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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
Predator8865.005,153 ms7,928 ms6 hours ago
Predator8870.005,177 ms7,396 ms6 hours ago
Predator8862.505,230 ms8,368 ms6 hours ago
Predator8870.004,864 ms6,949 ms6 hours ago
Predator8877.505,375 ms6,935 ms6 hours ago
Predator8892.504,109 ms4,442 ms7 hours ago
Predator8877.504,685 ms6,045 ms7 hours ago
desouche82.503,781 ms4,582 ms22 hours ago
Predator8865.005,507 ms8,473 ms1 day ago
Predator8867.505,033 ms7,456 ms1 day ago
Predator8862.505,118 ms8,188 ms1 day ago
Predator8862.505,309 ms8,495 ms1 day ago
anonymous67.505,332 ms7,900 ms1 day ago
anonymous92.501,374 ms1,486 ms3 days ago
100w95.002,595 ms2,732 ms3 days ago
anonymous90.004,879 ms5,421 ms4 days ago
anonymous82.504,772 ms5,785 ms4 days ago
anonymous100.001,566 ms1,566 ms4 days ago
llorente88100.002,533 ms2,533 ms5 days ago
100w100.002,474 ms2,474 ms5 days ago
jaeiyd85.005,277 ms6,208 ms5 days ago
alexismael57.506,353 ms11,049 ms6 days ago
RIPO87.505,059 ms5,782 ms7 days ago
anonymous97.502,673 ms2,742 ms1 week ago
anonymous100.002,565 ms2,565 ms1 week ago

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