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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
PracticeA67.505,558 ms8,234 ms2 days ago
anonymous95.005,192 ms5,465 ms3 days ago
anonymous90.004,926 ms5,473 ms3 days ago
anonymous80.004,454 ms5,568 ms4 days ago
PracticeA80.004,902 ms6,128 ms5 days ago
anonymous85.004,499 ms5,293 ms6 days ago
Twinsen80.005,497 ms6,872 ms1 week ago
maranata75.004,639 ms6,185 ms1 week ago
Twinsen92.504,966 ms5,368 ms1 week ago
maranata47.505,034 ms10,597 ms1 week ago
anonymous70.006,316 ms9,022 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous90.002,740 ms3,045 ms2 weeks ago
smallscv90.005,362 ms5,957 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous100.003,430 ms3,430 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous90.003,276 ms3,640 ms3 weeks ago
pawelsax67.506,162 ms9,129 ms3 weeks ago
pawelsax85.006,132 ms7,214 ms3 weeks ago
pawelsax67.506,025 ms8,926 ms3 weeks ago
anonymous90.002,542 ms2,824 ms3 weeks ago
anonymous80.002,760 ms3,450 ms3 weeks ago
anonymous87.505,082 ms5,808 ms3 weeks ago
anonymous82.503,045 ms3,691 ms3 weeks ago
anonymous70.002,900 ms4,143 ms3 weeks ago
jiseongk95.003,151 ms3,317 ms3 weeks ago
anonymous97.502,996 ms3,073 ms3 weeks ago

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