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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous96.0074.31 ppm71.3456 minutes ago
anonymous98.0072.00 ppm70.561 hour ago
anonymous96.0077.19 ppm74.101 hour ago
anonymous98.5076.56 ppm75.413 days ago
anonymous74.3555.72 ppm41.434 days ago
anonymous94.4664.86 ppm61.276 days ago
anonymous99.0077.49 ppm76.727 days ago
BrainYZN292.9366.13 ppm61.451 week ago
anonymous96.9977.81 ppm75.472 weeks ago
jilchaoslp95.4867.47 ppm64.422 weeks ago
anonymous97.5072.25 ppm70.442 weeks ago
anonymous46.7447.97 ppm22.422 weeks ago
anonymous49.8054.59 ppm27.182 weeks ago
anonymous48.5051.20 ppm24.832 weeks ago
anonymous47.5047.54 ppm22.582 weeks ago
anonymous96.9975.96 ppm73.673 weeks ago
anonymous97.9971.03 ppm69.603 weeks ago
anonymous97.5079.89 ppm77.893 weeks ago
anonymous95.4776.30 ppm72.843 weeks ago
anonymous99.0075.74 ppm74.983 weeks ago
anonymous97.0078.34 ppm75.993 weeks ago
anonymous95.4778.01 ppm74.483 weeks ago
anonymous96.4976.67 ppm73.983 weeks ago
anonymous92.9471.71 ppm66.653 weeks ago
intuitive90.0067.43 ppm60.694 weeks ago

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