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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
dog2020100.00403.08 ms403.08 ms2 hours ago
Panda0990.00316.40 ms351.56 ms3 hours ago
sloth7785.71439.11 ms512.30 ms4 hours ago
JCappiello87.10426.53 ms489.72 ms5 hours ago
Toby2093.75396.60 ms423.04 ms5 hours ago
lynx9392.31512.88 ms555.61 ms6 hours ago
anonymous100.00364.25 ms364.25 ms6 hours ago
zoboomafoo92.31508.40 ms550.77 ms6 hours ago
dog32184.62346.25 ms409.20 ms7 hours ago
Caiman6483.33389.57 ms467.49 ms7 hours ago
anonymous83.33352.00 ms422.40 ms8 hours ago
anonymous68.75369.50 ms537.45 ms8 hours ago
edesmond90.32428.82 ms474.76 ms8 hours ago
CouchHippo82.35297.00 ms360.64 ms9 hours ago
anonymous100.00491.80 ms491.80 ms9 hours ago
Doggie28100.00436.25 ms436.25 ms9 hours ago
Doggie28100.00436.25 ms436.25 ms9 hours ago
bredus96.67418.24 ms432.66 ms9 hours ago
Iyah3350.00484.17 ms968.33 ms9 hours ago
Iyah3358.33248.43 ms425.88 ms9 hours ago
Iyah3358.33286.33 ms490.86 ms9 hours ago
Axolotl07100.00380.00 ms380.00 ms9 hours ago
Iyah3361.54279.00 ms453.37 ms9 hours ago
Dog7775.00222.40 ms296.53 ms9 hours ago
Iyah3383.33306.57 ms367.89 ms9 hours ago

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