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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous75.8659.85 ppm45.4022 hours ago
ardellah_9659.5052.40 ppm31.182 days ago
jeevetha46.7346.18 ppm21.583 days ago
anonymous76.9854.08 ppm41.634 days ago
anonymous76.0053.21 ppm40.444 days ago
wellmarie_CJ36.0047.32 ppm17.041 week ago
afrina74.0051.48 ppm38.101 week ago
azika46.5038.23 ppm17.781 week ago
ardellah_9660.3250.85 ppm30.672 weeks ago
alexice8970.7846.18 ppm32.692 weeks ago
imranirfanbinzinazman55.2759.35 ppm32.802 weeks ago
anonymous53.7446.08 ppm24.762 weeks ago
anonymous84.5065.14 ppm55.042 weeks ago
afrina72.4751.73 ppm37.492 weeks ago
fatinnabilah_9646.5051.99 ppm24.182 weeks ago
anonymous98.9972.97 ppm72.243 weeks ago
anonymous99.5070.48 ppm70.133 weeks ago
anonymous87.4267.92 ppm59.383 weeks ago
anonymous88.4269.79 ppm61.714 weeks ago
fatinnabilah_9656.8348.91 ppm27.804 weeks ago
fatinnabilah_9656.7951.35 ppm29.164 weeks ago
afrina77.0051.13 ppm39.374 weeks ago
KawSzeWee43.2546.76 ppm20.224 weeks ago
ardellah_9658.0049.82 ppm28.904 weeks ago
fatinnabilah_9657.0047.54 ppm27.104 weeks ago

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