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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous90.9473.30 ppm66.665 days ago
anonymous86.5069.03 ppm59.715 days ago
anonymous49.5050.50 ppm25.001 week ago
anonymous49.5047.30 ppm23.411 week ago
anonymous97.5076.42 ppm74.512 weeks ago
anonymous99.0081.72 ppm80.902 weeks ago
transcendencia49.0039.75 ppm19.482 weeks ago
anonymous99.0072.62 ppm71.892 weeks ago
anonymous97.4868.93 ppm67.192 weeks ago
anonymous97.9978.00 ppm76.432 weeks ago
anonymous96.9970.18 ppm68.072 weeks ago
anonymous96.4975.49 ppm72.842 weeks ago
anonymous98.0079.40 ppm77.812 weeks ago
anonymous97.9978.14 ppm76.573 weeks ago
anonymous91.9472.00 ppm66.203 weeks ago
sudo75.8864.05 ppm48.603 weeks ago
anonymous87.3966.38 ppm58.014 weeks ago
anonymous98.5074.89 ppm73.774 weeks ago
anonymous94.0075.29 ppm70.774 weeks ago
sudo68.8661.02 ppm42.021 month ago
sudo76.0060.17 ppm45.731 month ago
waikit84.9159.15 ppm50.231 month ago
rajrawah54.261.06 ppm0.581 month ago
kimberlythulin37.2246.18 ppm17.192 months ago
anonymous95.9874.36 ppm71.372 months ago

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