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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
suenobrain7747.505,276 ms11,108 ms6 hours ago
anonymous25.005,260,240 ms21,040,959 ms22 hours ago
selectionandy87.503,138 ms3,586 ms1 day ago
selectionandy95.002,688 ms2,830 ms2 days ago
anonymous100.002,461 ms2,461 ms2 days ago
selectionandy90.002,689 ms2,988 ms3 days ago
anonymous90.001,560 ms1,733 ms3 days ago
anonymous72.504,773 ms6,583 ms5 days ago
terell2697.502,484 ms2,548 ms5 days ago
anonymous95.001,612 ms1,696 ms5 days ago
anonymous85.001,741 ms2,048 ms5 days ago
terell2697.502,333 ms2,393 ms6 days ago
selectionandy85.003,139 ms3,693 ms6 days ago
anonymous97.501,916 ms1,965 ms7 days ago
anonymous85.001,827 ms2,149 ms7 days ago
mbashaw15.001,079 ms7,191 ms7 days ago
terell26100.002,486 ms2,486 ms1 week ago
jaeiyd95.005,115 ms5,384 ms1 week ago
terell26100.002,979 ms2,979 ms1 week ago
terell2692.502,895 ms3,130 ms1 week ago
anonymous97.501,897 ms1,945 ms1 week ago
terell26100.002,605 ms2,605 ms1 week ago
anonymous97.501,583 ms1,624 ms1 week ago
jaeiyd77.505,758 ms7,430 ms1 week ago
anonymous95.001,867 ms1,965 ms2 weeks ago

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