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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous96.9978.04 ppm75.695 hours ago
anonymous98.5073.36 ppm72.269 hours ago
anonymous97.5076.25 ppm74.349 hours ago
anonymous98.5072.29 ppm71.2121 hours ago
anonymous96.5076.33 ppm73.6621 hours ago
anonymous97.0079.73 ppm77.3421 hours ago
anonymous97.0077.39 ppm75.0721 hours ago
anonymous95.5079.42 ppm75.8522 hours ago
anonymous97.5077.05 ppm75.121 day ago
anonymous97.9980.06 ppm78.453 days ago
anonymous97.9968.23 ppm66.865 days ago
anonymous76.5059.65 ppm45.631 week ago
anonymous62.5056.75 ppm35.472 weeks ago
anonymous87.5069.77 ppm61.053 weeks ago
raymondmmp190.9567.56 ppm61.454 weeks ago
anonymous96.5076.81 ppm74.124 weeks ago
raymondmmp188.9567.97 ppm60.464 weeks ago
anonymous98.5076.59 ppm75.444 weeks ago
raymondmmp189.5067.16 ppm60.114 weeks ago
anonymous95.9768.11 ppm65.364 weeks ago
anonymous96.5074.49 ppm71.881 month ago
anonymous52.2545.86 ppm23.961 month ago
anonymous98.5077.92 ppm76.751 month ago
victoryscreech43.7247.90 ppm20.941 month ago
anonymous98.0077.42 ppm75.871 month ago

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