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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
Gameboy95.241,372.20 ms1,440.81 ms1 hour ago
adafihhb81.821,468.00 ms1,794.22 ms11 hours ago
mariahbatz100.00478.42 ms478.42 ms13 hours ago
Raquel_A1966.67801.30 ms1,201.95 ms13 hours ago
kloop100.00197.00 ms197.00 ms14 hours ago
anonymous56.004,490.00 ms8,017.86 ms16 hours ago
anonymous96.00632.83 ms659.20 ms17 hours ago
atemple688.89828.23 ms931.76 ms17 hours ago
alysiarapalo4870.003,943.00 ms5,632.86 ms19 hours ago
johnnyboy922100.001,723.50 ms1,723.50 ms20 hours ago
anonymous80.77379.50 ms469.86 ms21 hours ago
tarahaa84.00305.18 ms363.31 ms22 hours ago
anonymous100.00361.47 ms361.47 ms1 day ago
anonymous100.001,504.44 ms1,504.44 ms1 day ago
anonymous93.75277.00 ms295.47 ms1 day ago
anonymous86.67287.48 ms331.71 ms1 day ago
anonymous83.821,655.64 ms1,975.15 ms1 day ago
ecstatic100.001,195.00 ms1,195.00 ms2 days ago
ecstatic88.241,202.20 ms1,362.49 ms2 days ago
anonymous78.792,269.36 ms2,880.34 ms2 days ago
Matthewgj283.335,807.00 ms6,968.40 ms2 days ago
Chell99100.00715.00 ms715.00 ms2 days ago
amandammh9280.002,084.13 ms2,605.16 ms2 days ago
matthewbanasiewicz95.00546.75 ms575.53 ms2 days ago
aludu14372.73582.25 ms800.59 ms2 days ago

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