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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
Minus12392.504,406 ms4,764 ms24 hours ago
Minus12395.004,261 ms4,485 ms2 days ago
Minus12387.504,531 ms5,178 ms2 days ago
knickerbocker30987.503,469 ms3,965 ms2 days ago
knickerbocker30985.003,155 ms3,712 ms2 days ago
knickerbocker30977.503,226 ms4,163 ms6 days ago
knickerbocker30972.503,826 ms5,278 ms6 days ago
Minus12395.003,952 ms4,160 ms7 days ago
jumper12370.006,471 ms9,244 ms7 days ago
jumper12362.506,352 ms10,163 ms7 days ago
Minus12382.504,399 ms5,332 ms7 days ago
Cold_new65.001,907 ms2,933 ms1 week ago
Cold_new62.502,000 ms3,200 ms1 week ago
Cold_new82.501,865 ms2,261 ms1 week ago
Cold_new80.001,967 ms2,459 ms1 week ago
Cold_new75.002,106 ms2,809 ms1 week ago
Cold_new65.002,422 ms3,726 ms1 week ago
Cold_new80.002,291 ms2,864 ms1 week ago
Cold_new75.001,936 ms2,581 ms1 week ago
Cold_new67.502,434 ms3,606 ms1 week ago
Cold_new77.502,305 ms2,974 ms1 week ago
Cold_new72.502,123 ms2,929 ms1 week ago
Cold_new87.501,920 ms2,194 ms1 week ago
Cold_new82.501,934 ms2,344 ms1 week ago
Cold_new75.002,305 ms3,073 ms1 week ago

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