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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous84.4161.18 ppm51.641 month ago
anonymous82.3960.26 ppm49.651 month ago
anonymous84.3962.26 ppm52.541 month ago
anonymous98.5075.81 ppm74.672 months ago
victorflrafael67.3149.19 ppm33.112 months ago
victorflrafael56.3055.77 ppm31.402 months ago
anonymous93.4670.90 ppm66.262 months ago
anonymous61.0046.75 ppm28.522 months ago
anonymous99.5074.15 ppm73.782 months ago
anonymous98.9970.06 ppm69.362 months ago
anonymous97.5073.15 ppm71.322 months ago
anonymous99.0074.88 ppm74.132 months ago
anonymous98.0076.68 ppm75.153 months ago
anonymous97.5078.43 ppm76.473 months ago
anonymous97.9973.76 ppm72.283 months ago
anonymous98.0076.23 ppm74.713 months ago
anonymous98.5071.16 ppm70.093 months ago
anonymous98.0078.37 ppm76.803 months ago
anonymous99.0068.28 ppm67.603 months ago
anonymous97.9881.86 ppm80.213 months ago
anonymous98.0074.56 ppm73.073 months ago
anonymous98.9976.05 ppm75.293 months ago
anonymous99.0077.37 ppm76.603 months ago
anonymous98.5076.15 ppm75.013 months ago
anonymous98.0074.99 ppm73.493 months ago

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