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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous62.8554.70 ppm34.385 days ago
conspirouette58.0054.01 ppm31.331 week ago
anonymous82.8865.13 ppm53.981 week ago
sandle96.5075.01 ppm72.382 weeks ago
anonymous97.0075.97 ppm73.692 weeks ago
anonymous93.0071.18 ppm66.202 weeks ago
anonymous87.4567.97 ppm59.442 weeks ago
anonymous83.8965.52 ppm54.973 weeks ago
anonymous81.0066.58 ppm53.934 weeks ago
anonymous81.8964.09 ppm52.484 weeks ago
anonymous75.0056.92 ppm42.694 weeks ago
anonymous72.8159.15 ppm43.074 weeks ago
anonymous67.0060.99 ppm40.864 weeks ago
anonymous57.3859.89 ppm34.364 weeks ago
anonymous60.8852.72 ppm32.104 weeks ago
anonymous48.2546.73 ppm22.551 month ago
anonymous95.4873.27 ppm69.961 month ago
cornholio66692.4769.18 ppm63.972 months ago
cornholio66687.4468.08 ppm59.532 months ago
cornholio66687.0063.95 ppm55.642 months ago
cornholio66688.0065.10 ppm57.292 months ago
cornholio66684.5063.51 ppm53.672 months ago
cornholio66681.9267.67 ppm55.442 months ago
cornholio66678.4063.88 ppm50.082 months ago
cornholio66679.5068.07 ppm54.122 months ago

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