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Stats for: 3D speedrun [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
anonymous95.0074.95 ppm71.203 days ago
anonymous91.0071.16 ppm64.763 days ago
anonymous65.8148.56 ppm31.964 days ago
anonymous85.9269.90 ppm60.061 week ago
albertbokor66.5057.72 ppm38.381 week ago
albertbokor64.5057.16 ppm36.872 weeks ago
anonymous64.9557.08 ppm37.072 weeks ago
anonymous47.2645.34 ppm21.432 weeks ago
bryan54t67.4056.32 ppm37.962 weeks ago
fernando4350.0046.21 ppm23.112 weeks ago
valverde6953.5037.66 ppm20.152 weeks ago
agurtoalejandro37.7646.44 ppm17.532 weeks ago
bryan54t66.0053.49 ppm35.302 weeks ago
anonymous65.8359.69 ppm39.292 weeks ago
bryan54t63.8254.96 ppm35.073 weeks ago
anonymous57.3347.51 ppm27.243 weeks ago
anonymous74.2546.18 ppm34.294 weeks ago
jbark5577.9263.31 ppm49.334 weeks ago
jbark5581.5064.54 ppm52.604 weeks ago
jbark5575.5060.49 ppm45.674 weeks ago
jbark5566.5054.94 ppm36.544 weeks ago
jbark5562.0057.10 ppm35.404 weeks ago
anonymous94.0076.78 ppm72.171 month ago
anonymous43.7246.19 ppm20.191 month ago
Corsa95.0070.23 ppm66.721 month ago

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