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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
ear5076.8963.75 ppm49.023 days ago
ear5068.3454.65 ppm37.353 days ago
anonymous46.0040.75 ppm18.753 days ago
anonymous50.7343.28 ppm21.951 week ago
LoganSpittle63.7354.02 ppm34.433 weeks ago
LoganSpittle67.2756.29 ppm37.873 weeks ago
kes550.7646.66 ppm23.684 weeks ago
kes742.7346.33 ppm19.804 weeks ago
pawelsax71.3156.73 ppm40.464 weeks ago
brainworking98.5074.74 ppm73.624 weeks ago
Alexweiss199160.7851.24 ppm31.154 weeks ago
anonymous70.5059.17 ppm41.714 weeks ago
anonymous54.7550.95 ppm27.904 weeks ago
anonymous51.0043.40 ppm22.131 month ago
anonymous75.9975.71 ppm57.531 month ago
anonymous76.4775.33 ppm57.611 month ago
anonymous71.5074.21 ppm53.061 month ago
anonymous73.0071.49 ppm52.191 month ago
anonymous69.5071.08 ppm49.401 month ago
anonymous70.5073.45 ppm51.781 month ago
anonymous64.5062.45 ppm40.281 month ago
anonymous47.0040.96 ppm19.251 month ago
anonymous68.0068.86 ppm46.821 month ago
brainworking96.5071.05 ppm68.561 month ago
anonymous60.8564.17 ppm39.051 month ago

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