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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous96.5175.17 ppm72.552 days ago
anonymous97.5275.01 ppm73.153 days ago
threedspeedrunner87.0369.95 ppm60.883 days ago
threedspeedrunner91.0372.22 ppm65.743 days ago
threedspeedrunner88.0468.91 ppm60.674 days ago
tomek66687.6271.82 ppm62.932 weeks ago
tomek66676.6568.59 ppm52.572 weeks ago
anonymous88.6170.46 ppm62.442 months ago
StenPi81.0962.02 ppm50.292 months ago
StenPi69.6260.05 ppm41.812 months ago
StenPi80.0661.02 ppm48.862 months ago
StenPi69.8056.10 ppm39.162 months ago
StenPi74.1464.47 ppm47.802 months ago
StenPi75.6262.90 ppm47.562 months ago
falco33077.5656.51 ppm43.833 months ago
falco33071.5659.30 ppm42.443 months ago
falco33081.5659.18 ppm48.273 months ago
falco33072.0957.26 ppm41.283 months ago
falco33075.5759.40 ppm44.893 months ago
falco33071.1256.75 ppm40.363 months ago
brainworking75.6261.00 ppm46.135 months ago
anonymous75.1057.88 ppm43.477 months ago
NewBU88.0473.14 ppm64.397 months ago
NewBU76.5866.66 ppm51.057 months ago
anonymous71.1262.42 ppm44.407 months ago

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