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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous92.502,288 ms2,474 ms13 hours ago
k9test80.003,510 ms4,387 ms1 day ago
anonymous95.002,467 ms2,597 ms2 days ago
Rozinchina62.503,908 ms6,253 ms2 days ago
anonymous95.002,541 ms2,675 ms3 days ago
anonymous87.502,046 ms2,338 ms3 days ago
anonymous92.502,244 ms2,426 ms4 days ago
anonymous97.502,327 ms2,387 ms4 days ago
anonymous97.502,747 ms2,818 ms4 days ago
anonymous90.002,002 ms2,225 ms4 days ago
Rozinchina90.004,344 ms4,826 ms5 days ago
Rozinchina85.004,925 ms5,794 ms5 days ago
Rozinchina87.504,075 ms4,657 ms5 days ago
Rozinchina77.504,157 ms5,364 ms5 days ago
Rozinchina72.503,828 ms5,280 ms5 days ago
Rozinchina80.004,036 ms5,044 ms5 days ago
Rozinchina67.504,544 ms6,732 ms5 days ago
steve_trippe65.004,488 ms6,905 ms5 days ago
keohmic90.001,592 ms1,769 ms6 days ago
keohmic85.001,700 ms2,000 ms6 days ago
keohmic82.501,869 ms2,265 ms6 days ago
anonymous90.002,475 ms2,750 ms6 days ago
steve_trippe75.004,231 ms5,641 ms6 days ago
Rozinchina87.504,604 ms5,261 ms7 days ago
rieko70.004,931 ms7,044 ms7 days ago

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