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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
jilChaos86.0266.07 ppm56.834 weeks ago
jilChaos85.0267.40 ppm57.304 weeks ago
jilChaos83.0769.64 ppm57.854 weeks ago
jilChaos85.5466.64 ppm57.004 weeks ago
jilChaos80.0263.11 ppm50.504 weeks ago
jilChaos83.0164.88 ppm53.864 weeks ago
jilChaos81.0767.99 ppm55.124 weeks ago
jilChaos84.0461.38 ppm51.584 weeks ago
jilChaos82.5265.45 ppm54.011 month ago
jilChaos83.5265.67 ppm54.851 month ago
jilChaos82.0463.99 ppm52.501 month ago
jilChaos86.6370.29 ppm60.891 month ago
jilChaos81.0560.32 ppm48.891 month ago
jilChaos80.0264.25 ppm51.421 month ago
jilChaos70.0861.82 ppm43.321 month ago
jilChaos80.0356.50 ppm45.221 month ago
jilChaos79.5358.19 ppm46.281 month ago
jilChaos76.5759.12 ppm45.271 month ago
jilChaos73.5552.84 ppm38.871 month ago
jilChaos75.0755.36 ppm41.561 month ago
jilChaos79.5458.00 ppm46.141 month ago
jilChaos76.5564.94 ppm49.711 month ago
jilChaos76.0556.97 ppm43.331 month ago
jilChaos71.5649.19 ppm35.201 month ago
jilChaos67.0649.09 ppm32.921 month ago

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