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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous97.9975.67 ppm74.1521 hours ago
rubik89.4368.33 ppm61.111 day ago
anonymous64.8161.69 ppm39.981 week ago
anonymous54.8247.08 ppm25.811 week ago
anonymous51.2640.69 ppm20.861 week ago
anonymous45.2546.18 ppm20.901 week ago
tomek66690.9463.18 ppm57.462 weeks ago
lpclpc52.0047.57 ppm24.742 weeks ago
albertbokor62.5058.65 ppm36.662 weeks ago
anonymous93.4670.63 ppm66.013 weeks ago
rubik86.5067.66 ppm58.533 weeks ago
anonymous46.7246.16 ppm21.574 weeks ago
anonymous44.2546.16 ppm20.424 weeks ago
tayak_jason76.3659.96 ppm45.781 month ago
tayak_jason69.5053.03 ppm36.861 month ago
tayak_jason63.5050.77 ppm32.241 month ago
rubik92.9666.05 ppm61.401 month ago
david0746.2746.15 ppm21.351 month ago
anonymous92.5068.49 ppm63.351 month ago
anonymous76.3758.51 ppm44.691 month ago
anonymous75.5056.90 ppm42.961 month ago
anonymous70.0052.64 ppm36.851 month ago
anonymous75.8756.70 ppm43.021 month ago
anonymous58.2945.93 ppm26.771 month ago
MikeDTrainer50.2745.26 ppm22.752 months ago

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