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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous50.8251.24 ppm26.042 days ago
Saraaaaai41.7243.82 ppm18.282 days ago
mralistair68.7953.68 ppm36.934 days ago
nuhsin48.2541.35 ppm19.955 days ago
jimbu184.5063.07 ppm53.297 days ago
jimbu180.3859.48 ppm47.817 days ago
jimbu179.5062.22 ppm49.467 days ago
jimbu180.0061.21 ppm48.977 days ago
jimbu179.3860.00 ppm47.637 days ago
jimbu174.5061.54 ppm45.857 days ago
anonymous69.3656.12 ppm38.931 week ago
anonymous57.8245.43 ppm26.272 weeks ago
anonymous75.0067.60 ppm50.702 weeks ago
anonymous70.8860.51 ppm42.892 weeks ago
anonymous71.3358.23 ppm41.532 weeks ago
anonymous68.3258.70 ppm40.102 weeks ago
anonymous85.9567.84 ppm58.312 weeks ago
anonymous66.0071.13 ppm46.952 weeks ago
James1762.4055.44 ppm34.602 weeks ago
anonymous80.9167.14 ppm54.322 weeks ago
anonymous80.8967.27 ppm54.412 weeks ago
anonymous80.4067.19 ppm54.022 weeks ago
anonymous79.9067.23 ppm53.722 weeks ago
anonymous79.5068.06 ppm54.112 weeks ago
anonymous74.8659.98 ppm44.902 weeks ago

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