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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous58.3346.71 ppm27.252 days ago
jpgut57.8149.71 ppm28.743 days ago
BaeJackson74.3355.77 ppm41.463 days ago
jpgut62.2948.22 ppm30.045 days ago
brainworking97.5074.92 ppm73.056 days ago
anonymous89.0064.52 ppm57.426 days ago
anonymous85.3968.16 ppm58.206 days ago
anonymous86.3964.17 ppm55.446 days ago
anonymous85.5062.20 ppm53.186 days ago
anonymous42.7546.24 ppm19.771 week ago
isabellab43.2245.94 ppm19.861 week ago
anonymous88.9463.91 ppm56.842 weeks ago
glassman63.5054.66 ppm34.712 weeks ago
anonymous82.8959.75 ppm49.532 weeks ago
anonymous57.0058.63 ppm33.422 weeks ago
anonymous80.4462.21 ppm50.042 weeks ago
anonymous71.8859.83 ppm43.012 weeks ago
anonymous63.8459.66 ppm38.092 weeks ago
anonymous65.3454.45 ppm35.582 weeks ago
brainworking95.9866.52 ppm63.852 weeks ago
NewTone88.5065.67 ppm58.123 weeks ago
anonymous83.4063.56 ppm53.013 weeks ago
divergentgrad83.9068.18 ppm57.213 weeks ago
divergentgrad78.0064.69 ppm50.463 weeks ago
anonymous81.4162.58 ppm50.953 weeks ago

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