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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
BrainYZN95.002,619 ms2,757 ms6 hours ago
lugurlu198597.504,786 ms4,909 ms12 hours ago
Cold_new67.502,800 ms4,149 ms13 hours ago
Cold_new77.502,661 ms3,434 ms13 hours ago
Cold_new65.002,440 ms3,754 ms13 hours ago
Cold_new60.002,754 ms4,589 ms13 hours ago
Cold_new70.003,100 ms4,429 ms13 hours ago
Cold_new72.502,646 ms3,649 ms13 hours ago
Cold_new55.003,371 ms6,128 ms13 hours ago
Cold_new80.002,958 ms3,698 ms13 hours ago
Cold_new87.502,945 ms3,366 ms14 hours ago
Cold_new77.502,742 ms3,539 ms14 hours ago
Cold_new75.002,895 ms3,859 ms14 hours ago
Minus12397.503,731 ms3,826 ms14 hours ago
Cold_new67.502,723 ms4,034 ms1 day ago
Cold_new60.003,213 ms5,354 ms1 day ago
Cold_new72.502,904 ms4,005 ms1 day ago
Cold_new82.502,919 ms3,538 ms1 day ago
Cold_new85.002,413 ms2,839 ms1 day ago
Cold_new80.002,944 ms3,680 ms1 day ago
Cold_new65.003,197 ms4,919 ms1 day ago
Cold_new80.003,059 ms3,824 ms1 day ago
Cold_new72.502,785 ms3,841 ms1 day ago
Cold_new72.502,648 ms3,653 ms1 day ago
anonymous42.504,637 ms10,911 ms1 day ago

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