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nameavg. timewhen
lairamarmitex1,102.75 ms38 minutes ago
lairamarmitex1,016.64 ms39 minutes ago
anonymous173.60 ms1 hour ago
anonymous182.43 ms1 hour ago
anonymous256.06 ms6 hours ago
anonymous206.86 ms13 hours ago
anonymous227.20 ms13 hours ago
anonymous202.00 ms13 hours ago
anonymous231.40 ms13 hours ago
anonymous198.00 ms13 hours ago
anonymous191.50 ms13 hours ago
anonymous7,014.20 ms13 hours ago
anonymous152.40 ms19 hours ago
anonymous224.20 ms19 hours ago
anonymous117.80 ms19 hours ago
anonymous156.40 ms19 hours ago
anonymous123.00 ms20 hours ago
Citizen001115.43 ms20 hours ago
anonymous137.80 ms21 hours ago
anonymous159.00 ms21 hours ago
anonymous102.40 ms21 hours ago
anonymous131.00 ms21 hours ago
anonymous195.00 ms21 hours ago
anonymous142.40 ms21 hours ago
anonymous130.40 ms21 hours ago

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