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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
mi280286100.00313.00 ms313.00 ms5 hours ago
anonymous100.001,549.40 ms1,549.40 ms16 hours ago
anonymous80.001,555.25 ms1,944.06 ms1 day ago
mi28028690.00458.00 ms508.89 ms2 days ago
anonymous86.67890.17 ms1,027.12 ms3 days ago
anonymous77.78418.17 ms537.64 ms4 days ago
anonymous85.71486.20 ms567.23 ms5 days ago
jpailla100.00643.33 ms643.33 ms5 days ago
Cullen50590.91403.60 ms443.96 ms6 days ago
Cullen505100.00466.60 ms466.60 ms6 days ago
Cullen50590.00609.40 ms677.11 ms6 days ago
anonymous83.33388.50 ms466.20 ms6 days ago
Cullen50584.62583.29 ms689.34 ms6 days ago
Cullen50585.71375.75 ms438.37 ms6 days ago
DMTycfmt60.87352.38 ms578.90 ms1 week ago
_trevancox_63.64941.20 ms1,479.03 ms1 week ago
nolan_medel81.82377.40 ms461.27 ms1 week ago
anonymous80.00190.60 ms238.25 ms1 week ago
mi280286100.00308.00 ms308.00 ms1 week ago
Jackbrady2295.24384.56 ms403.78 ms1 week ago
Sportscience116495.24313.40 ms329.07 ms1 week ago
SportsScience1164100.00322.40 ms322.40 ms1 week ago
joshseo84.62307.25 ms363.11 ms1 week ago
nicoo176.19376.00 ms493.50 ms1 week ago
miz_shell85.00418.90 ms492.82 ms1 week ago

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