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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
broleary12392.31362.94 ms393.18 ms38 seconds ago
noahhutch100.00667.38 ms667.38 ms1 hour ago
anonymous76.92522.49 ms679.24 ms2 hours ago
manu1483.33364.10 ms436.92 ms2 hours ago
sjn623892.861,753.35 ms1,888.22 ms2 hours ago
sjn6238100.005,401.08 ms5,401.08 ms2 hours ago
rt1246100.00477.00 ms477.00 ms3 hours ago
njm755386.67678.80 ms783.23 ms4 hours ago
bmr647180.00468.60 ms585.75 ms4 hours ago
anonymous81.82710.25 ms868.08 ms5 hours ago
jmac4397100.00443.78 ms443.78 ms5 hours ago
bmt548590.48300.13 ms331.72 ms6 hours ago
bmt5485100.00518.08 ms518.08 ms6 hours ago
rcm3421100.00350.80 ms350.80 ms10 hours ago
rcm342182.61526.14 ms636.91 ms10 hours ago
anonymous91.67428.72 ms467.70 ms10 hours ago
cks342478.95398.54 ms504.82 ms11 hours ago
jensynnkasper100.00575.02 ms575.02 ms11 hours ago
thn1451100.00514.00 ms514.00 ms13 hours ago
thn1451100.00588.88 ms588.88 ms13 hours ago
ggronimo92.001,382.54 ms1,502.76 ms14 hours ago
anonymous71.43515.03 ms721.05 ms15 hours ago
anonymous83.33397.00 ms476.40 ms1 day ago
lwmiller83.33325.18 ms390.22 ms1 day ago
alh733892.86585.44 ms630.47 ms1 day ago

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