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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
3dognate46.2246.16 ppm21.3315 hours ago
jilChaos94.4564.33 ppm60.763 days ago
jilChaos90.4167.22 ppm60.783 days ago
jilChaos88.9163.35 ppm56.333 days ago
jilChaos93.4569.12 ppm64.593 days ago
jilChaos81.8561.35 ppm50.214 days ago
jilChaos85.8860.75 ppm52.174 days ago
jilChaos85.8866.65 ppm57.244 days ago
jilChaos94.9669.50 ppm66.004 days ago
jilChaos94.4568.69 ppm64.884 days ago
jilChaos88.9164.88 ppm57.694 days ago
jilChaos87.4166.46 ppm58.094 days ago
jilChaos90.9268.14 ppm61.954 days ago
jilChaos93.9666.58 ppm62.564 days ago
jilChaos91.9366.03 ppm60.705 days ago
jilChaos89.9367.70 ppm60.895 days ago
jilChaos85.0065.15 ppm55.385 days ago
jilChaos90.4366.82 ppm60.435 days ago
jilChaos85.4064.28 ppm54.895 days ago
jilChaos85.9065.78 ppm56.505 days ago
jilChaos89.9362.32 ppm56.045 days ago
jilChaos91.9463.93 ppm58.785 days ago
jilChaos88.9263.90 ppm56.825 days ago
jilChaos82.8563.14 ppm52.315 days ago
jilChaos81.3666.88 ppm54.415 days ago

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