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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
BrainYZN65.003,751 ms5,771 ms24 hours ago
jumper12390.004,792 ms5,325 ms1 day ago
anonymous77.503,364 ms4,341 ms1 day ago
fun200870.005,211 ms7,444 ms2 days ago
jumper12390.005,409 ms6,010 ms2 days ago
taka92.503,394 ms3,670 ms2 days ago
taka72.504,178 ms5,763 ms2 days ago
BrainYZN92.503,831 ms4,141 ms3 days ago
BrainYZN85.003,712 ms4,367 ms3 days ago
jumper12395.005,122 ms5,392 ms3 days ago
taka92.504,005 ms4,330 ms4 days ago
BrainYZN95.003,771 ms3,970 ms4 days ago
BrainYZN80.003,694 ms4,618 ms4 days ago
jumper12392.504,839 ms5,232 ms4 days ago
taka95.005,040 ms5,305 ms4 days ago
taka92.504,821 ms5,212 ms5 days ago
taka95.004,043 ms4,256 ms5 days ago
taka82.504,625 ms5,606 ms5 days ago
taka80.004,689 ms5,862 ms5 days ago
taka82.504,595 ms5,570 ms5 days ago
des0492.504,589 ms4,961 ms5 days ago
taka87.504,867 ms5,562 ms5 days ago
BrainYZN85.003,799 ms4,470 ms5 days ago
BrainYZN77.504,031 ms5,201 ms5 days ago
BrainYZN85.003,943 ms4,638 ms5 days ago

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