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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous90.9369.28 ppm63.002 days ago
jmesking245.5052.67 ppm23.965 days ago
anonymous91.9671.95 ppm66.165 days ago
anonymous92.4471.44 ppm66.047 days ago
dporrini53.0049.24 ppm26.101 week ago
anonymous94.4670.08 ppm66.201 week ago
lannomax67.3151.36 ppm34.571 week ago
yudeisibeltran201750.2745.77 ppm23.013 weeks ago
fingaz46.2745.87 ppm21.224 weeks ago
bh18mm47.2350.87 ppm24.031 month ago
Foster22369.4548.13 ppm33.431 month ago
anonymous88.4365.19 ppm57.651 month ago
anonymous42.7546.32 ppm19.801 month ago
mjolk92.4670.14 ppm64.851 month ago
mjolk95.4867.86 ppm64.791 month ago
frastro46.5044.69 ppm20.781 month ago
anonymous53.7946.48 ppm25.001 month ago
aeon74.4158.86 ppm43.801 month ago
anonymous46.2445.82 ppm21.192 months ago
PracticeA67.8455.48 ppm37.642 months ago
anonymous97.5074.53 ppm72.672 months ago
anonymous61.3663.02 ppm38.672 months ago
anonymous56.5043.44 ppm24.542 months ago
anonymous44.2546.01 ppm20.362 months ago
itrn72.0056.82 ppm40.913 months ago

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