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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
Cold_new85.002,644 ms3,111 ms6 hours ago
Cold_new72.502,902 ms4,003 ms6 hours ago
Cold_new77.503,001 ms3,872 ms6 hours ago
Cold_new67.503,038 ms4,500 ms6 hours ago
Cold_new82.502,757 ms3,342 ms6 hours ago
Cold_new80.002,864 ms3,581 ms6 hours ago
Cold_new75.003,271 ms4,361 ms6 hours ago
Cold_new87.503,026 ms3,459 ms7 hours ago
Cold_new77.502,825 ms3,645 ms7 hours ago
Cold_new77.502,784 ms3,593 ms7 hours ago
anonymous65.003,514 ms5,407 ms1 day ago
anonymous60.004,033 ms6,722 ms1 day ago
anonymous60.003,053 ms5,089 ms1 day ago
Cold_new65.003,271 ms5,033 ms1 day ago
Cold_new75.002,645 ms3,527 ms1 day ago
Cold_new65.003,128 ms4,812 ms1 day ago
Cold_new65.002,802 ms4,310 ms1 day ago
Cold_new77.502,741 ms3,537 ms1 day ago
Cold_new67.503,438 ms5,094 ms1 day ago
Cold_new67.503,325 ms4,927 ms1 day ago
Cold_new67.503,502 ms5,188 ms1 day ago
Cold_new85.003,108 ms3,656 ms1 day ago
Cold_new80.003,129 ms3,912 ms1 day ago
Cold_new72.503,215 ms4,434 ms2 days ago
Cold_new77.502,566 ms3,311 ms2 days ago

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