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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
Bowtie74.8861.05 ppm45.713 hours ago
Bowtie78.4060.10 ppm47.123 hours ago
gkdlvjtmffo93.0076.72 ppm71.354 hours ago
anonymous91.5070.66 ppm64.655 days ago
fouric76.3464.11 ppm48.945 days ago
fouric75.3762.52 ppm47.125 days ago
anonymous50.2650.89 ppm25.586 days ago
fouric78.9060.65 ppm47.856 days ago
631john95.4770.61 ppm67.411 week ago
brainworking94.9572.64 ppm68.971 week ago
brainworking97.0073.47 ppm71.271 week ago
anonymous59.7646.17 ppm27.591 week ago
fouric75.3757.17 ppm43.091 week ago
Lexi561359.8663.99 ppm38.311 week ago
fouric67.8355.73 ppm37.801 week ago
anonymous49.5045.76 ppm22.652 weeks ago
anonymous51.5045.14 ppm23.252 weeks ago
Lax_Is_Life_2355.5058.07 ppm32.232 weeks ago
anonymous94.4670.86 ppm66.942 weeks ago
brainworking96.0074.35 ppm71.382 weeks ago
anonymous95.4770.75 ppm67.552 weeks ago
anonymous93.4574.09 ppm69.243 weeks ago
anonymous93.4572.46 ppm67.723 weeks ago
Hewg84.9268.60 ppm58.253 weeks ago
Hewg81.4162.28 ppm50.703 weeks ago

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