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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous94.9769.12 ppm65.6422 hours ago
anonymous66.3357.54 ppm38.173 days ago
anonymous82.9365.74 ppm54.524 days ago
anonymous77.3761.99 ppm47.964 days ago
anonymous74.3761.05 ppm45.404 days ago
anonymous72.5052.80 ppm38.284 days ago
anonymous96.9873.81 ppm71.581 week ago
anonymous84.4066.28 ppm55.941 week ago
anonymous53.5046.37 ppm24.812 weeks ago
sheswantsme40.7346.14 ppm18.792 weeks ago
snowbuddha63.3956.94 ppm36.092 weeks ago
anonymous75.0054.82 ppm41.122 weeks ago
anonymous93.0066.24 ppm61.603 weeks ago
anonymous70.5055.32 ppm39.003 weeks ago
jackson999985.9368.58 ppm58.933 weeks ago
anonymous52.0048.73 ppm25.343 weeks ago
PSYD1152.5046.67 ppm24.503 weeks ago
wthdemoh55.3157.70 ppm31.914 weeks ago
anonymous50.7746.15 ppm23.434 weeks ago
anonymous70.5060.51 ppm42.664 weeks ago
anonymous41.7344.44 ppm18.544 weeks ago
anonymous76.3961.83 ppm47.231 month ago
anonymous72.5059.22 ppm42.931 month ago
brainworking94.0074.52 ppm70.051 month ago
anonymous67.0056.68 ppm37.981 month ago

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