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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous97.5074.53 ppm72.673 days ago
anonymous61.3663.02 ppm38.675 days ago
anonymous56.5043.44 ppm24.541 week ago
anonymous44.2546.01 ppm20.362 weeks ago
itrn72.0056.82 ppm40.914 weeks ago
anonymous93.9776.03 ppm71.454 weeks ago
anonymous72.9753.52 ppm39.061 month ago
Asyrulismail38.2439.92 ppm15.261 month ago
anonymous44.7445.50 ppm20.361 month ago
anonymous96.4869.55 ppm67.101 month ago
afrina70.5047.46 ppm33.462 months ago
AZNIR_9553.0042.31 ppm22.422 months ago
Fikri_Cn40.5047.22 ppm19.122 months ago
asa967055.0038.70 ppm21.292 months ago
imranirfanbinzinazman49.7850.54 ppm25.162 months ago
imranirfanbinzinazman52.5052.37 ppm27.492 months ago
afnan37.7246.49 ppm17.532 months ago
d07311649.0036.46 ppm17.872 months ago
syuhadahjamaluddin42.2337.23 ppm15.722 months ago
zerazams7746.2545.31 ppm20.952 months ago
anisalias9645.7435.52 ppm16.252 months ago
d07311653.5036.58 ppm19.572 months ago
ardellah_9656.0053.64 ppm30.042 months ago
jeevasibu47.0039.47 ppm18.552 months ago
FifieLulu38.2146.16 ppm17.642 months ago

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