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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
Cold_new85.003,451 ms4,060 ms2 days ago
Cold_new72.503,878 ms5,349 ms2 days ago
Cold_new80.002,991 ms3,739 ms2 days ago
Cold_new60.003,863 ms6,439 ms3 days ago
Cold_new65.003,441 ms5,293 ms3 days ago
Cold_new70.003,719 ms5,312 ms3 days ago
Cold_new72.504,005 ms5,525 ms3 days ago
Cold_new65.003,045 ms4,685 ms3 days ago
taka72.505,912 ms8,155 ms3 days ago
taka82.505,515 ms6,685 ms3 days ago
taka75.006,140 ms8,187 ms3 days ago
Cold_new75.003,493 ms4,657 ms4 days ago
Cold_new65.003,427 ms5,272 ms4 days ago
Cold_new72.503,317 ms4,576 ms4 days ago
Cold_new57.504,283 ms7,449 ms4 days ago
taka80.005,944 ms7,430 ms4 days ago
taka72.505,526 ms7,622 ms4 days ago
taka72.506,082 ms8,389 ms4 days ago
Cold_new50.003,749 ms7,498 ms5 days ago
Cold_new55.003,798 ms6,905 ms5 days ago
Cold_new60.003,551 ms5,919 ms5 days ago
Cold_new62.503,642 ms5,828 ms5 days ago
Cold_new62.503,608 ms5,773 ms5 days ago
BrainYZN45.003,288 ms7,307 ms5 days ago
BrainYZN60.003,251 ms5,418 ms5 days ago

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