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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous97.501,729 ms1,773 ms7 hours ago
amaryllis97.502,149 ms2,204 ms8 hours ago
trigeminal97.501,870 ms1,918 ms16 hours ago
Oleksiy92.503,106 ms3,358 ms22 hours ago
Oleksiy87.504,121 ms4,709 ms1 day ago
sophiew97.501,808 ms1,854 ms1 day ago
anonymous97.501,401 ms1,437 ms2 days ago
Oleksiy97.503,066 ms3,145 ms2 days ago
Oleksiy75.003,802 ms5,070 ms2 days ago
anonymous100.001,604 ms1,604 ms2 days ago
ginga100.002,350 ms2,350 ms2 days ago
ginga97.502,473 ms2,537 ms2 days ago
anonymous97.501,872 ms1,920 ms2 days ago
matar97.502,106 ms2,160 ms2 days ago
anonymous87.501,312 ms1,500 ms3 days ago
sydneywolpert92.502,083 ms2,252 ms3 days ago
brainworking100.001,035 ms1,035 ms3 days ago
laurenwu90.001,989 ms2,210 ms3 days ago
laurenwu92.502,197 ms2,375 ms3 days ago
laurenwu97.501,883 ms1,931 ms3 days ago
laurenwu85.002,191 ms2,577 ms3 days ago
anonymous92.501,262 ms1,364 ms3 days ago
Araicoeur75.003,046 ms4,062 ms3 days ago
133442.504,801 ms192,024 ms3 days ago
anonymous92.503,414 ms3,691 ms3 days ago

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