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nameavg. timewhen
anonymous202.03 ms4 minutes ago
anonymous149.74 ms1 hour ago
anonymous167.07 ms1 hour ago
anonymous105.60 ms2 hours ago
anonymous319.33 ms4 hours ago
anonymous210.97 ms4 hours ago
anonymous170.05 ms4 hours ago
anonymous201.98 ms12 hours ago
anonymous224.00 ms13 hours ago
anonymous171.63 ms15 hours ago
Citizen001124.61 ms17 hours ago
anonymous173.91 ms1 day ago
wikikrishna169.61 ms1 day ago
anonymous1,331.80 ms1 day ago
anonymous172.80 ms1 day ago
anonymous200.46 ms1 day ago
anonymous163.13 ms1 day ago
anonymous207.61 ms1 day ago
anonymous219.25 ms1 day ago
anonymous272.22 ms1 day ago
anonymous630.25 ms1 day ago
anonymous620.18 ms1 day ago
anonymous350.58 ms1 day ago
anonymous166.10 ms1 day ago
anonymous215.08 ms1 day ago

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