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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous72.502,965 ms4,089 ms1 day ago
anonymous92.502,854 ms3,086 ms1 day ago
anonymous87.502,809 ms3,211 ms1 day ago
anonymous95.002,814 ms2,963 ms1 day ago
anonymous85.002,636 ms3,102 ms1 day ago
anonymous85.002,619 ms3,081 ms1 day ago
anonymous75.002,912 ms3,883 ms1 day ago
anonymous100.002,626 ms2,626 ms1 day ago
Cold_new90.001,667 ms1,852 ms2 days ago
Cold_new95.001,745 ms1,836 ms2 days ago
Cold_new92.501,951 ms2,109 ms2 days ago
Cold_new92.501,862 ms2,013 ms2 days ago
Cold_new87.501,993 ms2,277 ms2 days ago
Cold_new92.501,864 ms2,015 ms2 days ago
Cold_new92.501,655 ms1,790 ms2 days ago
Cold_new92.501,942 ms2,100 ms2 days ago
Cold_new90.001,660 ms1,844 ms2 days ago
Cold_new97.501,694 ms1,738 ms2 days ago
Cold_new87.501,967 ms2,248 ms3 days ago
Cold_new95.001,831 ms1,927 ms3 days ago
Cold_new92.501,789 ms1,934 ms3 days ago
Cold_new90.001,960 ms2,177 ms3 days ago
Cold_new80.002,057 ms2,571 ms3 days ago
Cold_new92.502,093 ms2,263 ms3 days ago
Cold_new92.501,930 ms2,086 ms3 days ago

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