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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
billshort198865.004,265 ms6,562 ms7 hours ago
NewTone92.504,448 ms4,809 ms10 hours ago
NewTone82.505,377 ms6,518 ms19 hours ago
NewTone72.505,443 ms7,507 ms2 days ago
NewTone82.505,304 ms6,430 ms2 days ago
NewTone57.506,520 ms11,340 ms4 days ago
NewTone75.006,178 ms8,237 ms4 days ago
NewTone85.005,144 ms6,052 ms4 days ago
NewTone65.006,956 ms10,702 ms5 days ago
NewTone65.006,241 ms9,601 ms5 days ago
NewTone65.006,586 ms10,132 ms5 days ago
NewTone62.506,791 ms10,866 ms5 days ago
billshort198877.505,098 ms6,578 ms5 days ago
NewTone62.506,931 ms11,090 ms6 days ago
NewTone62.506,856 ms10,969 ms6 days ago
NewTone67.506,702 ms9,928 ms7 days ago
NewTone55.006,400 ms11,636 ms7 days ago
NewTone77.506,409 ms8,270 ms7 days ago
NewTone75.005,628 ms7,504 ms7 days ago
jilChaos55.004,799 ms8,725 ms1 week ago
jilChaos82.504,326 ms5,244 ms1 week ago
jilChaos80.004,407 ms5,509 ms1 week ago
momentum95.003,851 ms4,054 ms2 weeks ago
knickerbocker30970.004,225 ms6,035 ms2 weeks ago
knickerbocker30980.004,841 ms6,051 ms2 weeks ago

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