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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
othmanm51.5039.08 ppm20.132 days ago
nemamea182.5059.61 ppm49.184 days ago
nemamea170.5055.90 ppm39.414 days ago
nemamea151.2348.87 ppm25.034 days ago
anonymous99.0073.08 ppm72.354 days ago
anonymous70.3953.77 ppm37.854 days ago
Corsa96.5073.18 ppm70.621 week ago
anonymous57.8248.39 ppm27.982 weeks ago
anonymous63.3352.25 ppm33.092 weeks ago
anonymous65.3452.50 ppm34.302 weeks ago
anonymous81.8959.17 ppm48.452 weeks ago
anonymous54.2955.26 ppm30.002 weeks ago
anonymous58.3249.36 ppm28.792 weeks ago
rubik86.0066.95 ppm57.582 weeks ago
faranume44.7431.86 ppm14.252 weeks ago
swilli6149.7545.14 ppm22.462 weeks ago
anonymous37.7346.15 ppm17.413 weeks ago
anonymous50.0039.94 ppm19.973 weeks ago
Corsa93.5075.40 ppm70.503 weeks ago
Corsa92.5071.25 ppm65.913 weeks ago
Corsa96.5070.61 ppm68.143 weeks ago
tooeasy57.8053.51 ppm30.933 weeks ago
anonymous57.8550.92 ppm29.463 weeks ago
anonymous49.2546.45 ppm22.883 weeks ago
anonymous48.5035.76 ppm17.344 weeks ago

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