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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
azatot198097.502,518 ms2,583 ms4 hours ago
anonymous92.502,733 ms2,954 ms4 hours ago
anonymous85.002,877 ms3,385 ms23 hours ago
anonymous82.502,724 ms3,301 ms1 day ago
Burnz_B97.502,680 ms2,749 ms1 day ago
anonymous90.002,884 ms3,204 ms1 day ago
kerialsiller95.002,019 ms2,125 ms2 days ago
sizuokatea3392.501,730 ms1,870 ms2 days ago
jjsjcny82.503,973 ms4,815 ms3 days ago
joeyjpisano7.502,319 ms30,924 ms3 days ago
JohnnyB12382.503,517 ms4,263 ms3 days ago
jocc77.503,948 ms5,094 ms3 days ago
spushnick95.001,736 ms1,828 ms3 days ago
frindos92.503,957 ms4,278 ms3 days ago
G_Brown697.502,477 ms2,541 ms3 days ago
G_Brown670.003,182 ms4,546 ms3 days ago
eflinter95.002,732 ms2,876 ms3 days ago
ataitt60.003,290 ms5,484 ms3 days ago
ataitt80.002,909 ms3,636 ms3 days ago
ataitt50.004,206 ms8,412 ms3 days ago
emilykarl82.503,961 ms4,801 ms3 days ago
anonymous82.502,671 ms3,237 ms4 days ago
bredus67.504,347 ms6,440 ms4 days ago
charliej2495.002,245 ms2,363 ms4 days ago
dstorm97.502,623 ms2,691 ms4 days ago

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