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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
Azor76.8963.83 ppm49.0816 hours ago
jon9869187.9462.67 ppm55.1120 hours ago
jon9869181.9163.43 ppm51.9521 hours ago
jon9869183.4162.70 ppm52.3021 hours ago
Azor_strategy81.3962.05 ppm50.5021 hours ago
anonymous73.8757.99 ppm42.8421 hours ago
jon9869182.9160.59 ppm50.232 days ago
anonymous80.3859.77 ppm48.042 days ago
anonymous80.3858.62 ppm47.122 days ago
anonymous68.5054.59 ppm37.392 days ago
jon9869176.8957.22 ppm44.005 days ago
anonymous43.7345.51 ppm19.905 days ago
anonymous44.2145.83 ppm20.265 days ago
anonymous47.0045.15 ppm21.225 days ago
terell2685.0062.74 ppm53.336 days ago
terell2683.4465.14 ppm54.356 days ago
anonymous79.3859.39 ppm47.147 days ago
terell2689.0065.74 ppm58.511 week ago
anonymous76.3555.27 ppm42.201 week ago
anonymous73.3558.93 ppm43.221 week ago
Azor76.3959.40 ppm45.381 week ago
Azor59.8352.31 ppm31.301 week ago
anonymous80.3658.95 ppm47.373 weeks ago
brainworking94.5071.83 ppm67.883 weeks ago
anonymous93.9671.02 ppm66.733 weeks ago

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