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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
terell2685.5068.27 ppm58.372 days ago
terell2677.9361.17 ppm47.673 days ago
anonymous94.0075.44 ppm70.911 week ago
rain8dome954.5051.36 ppm27.992 weeks ago
anonymous47.2945.93 ppm21.722 weeks ago
anonymous92.5073.27 ppm67.772 weeks ago
anonymous96.5070.12 ppm67.673 weeks ago
anonymous91.0070.05 ppm63.753 weeks ago
anonymous39.7248.19 ppm19.144 weeks ago
anonymous52.0044.59 ppm23.194 weeks ago
anonymous96.0068.86 ppm66.114 weeks ago
anonymous95.4772.71 ppm69.421 month ago
anonymous65.7949.93 ppm32.852 months ago
anonymous93.9571.89 ppm67.542 months ago
roja44.7246.16 ppm20.642 months ago
anonymous96.0070.50 ppm67.682 months ago
anonymous54.3047.82 ppm25.972 months ago
RyanT72.3568.35 ppm49.452 months ago
anonymous93.5071.20 ppm66.572 months ago
Test1234564.2754.81 ppm35.232 months ago
anonymous94.0071.59 ppm67.292 months ago
anonymous92.0076.03 ppm69.952 months ago
anonymous90.4471.03 ppm64.242 months ago
anonymous93.9773.89 ppm69.432 months ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract72.0060.95 ppm43.882 months ago

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