65.422 months ago
anonymous94.5572.88 ppm68.912 months ago
anonymous97.0373.93 ppm71.732 months ago
anonymous95.5468.95 ppm65.882 months ago
anonymous92.0866.70 ppm61.423 months ago
anonymous95.5475.70 ppm72.333 months ago
anonymous96.0177.02 ppm73.953 months ago
anonymous93.5367.99 ppm63.593 months ago
threedspeedrunner88.0663.95 ppm56.313 months ago
NewBU89.0474.38 ppm66.234 months ago
NewBU82.0772.14 ppm59.214 months ago
NewBU93.0270.05 ppm65.164 months ago
anonymous95.5473.59 ppm70.314 months ago
NewBU86.0667.33 ppm57.955 months ago
brainworking76.7369.19 ppm53.095 months ago
NewBU84.0765.08 ppm54.725 months ago
NewBU87.5471.24 ppm62.366 months ago
NewBU80.0970.49 ppm56.466 months ago
BrainYZN88.1270.39 ppm62.037 months ago
BrainYZN83.1768.95 ppm57.347 months ago
BrainYZN83.0167.99 ppm56.447 months ago
BrainYZN82.6765.87 ppm54.467 months ago
BrainYZN83.0068.25 ppm56.657 months ago

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