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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous94.4672.84 ppm68.802 days ago
brainworking97.4877.18 ppm75.231 week ago
Paul199199.4972.50 ppm72.132 weeks ago
anonymous57.2248.31 ppm27.642 weeks ago
Paul199195.9671.73 ppm68.842 weeks ago
anonymous71.0058.83 ppm41.772 weeks ago
Paul199188.5067.51 ppm59.752 weeks ago
Paul199194.5073.68 ppm69.633 weeks ago
anonymous44.5045.15 ppm20.093 weeks ago
Paul199193.9570.29 ppm66.043 weeks ago
Paul199195.0068.92 ppm65.473 weeks ago
Paul199195.0070.02 ppm66.523 weeks ago
Paul199194.4776.05 ppm71.853 weeks ago
Paul199194.5069.80 ppm65.963 weeks ago
Paul199196.0072.83 ppm69.923 weeks ago
Paul199192.0067.30 ppm61.923 weeks ago
Paul199195.9771.78 ppm68.893 weeks ago
Paul199196.9771.20 ppm69.053 weeks ago
Paul199194.5073.72 ppm69.673 weeks ago
Paul199192.9574.73 ppm69.463 weeks ago
Paul199194.5068.34 ppm64.583 weeks ago
Paul199190.9565.17 ppm59.273 weeks ago
Paul199193.4665.57 ppm61.283 weeks ago
Paul199190.9469.40 ppm63.123 weeks ago
Paul199188.4167.10 ppm59.323 weeks ago

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