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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous62.8851.07 ppm32.114 days ago
anonymous47.2546.14 ppm21.801 week ago
anonymous43.7646.17 ppm20.201 week ago
anonymous46.0045.92 ppm21.121 week ago
anonymous43.7446.19 ppm20.201 week ago
anonymous41.7446.17 ppm19.271 week ago
anonymous40.2346.15 ppm18.561 week ago
threedspeedrunner96.9875.42 ppm73.142 weeks ago
zeidman62.3048.30 ppm30.093 weeks ago
gfundel4148.0060.24 ppm28.923 weeks ago
gfundel4149.5050.57 ppm25.033 weeks ago
anonymous47.2141.52 ppm19.604 weeks ago
anonymous95.9777.67 ppm74.544 weeks ago
anonymous42.7446.13 ppm19.721 month ago
anonymous62.7956.72 ppm35.611 month ago
anonymous57.2646.27 ppm26.491 month ago
anonymous45.2546.14 ppm20.881 month ago
anonymous60.8250.64 ppm30.802 months ago
anonymous98.9970.60 ppm69.892 months ago
PowMeow50.7647.66 ppm24.192 months ago
anonymous56.3050.27 ppm28.302 months ago
LoganSpittle74.2747.73 ppm35.452 months ago
LoganSpittle71.7246.14 ppm33.092 months ago
LoganSpittle70.2146.18 ppm32.422 months ago
LoganSpittle73.2755.86 ppm40.932 months ago

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