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Stats for: Stroop Colors [go to test]

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name% correcttime (normal)time (interfere)when
Robyrosa96.36820.06 ms1,352.23 ms3 hours ago
anonymous96.771,066.13 ms1,530.04 ms5 hours ago
sophiayan97.961,037.62 ms1,126.04 ms13 hours ago
Sneed85.001,377.56 ms2,730.82 ms13 hours ago
anonymous100.00747.07 ms1,242.29 ms13 hours ago
anonymous98.00772.59 ms1,061.79 ms15 hours ago
anonymous100.001,007.32 ms1,302.76 ms15 hours ago
anonymous97.17905.36 ms1,109.04 ms15 hours ago
anonymous97.961,003.35 ms1,167.38 ms16 hours ago
anonymous100.001,109.04 ms1,192.96 ms16 hours ago
anonymous98.00811.85 ms1,189.87 ms16 hours ago
anonymous100.00967.17 ms1,418.12 ms16 hours ago
anonymous100.00913.55 ms1,444.52 ms16 hours ago
anonymous100.00807.52 ms1,036.19 ms16 hours ago
anonymous100.001,196.41 ms1,625.82 ms16 hours ago
anonymous100.001,227.81 ms1,466.39 ms16 hours ago
anonymous100.00873.64 ms946.77 ms16 hours ago
anonymous100.001,349.07 ms1,560.91 ms16 hours ago
anonymous100.00614.14 ms797.76 ms16 hours ago
anonymous100.001,043.47 ms1,145.78 ms16 hours ago
anonymous98.001,075.88 ms1,087.32 ms16 hours ago
anonymous98.00875.18 ms1,062.91 ms16 hours ago
anonymous78.00773.38 ms862.44 ms16 hours ago
anonymous88.46855.17 ms1,012.88 ms17 hours ago
anonymous88.001,636.53 ms1,782.00 ms17 hours ago

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