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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous95.004,088 ms4,303 ms18 hours ago
anonymous100.003,975 ms3,975 ms18 hours ago
Azkrak85.003,774 ms4,440 ms1 day ago
anonymous85.004,450 ms5,235 ms2 days ago
anonymous87.504,617 ms5,277 ms2 days ago
anonymous90.004,617 ms5,130 ms2 days ago
anonymous87.504,659 ms5,324 ms3 days ago
anonymous95.004,151 ms4,369 ms4 days ago
anonymous95.004,187 ms4,407 ms4 days ago
anonymous85.004,522 ms5,320 ms5 days ago
anonymous97.504,436 ms4,550 ms5 days ago
jaeiyd77.506,644 ms8,572 ms5 days ago
anonymous92.505,089 ms5,501 ms6 days ago
anonymous90.004,680 ms5,200 ms6 days ago
wikikrishna75.003,870 ms5,160 ms6 days ago
wikikrishna80.003,800 ms4,750 ms6 days ago
anonymous90.004,826 ms5,362 ms7 days ago
anonymous87.504,916 ms5,618 ms1 week ago
nzogna95.004,267 ms4,492 ms1 week ago
nzogna80.004,722 ms5,902 ms1 week ago
nzogna87.503,642 ms4,162 ms1 week ago
anonymous87.504,717 ms5,391 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous80.004,783 ms5,979 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous77.504,541 ms5,859 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous85.004,960 ms5,836 ms2 weeks ago

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