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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
stewartshaw72.505,477 ms7,555 ms11 hours ago
keohmic80.005,313 ms6,642 ms12 hours ago
keohmic52.506,001 ms11,430 ms13 hours ago
jumper12387.505,534 ms6,324 ms17 hours ago
jumper12380.005,248 ms6,560 ms17 hours ago
anonymous97.503,976 ms4,077 ms1 day ago
anonymous92.503,237 ms3,499 ms1 day ago
jumper12367.506,345 ms9,400 ms3 days ago
jumper12370.006,294 ms8,991 ms3 days ago
anonymous100.003,770 ms3,770 ms4 days ago
billshort198892.502,866 ms3,099 ms5 days ago
anonymous75.003,134 ms4,179 ms6 days ago
anonymous85.003,675 ms4,323 ms6 days ago
StenPi55.005,865 ms10,663 ms6 days ago
anonymous85.003,986 ms4,690 ms6 days ago
anonymous92.504,290 ms4,638 ms6 days ago
stewartshaw80.004,228 ms5,285 ms7 days ago
Quellist17.503,719 ms21,253 ms7 days ago
Cold295.002,231 ms2,348 ms2 weeks ago
stewartshaw77.504,521 ms5,833 ms2 weeks ago
stewartshaw67.504,659 ms6,903 ms2 weeks ago
jumper12380.005,303 ms6,629 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous92.503,505 ms3,789 ms2 weeks ago
stewartshaw80.004,599 ms5,748 ms2 weeks ago
stewartshaw72.505,218 ms7,198 ms2 weeks ago

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