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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
Maksik70.004,693 ms6,704 ms1 day ago
anonymous77.504,407 ms5,686 ms2 days ago
anonymous70.005,141 ms7,345 ms2 days ago
anonymous80.005,160 ms6,450 ms2 days ago
anonymous45.005,431 ms12,070 ms2 days ago
Maksik87.505,049 ms5,771 ms4 days ago
Minus12397.503,911 ms4,011 ms4 days ago
Minus12397.504,810 ms4,934 ms4 days ago
Minus12392.504,567 ms4,937 ms4 days ago
Minus12395.004,188 ms4,409 ms4 days ago
Minus12390.004,622 ms5,135 ms4 days ago
Minus12395.004,318 ms4,545 ms4 days ago
Minus123100.004,341 ms4,341 ms4 days ago
Minus12390.004,569 ms5,076 ms4 days ago
GRIT37.506,852 ms18,273 ms5 days ago
jilChaos62.506,173 ms9,878 ms6 days ago
jilChaos67.506,186 ms9,164 ms6 days ago
jilChaos57.506,759 ms11,755 ms6 days ago
Cold232.505,575 ms17,154 ms1 week ago
Maksik72.504,174 ms5,758 ms1 week ago
anonymous52.504,891 ms9,316 ms1 week ago
anonymous70.004,917 ms7,025 ms1 week ago
anonymous60.004,281 ms7,135 ms1 week ago
anonymous72.505,165 ms7,124 ms1 week ago
billshort198870.004,223 ms6,032 ms1 week ago

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