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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous95.001,914 ms2,015 ms2 hours ago
anonymous100.002,371 ms2,371 ms3 hours ago
Azor_strategy92.501,243 ms1,344 ms5 hours ago
master197.502,356 ms2,416 ms8 hours ago
anonymous87.503,173 ms3,626 ms8 hours ago
anonymous97.501,063 ms1,091 ms15 hours ago
Azor_strategy92.501,295 ms1,400 ms21 hours ago
Cold2100.00973 ms973 ms1 day ago
shad100.001,537 ms1,537 ms1 day ago
shad97.501,560 ms1,600 ms1 day ago
anonymous95.003,198 ms3,367 ms1 day ago
wilko003092.502,576 ms2,785 ms2 days ago
anonymous95.001,260 ms1,326 ms2 days ago
anonymous95.001,937 ms2,039 ms2 days ago
Simulated97.501,282 ms1,314 ms2 days ago
anonymous100.001,688 ms1,688 ms2 days ago
anonymous97.502,207 ms2,263 ms2 days ago
anonymous95.001,717 ms1,808 ms3 days ago
anonymous87.501,958 ms2,238 ms3 days ago
poiuy97.501,756 ms1,801 ms3 days ago
poiuy95.001,981 ms2,085 ms3 days ago
anonymous97.501,845 ms1,892 ms3 days ago
anonymous97.501,783 ms1,828 ms3 days ago
anonymous82.502,499 ms3,029 ms3 days ago
keohmic95.001,200 ms1,263 ms3 days ago

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