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Stats for: Stroop Colors [go to test]

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name% correcttime (normal)time (interfere)when
bh39ie100.00894.89 ms1,183.55 ms12 minutes ago
bh39ie100.00798.68 ms1,189.57 ms25 minutes ago
Kaibrown9898.53863.53 ms1,215.15 ms28 minutes ago
andrewingram100.00739.63 ms874.03 ms29 minutes ago
anyajk100.00976.64 ms1,113.04 ms29 minutes ago
777797.50758.06 ms935.30 ms29 minutes ago
bh37oo55.00618.73 ms806.67 ms34 minutes ago
bh37oo5.00192.70 ms314.30 ms37 minutes ago
bigboyqzo97.301,919.21 ms1,070.93 ms38 minutes ago
Morgan9994.031,052.52 ms1,261.08 ms38 minutes ago
Chloe9998.44906.40 ms1,362.59 ms38 minutes ago
anyajk100.00868.71 ms1,196.64 ms38 minutes ago
TomOlson93.33817.42 ms1,007.60 ms38 minutes ago
anyajk100.00998.63 ms1,362.24 ms43 minutes ago
bigboyqzo95.581,001.69 ms1,042.87 ms43 minutes ago
Morgan99100.00806.73 ms1,017.43 ms43 minutes ago
Morgan99100.001,331.54 ms1,453.90 ms45 minutes ago
TomOlson100.00874.46 ms970.67 ms45 minutes ago
caseyflynn100.001,474.11 ms1,727.08 ms47 minutes ago
TomOlson100.003,467.67 ms5,843.78 ms47 minutes ago
Chloe9995.001,314.90 ms1,990.80 ms48 minutes ago
anonymous100.00678.19 ms1,063.75 ms52 minutes ago
Burrli100.00563.33 ms649.09 ms3 hours ago
anonymous100.00952.80 ms1,432.91 ms3 hours ago
anonymous84.62854.23 ms799.02 ms6 hours ago

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