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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous92.502,256 ms2,439 ms50 minutes ago
Predator8855.005,930 ms10,782 ms6 hours ago
anonymous85.002,075 ms2,442 ms20 hours ago
Cold_new90.001,868 ms2,075 ms24 hours ago
anonymous90.002,302 ms2,558 ms1 day ago
anonymous87.502,807 ms3,208 ms1 day ago
anonymous92.502,150 ms2,325 ms2 days ago
anonymous95.002,457 ms2,586 ms2 days ago
jiseongk92.502,754 ms2,977 ms2 days ago
anonymous92.502,226 ms2,406 ms2 days ago
anonymous95.002,792 ms2,939 ms2 days ago
anonymous92.502,305 ms2,491 ms2 days ago
anonymous87.502,662 ms3,043 ms2 days ago
anonymous80.002,085 ms2,606 ms2 days ago
anonymous87.502,473 ms2,827 ms3 days ago
anonymous85.002,379 ms2,799 ms3 days ago
anonymous95.002,564 ms2,698 ms3 days ago
anonymous97.502,002 ms2,054 ms3 days ago
anonymous92.502,437 ms2,634 ms3 days ago
anonymous97.502,695 ms2,764 ms3 days ago
NewTone85.004,646 ms5,466 ms4 days ago
anonymous87.502,497 ms2,853 ms4 days ago
anonymous77.502,342 ms3,022 ms4 days ago
anonymous87.502,420 ms2,766 ms4 days ago
anonymous85.002,601 ms3,061 ms4 days ago

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