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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous75.003,619 ms4,826 ms6 hours ago
anonymous85.002,875 ms3,382 ms6 hours ago
anonymous80.003,397 ms4,246 ms6 hours ago
anonymous72.502,773 ms3,824 ms6 hours ago
NewTone90.003,757 ms4,175 ms20 hours ago
Foster22362.504,531 ms7,249 ms1 day ago
RIPO95.005,462 ms5,750 ms2 days ago
NewTone90.003,626 ms4,029 ms2 days ago
ahamil1247.506,316 ms13,298 ms2 days ago
terell2665.006,292 ms9,680 ms2 days ago
NewTone100.003,307 ms3,307 ms3 days ago
z0rd67.506,013 ms8,908 ms4 days ago
NewTone95.003,513 ms3,698 ms4 days ago
ahamil1235.006,610 ms18,886 ms5 days ago
NewTone97.504,562 ms4,679 ms5 days ago
NewTone85.004,498 ms5,292 ms5 days ago
ahamil1237.507,029 ms18,743 ms5 days ago
NewTone92.503,607 ms3,900 ms6 days ago
NewTone87.504,435 ms5,069 ms7 days ago
NewTone87.504,499 ms5,142 ms7 days ago
wingmaker52.506,093 ms11,605 ms7 days ago
Azkrak85.003,909 ms4,598 ms1 week ago
vk1234155.006,276 ms11,410 ms1 week ago
vk1234167.505,934 ms8,791 ms1 week ago
anonymous97.502,764 ms2,835 ms1 week ago

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