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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
mjolk79.1169.36 ppm54.871 month ago
anonymous86.5574.50 ppm64.482 months ago
anonymous94.0267.40 ppm63.375 months ago
anonymous67.1554.76 ppm36.775 months ago
anonymous96.0268.13 ppm65.425 months ago
anonymous94.5572.88 ppm68.915 months ago
anonymous97.0373.93 ppm71.735 months ago
anonymous95.5468.95 ppm65.886 months ago
anonymous92.0866.70 ppm61.426 months ago
anonymous95.5475.70 ppm72.336 months ago
anonymous96.0177.02 ppm73.956 months ago
anonymous93.5367.99 ppm63.596 months ago
threedspeedrunner88.0663.95 ppm56.316 months ago
NewBU89.0474.38 ppm66.237 months ago
NewBU82.0772.14 ppm59.217 months ago
NewBU93.0270.05 ppm65.168 months ago
anonymous95.5473.59 ppm70.318 months ago
NewBU86.0667.33 ppm57.958 months ago
brainworking76.7369.19 ppm53.098 months ago
NewBU84.0765.08 ppm54.728 months ago
NewBU87.5471.24 ppm62.369 months ago
NewBU80.0970.49 ppm56.469 months ago
BrainYZN88.1270.39 ppm62.0310 months ago
BrainYZN83.1768.95 ppm57.3410 months ago
BrainYZN83.0167.99 ppm56.4410 months ago

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