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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous85.003,293 ms3,874 ms1 hour ago
fun200895.002,265 ms2,384 ms11 hours ago
anonymous95.002,767 ms2,913 ms14 hours ago
taka100.001,734 ms1,734 ms15 hours ago
gloriaaa100.002,334 ms2,334 ms18 hours ago
paul1206100.002,492 ms2,492 ms19 hours ago
TonyStark100.001,784 ms1,784 ms21 hours ago
paul120692.502,169 ms2,345 ms22 hours ago
anonymous82.502,429 ms2,944 ms1 day ago
TonyStark95.002,216 ms2,332 ms2 days ago
TonyStark85.002,296 ms2,701 ms2 days ago
TonyStark100.001,714 ms1,714 ms2 days ago
paul120697.502,634 ms2,701 ms2 days ago
gloriaaa100.002,693 ms2,693 ms2 days ago
anonymous90.001,967 ms2,186 ms2 days ago
S079695.002,806 ms2,954 ms2 days ago
gloriaaa92.503,863 ms4,176 ms2 days ago
paul1206100.002,188 ms2,188 ms2 days ago
bearzymus62.505,070 ms8,113 ms2 days ago
gloriaaa95.002,269 ms2,389 ms2 days ago
gloriaaa95.004,023 ms4,234 ms3 days ago
gloriaaa97.502,440 ms2,502 ms3 days ago
gloriaaa85.002,021 ms2,377 ms3 days ago
paul1206100.002,194 ms2,194 ms3 days ago
anonymous92.501,245 ms1,346 ms3 days ago

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