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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous90.5077.27 ppm69.932 days ago
Foster22381.4064.39 ppm52.425 days ago
Foster22377.3962.55 ppm48.416 days ago
Foster22370.8553.70 ppm38.051 week ago
Foster22371.8459.26 ppm42.571 week ago
anonymous52.2952.43 ppm27.422 weeks ago
anonymous77.8261.48 ppm47.853 weeks ago
anonymous55.8260.45 ppm33.743 weeks ago
anonymous74.2858.64 ppm43.563 weeks ago
anonymous76.5059.85 ppm45.793 weeks ago
anonymous74.8352.54 ppm39.313 weeks ago
MahaSatya76.5059.45 ppm45.481 month ago
MahaSatya78.3660.06 ppm47.061 month ago
MahaSatya78.8555.74 ppm43.951 month ago
MahaSatya73.8557.01 ppm42.101 month ago
MahaSatya56.3255.89 ppm31.481 month ago
areeee61.0063.47 ppm38.721 month ago
anonymous43.2245.42 ppm19.632 months ago
anonymous75.3555.74 ppm42.002 months ago
anonymous70.3455.70 ppm39.182 months ago
3dognate46.2246.16 ppm21.332 months ago
jilChaos94.4564.33 ppm60.762 months ago
jilChaos90.4167.22 ppm60.782 months ago
jilChaos88.9163.35 ppm56.332 months ago
jilChaos93.4569.12 ppm64.592 months ago

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