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nameavg. timewhen
anonymous163.00 ms6 hours ago
anonymous356.20 ms6 hours ago
rossenglish123256.50 ms7 hours ago
rossenglish123376.57 ms8 hours ago
anonymous243.60 ms12 hours ago
anonymous169.00 ms13 hours ago
anonymous189.06 ms13 hours ago
anonymous713.90 ms16 hours ago
anonymous149.40 ms16 hours ago
anonymous193.17 ms16 hours ago
anonymous102.00 ms17 hours ago
anonymous207.12 ms22 hours ago
anonymous178.40 ms1 day ago
anonymous201.60 ms1 day ago
volgin768238.00 ms1 day ago
anonymous252.00 ms1 day ago
gemang330.28 ms1 day ago
anonymous236.38 ms1 day ago
anonymous223.27 ms1 day ago
gemang328.20 ms1 day ago
anonymous278.20 ms1 day ago
anonymous163.60 ms1 day ago
anonymous143.00 ms1 day ago
anonymous164.20 ms1 day ago
anonymous164.20 ms1 day ago

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