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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous90.002,207 ms2,452 ms1 day ago
anonymous77.502,271 ms2,930 ms1 day ago
anonymous82.502,935 ms3,558 ms1 day ago
anonymous85.005,499 ms6,470 ms2 days ago
anonymous92.502,552 ms2,759 ms3 days ago
anonymous90.002,758 ms3,064 ms3 days ago
anonymous95.002,723 ms2,867 ms3 days ago
anonymous95.002,810 ms2,958 ms5 days ago
anonymous92.502,771 ms2,995 ms5 days ago
Cold_new90.001,849 ms2,055 ms6 days ago
Cold_new92.501,884 ms2,037 ms6 days ago
Cold_new92.501,782 ms1,926 ms6 days ago
Cold_new85.001,909 ms2,246 ms6 days ago
snowc0ne50.004,864 ms9,728 ms6 days ago
anonymous92.502,468 ms2,668 ms6 days ago
anonymous77.502,930 ms3,781 ms6 days ago
anonymous85.003,913 ms4,603 ms7 days ago
maxflemming0187.504,171 ms4,767 ms7 days ago
maxflemming0182.503,821 ms4,632 ms7 days ago
username_97.503,302 ms3,387 ms1 week ago
anonymous85.004,138 ms4,869 ms1 week ago
maxflemming0192.504,743 ms5,127 ms1 week ago
Cold_new92.502,506 ms2,709 ms1 week ago
anonymous97.503,498 ms3,588 ms1 week ago
anonymous87.502,725 ms3,114 ms1 week ago

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