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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
rainonbeauty92.501,633 ms1,765 ms4 hours ago
anonymous80.004,193 ms5,241 ms13 hours ago
anonymous90.002,520 ms2,800 ms1 day ago
anonymous95.003,099 ms3,263 ms1 day ago
flywithmiguel95.001,808 ms1,903 ms1 day ago
SoLock3d92.502,375 ms2,568 ms1 day ago
SoLock3d82.502,490 ms3,018 ms1 day ago
anonymous100.002,218 ms2,218 ms2 days ago
anonymous97.501,959 ms2,009 ms2 days ago
sos987.502,682 ms3,065 ms2 days ago
anonymous95.001,280 ms1,347 ms3 days ago
anonymous95.002,853 ms3,004 ms3 days ago
anonymous67.503,739 ms5,539 ms3 days ago
anonymous100.001,584 ms1,584 ms3 days ago
Cold_new100.00931 ms931 ms3 days ago
ferdi11275.002,727 ms3,636 ms4 days ago
Infinity97.501,080 ms1,107 ms4 days ago
sos997.502,372 ms2,433 ms4 days ago
sos982.502,625 ms3,182 ms4 days ago
anonymous97.503,773 ms3,870 ms4 days ago
anonymous100.002,332 ms2,332 ms4 days ago
anonymous65.004,231 ms6,509 ms4 days ago
anonymous90.002,659 ms2,954 ms4 days ago
ahamil122697.502,792 ms2,864 ms4 days ago
anonymous100.002,017 ms2,017 ms4 days ago

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