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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous90.003,228 ms3,586 ms4 hours ago
anonymous97.502,923 ms2,998 ms7 hours ago
anonymous80.003,102 ms3,878 ms7 hours ago
anonymous82.503,281 ms3,977 ms7 hours ago
anonymous87.503,487 ms3,985 ms7 hours ago
anonymous90.003,135 ms3,483 ms7 hours ago
Cold_new90.002,616 ms2,906 ms13 hours ago
Cold_new77.502,097 ms2,706 ms13 hours ago
anonymous82.503,815 ms4,624 ms20 hours ago
anonymous85.003,436 ms4,042 ms1 day ago
anonymous82.503,601 ms4,364 ms1 day ago
anonymous80.003,390 ms4,238 ms1 day ago
anonymous87.503,520 ms4,023 ms1 day ago
anonymous75.003,958 ms5,278 ms1 day ago
anonymous80.003,631 ms4,539 ms1 day ago
anonymous90.002,297 ms2,552 ms1 day ago
billshort198895.002,792 ms2,939 ms2 days ago
anonymous97.503,227 ms3,310 ms2 days ago
anonymous82.503,323 ms4,027 ms2 days ago
anonymous65.004,252 ms6,541 ms2 days ago
anonymous75.003,590 ms4,787 ms2 days ago
anonymous85.004,420 ms5,200 ms2 days ago
anonymous87.503,270 ms3,737 ms3 days ago
anonymous92.503,617 ms3,910 ms3 days ago
anonymous85.003,385 ms3,982 ms3 days ago

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