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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
mjolk79.1169.36 ppm54.873 months ago
anonymous86.5574.50 ppm64.484 months ago
anonymous94.0267.40 ppm63.377 months ago
anonymous67.1554.76 ppm36.777 months ago
anonymous96.0268.13 ppm65.427 months ago
anonymous94.5572.88 ppm68.917 months ago
anonymous97.0373.93 ppm71.737 months ago
anonymous95.5468.95 ppm65.888 months ago
anonymous92.0866.70 ppm61.428 months ago
anonymous95.5475.70 ppm72.338 months ago
anonymous96.0177.02 ppm73.958 months ago
anonymous93.5367.99 ppm63.598 months ago
threedspeedrunner88.0663.95 ppm56.319 months ago
NewBU89.0474.38 ppm66.239 months ago
NewBU82.0772.14 ppm59.219 months ago
NewBU93.0270.05 ppm65.1610 months ago
anonymous95.5473.59 ppm70.3110 months ago
NewBU86.0667.33 ppm57.9510 months ago
brainworking76.7369.19 ppm53.0910 months ago
NewBU84.0765.08 ppm54.7210 months ago
NewBU87.5471.24 ppm62.3611 months ago
NewBU80.0970.49 ppm56.4611 months ago
BrainYZN88.1270.39 ppm62.0312 months ago
BrainYZN83.1768.95 ppm57.3412 months ago
BrainYZN83.0167.99 ppm56.4412 months ago

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