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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous100.002,114 ms2,114 ms6 hours ago
puppie77.502,724 ms3,514 ms7 hours ago
Kbutlett80.004,549 ms5,686 ms16 hours ago
wingmaker82.502,776 ms3,365 ms17 hours ago
Foster22390.002,951 ms3,279 ms1 day ago
desouche95.003,454 ms3,636 ms2 days ago
anonymous70.004,019 ms5,741 ms2 days ago
ahamil1287.504,467 ms5,105 ms2 days ago
ahamil1275.004,223 ms5,631 ms2 days ago
ahamil1292.503,679 ms3,978 ms2 days ago
terell26100.002,611 ms2,611 ms2 days ago
Kbutlett75.004,889 ms6,518 ms2 days ago
Kbutlett62.505,289 ms8,462 ms2 days ago
wingmaker82.502,981 ms3,613 ms3 days ago
Kbutlett40.005,876 ms14,690 ms3 days ago
z0rd97.503,550 ms3,641 ms4 days ago
z0rd90.004,478 ms4,976 ms4 days ago
ahamil1277.504,791 ms6,181 ms5 days ago
ahamil1277.504,260 ms5,497 ms5 days ago
wingmaker72.503,142 ms4,333 ms5 days ago
ahamil1292.503,992 ms4,316 ms5 days ago
ahamil1285.004,636 ms5,454 ms5 days ago
wasp925.005,458 ms21,834 ms5 days ago
wasp937.506,413 ms17,101 ms5 days ago
wasp932.506,842 ms21,053 ms5 days ago

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