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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous48.2446.05 ppm22.211 day ago
Jxxxshua47.5055.24 ppm26.243 days ago
Anortita51.2738.82 ppm19.904 days ago
anonymous46.7437.65 ppm17.605 days ago
anonymous49.7440.23 ppm20.015 days ago
anonymous69.8460.41 ppm42.191 week ago
anonymous52.5040.88 ppm21.461 week ago
anonymous73.3459.08 ppm43.331 week ago
anonymous62.8152.32 ppm32.861 week ago
anonymous65.8252.61 ppm34.631 week ago
anonymous92.9670.73 ppm65.752 weeks ago
anonymous51.8156.53 ppm29.292 weeks ago
anonymous88.9672.60 ppm64.582 weeks ago
anonymous87.4569.27 ppm60.582 weeks ago
anonymous47.0041.08 ppm19.312 weeks ago
anonymous46.5037.55 ppm17.462 weeks ago
anonymous50.2543.71 ppm21.963 weeks ago
anonymous59.8138.93 ppm23.283 weeks ago
anonymous46.2246.11 ppm21.313 weeks ago
rubik88.5064.24 ppm56.853 weeks ago
brainworking95.9770.98 ppm68.123 weeks ago
brainworking93.9672.08 ppm67.733 weeks ago
anonymous88.4669.77 ppm61.723 weeks ago
anonymous93.5070.27 ppm65.703 weeks ago
anonymous88.9270.39 ppm62.593 weeks ago

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