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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
Twinsen90.005,163 ms5,737 ms2 hours ago
Twinsen85.004,790 ms5,635 ms1 day ago
anonymous95.003,335 ms3,510 ms2 days ago
anonymous100.003,206 ms3,206 ms2 days ago
anonymous92.503,972 ms4,294 ms2 days ago
maxflemming0192.503,969 ms4,291 ms3 days ago
StenPi62.506,389 ms10,222 ms3 days ago
anonymous92.503,891 ms4,207 ms3 days ago
anonymous95.002,712 ms2,855 ms3 days ago
anonymous85.004,254 ms5,005 ms3 days ago
Twinsen80.005,822 ms7,277 ms3 days ago
maxflemming0192.503,906 ms4,223 ms4 days ago
GRIT90.004,868 ms5,409 ms5 days ago
GRIT85.004,763 ms5,603 ms5 days ago
GRIT75.004,550 ms6,067 ms5 days ago
GRIT90.004,849 ms5,388 ms5 days ago
maxflemming0190.004,067 ms4,519 ms6 days ago
anonymous92.503,745 ms4,048 ms6 days ago
jilChaos95.004,295 ms4,521 ms6 days ago
Cold290.002,301 ms2,557 ms7 days ago
Cold297.502,853 ms2,926 ms7 days ago
Cold295.002,374 ms2,499 ms7 days ago
Cold285.002,530 ms2,976 ms7 days ago
anonymous87.503,259 ms3,725 ms7 days ago
anonymous75.003,594 ms4,792 ms7 days ago

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