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nameavg. timewhen
PERCUBAAN222.20 ms2 hours ago
anonymous183.40 ms4 hours ago
anonymous1,403.80 ms4 hours ago
jamesgewanter219.84 ms5 hours ago
anonymous119.50 ms7 hours ago
speedster136.00 ms8 hours ago
speedster153.20 ms8 hours ago
speedster141.40 ms8 hours ago
speedster151.80 ms8 hours ago
speedster132.25 ms8 hours ago
anonymous137.43 ms15 hours ago
anonymous122.60 ms15 hours ago
anonymous170.00 ms15 hours ago
anonymous177.60 ms15 hours ago
anonymous2,330.80 ms15 hours ago
anonymous112.00 ms18 hours ago
P006AR429.00 ms20 hours ago
Citizen001114.07 ms21 hours ago
anonymous197.94 ms1 day ago
Parfait143.40 ms1 day ago
anonymous158.80 ms1 day ago
anonymous218.30 ms1 day ago
anonymous125.80 ms1 day ago
anonymous128.40 ms1 day ago
anonymous121.80 ms1 day ago

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