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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous96.9872.20 ppm70.0220 hours ago
anonymous98.5078.23 ppm77.062 days ago
anonymous92.5074.10 ppm68.543 days ago
Juezhan41.0043.80 ppm17.964 days ago
anonymous88.5072.90 ppm64.524 days ago
anonymous88.0070.95 ppm62.444 days ago
anonymous84.5071.71 ppm60.594 days ago
anonymous89.0068.69 ppm61.134 days ago
anonymous88.5069.70 ppm61.684 days ago
anonymous86.5074.41 ppm64.364 days ago
anonymous89.5071.08 ppm63.624 days ago
anonymous88.5072.31 ppm63.994 days ago
anonymous92.0068.49 ppm63.014 days ago
anonymous91.5069.37 ppm63.474 days ago
anonymous92.5066.87 ppm61.854 days ago
anonymous92.4661.93 ppm57.264 days ago
anonymous89.5068.29 ppm61.124 days ago
anonymous91.4667.54 ppm61.784 days ago
anonymous89.5067.47 ppm60.395 days ago
anonymous84.5064.59 ppm54.585 days ago
anonymous84.0064.66 ppm54.315 days ago
anonymous85.5066.00 ppm56.435 days ago
anonymous85.5063.43 ppm54.235 days ago
anonymous83.0067.49 ppm56.025 days ago
anonymous83.5061.68 ppm51.506 days ago

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