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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
shosho100.00389.00 ms389.00 ms3 days ago
amanirozali58.332,934.40 ms5,030.40 ms3 days ago
SabrinaC58.33607.00 ms1,040.57 ms3 days ago
afrina100.002,129.11 ms2,129.11 ms3 days ago
shosho100.00496.70 ms496.70 ms3 days ago
anonymous100.00372.80 ms372.80 ms4 days ago
adilah88.004,066.50 ms4,621.02 ms4 days ago
Amalina77.784,975.80 ms6,397.46 ms5 days ago
fabiolaivan78.132,033.29 ms2,602.62 ms5 days ago
syahirah9646.67386.20 ms827.57 ms5 days ago
wilddust63.64207.80 ms326.54 ms5 days ago
afrina75.001,505.40 ms2,007.20 ms6 days ago
nmasliana72.221,305.60 ms1,807.75 ms6 days ago
Amalina72.734,591.33 ms6,313.08 ms6 days ago
fatinnabilah_9637.502,511.00 ms6,696.00 ms6 days ago
Salsabila50.003,593.20 ms7,186.40 ms6 days ago
ardellah_9658.33282.40 ms484.11 ms7 days ago
Csabon21100.00452.06 ms452.06 ms7 days ago
OliviaMaz95.65793.00 ms829.05 ms7 days ago
OliviaMaz64.29750.40 ms1,167.29 ms7 days ago
Timmyhardy9987.88624.32 ms710.43 ms7 days ago
Burrli93.33244.00 ms261.43 ms7 days ago
fabiolaivan82.352,943.75 ms3,574.55 ms1 week ago
VanessaAC75.001,104.40 ms1,472.53 ms1 week ago
fazirah_96100.00439.40 ms439.40 ms1 week ago

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