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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous52.504,740 ms9,029 ms1 day ago
anonymous70.005,422 ms7,746 ms1 day ago
Maksik70.004,302 ms6,146 ms1 day ago
konrad100095.004,060 ms4,273 ms2 days ago
konrad100082.504,270 ms5,175 ms2 days ago
konrad100087.504,271 ms4,881 ms4 days ago
konrad100080.004,020 ms5,025 ms4 days ago
anonymous57.504,686 ms8,150 ms4 days ago
anonymous65.004,341 ms6,678 ms4 days ago
anonymous62.505,260 ms8,416 ms4 days ago
billshort198865.004,854 ms7,467 ms4 days ago
knickerbocker30987.503,534 ms4,039 ms6 days ago
anonymous52.505,620 ms10,705 ms6 days ago
anonymous47.505,349 ms11,261 ms6 days ago
Maksik67.503,789 ms5,613 ms6 days ago
konrad100095.004,912 ms5,171 ms1 week ago
konrad100085.003,995 ms4,700 ms1 week ago
Maksik82.504,317 ms5,233 ms1 week ago
Maksik70.004,925 ms7,036 ms2 weeks ago
knickerbocker30972.503,767 ms5,195 ms2 weeks ago
1A2B3C90.003,250 ms3,611 ms2 weeks ago
1A2B3C92.503,846 ms4,157 ms2 weeks ago
Maksik77.505,295 ms6,833 ms2 weeks ago
Maksik75.004,663 ms6,218 ms2 weeks ago
konrad100092.503,872 ms4,186 ms2 weeks ago

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