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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous96.0068.86 ppm66.112 days ago
anonymous95.4772.71 ppm69.421 week ago
anonymous65.7949.93 ppm32.853 weeks ago
anonymous93.9571.89 ppm67.543 weeks ago
roja44.7246.16 ppm20.643 weeks ago
anonymous96.0070.50 ppm67.683 weeks ago
anonymous54.3047.82 ppm25.973 weeks ago
RyanT72.3568.35 ppm49.453 weeks ago
anonymous93.5071.20 ppm66.574 weeks ago
Test1234564.2754.81 ppm35.234 weeks ago
anonymous94.0071.59 ppm67.294 weeks ago
anonymous92.0076.03 ppm69.954 weeks ago
anonymous90.4471.03 ppm64.244 weeks ago
anonymous93.9773.89 ppm69.434 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract72.0060.95 ppm43.884 weeks ago
anonymous91.4373.61 ppm67.304 weeks ago
anonymous89.9371.31 ppm64.134 weeks ago
anonymous92.4371.27 ppm65.881 month ago
anonymous90.9369.28 ppm63.001 month ago
jmesking245.5052.67 ppm23.961 month ago
anonymous91.9671.95 ppm66.161 month ago
anonymous92.4471.44 ppm66.041 month ago
dporrini53.0049.24 ppm26.101 month ago
anonymous94.4670.08 ppm66.201 month ago
lannomax67.3151.36 ppm34.571 month ago

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