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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous90.003,122 ms3,468 ms1 day ago
anonymous95.002,850 ms3,000 ms3 days ago
Nachtlichtlein367.503,564 ms5,280 ms3 days ago
anonymous100.002,561 ms2,561 ms4 days ago
Maryush2897.501,950 ms2,000 ms4 days ago
nemamea185.002,565 ms3,017 ms6 days ago
nemamea172.503,166 ms4,368 ms6 days ago
Nachtlichtlein377.503,898 ms5,030 ms6 days ago
anonymous95.002,899 ms3,052 ms7 days ago
Cold2100.001,154 ms1,154 ms1 week ago
selectionandy92.502,530 ms2,735 ms1 week ago
anonymous100.002,997 ms2,997 ms1 week ago
anonymous100.002,880 ms2,880 ms1 week ago
selectionandy92.502,812 ms3,040 ms1 week ago
anonymous97.502,179 ms2,235 ms1 week ago
z0rd90.004,432 ms4,925 ms1 week ago
anonymous87.501,966 ms2,247 ms1 week ago
anonymous85.002,059 ms2,422 ms1 week ago
anonymous80.004,076 ms5,095 ms1 week ago
anonymous100.002,537 ms2,537 ms1 week ago
anonymous97.502,906 ms2,980 ms1 week ago
selectionandy97.503,048 ms3,126 ms1 week ago
Twinsen97.503,651 ms3,745 ms1 week ago
Cold2100.001,251 ms1,251 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous97.502,713 ms2,783 ms2 weeks ago

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