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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
anonymous92.503,513 ms3,797 ms11 hours ago
anonymous85.004,257 ms5,008 ms11 hours ago
baboondude95.003,665 ms3,858 ms1 day ago
baboondude92.503,258 ms3,522 ms1 day ago
baboondude90.004,008 ms4,453 ms1 day ago
baboondude85.003,708 ms4,362 ms1 day ago
TonyStark82.502,387 ms2,893 ms2 days ago
TonyStark90.002,346 ms2,607 ms2 days ago
anonymous95.003,074 ms3,235 ms2 days ago
wajabdag95.001,582 ms1,665 ms2 days ago
anonymous82.503,533 ms4,282 ms2 days ago
anonymous80.003,423 ms4,279 ms2 days ago
anonymous60.003,735 ms6,225 ms2 days ago
anonymous97.502,332 ms2,392 ms2 days ago
wajabdag30.007,124 ms23,745 ms3 days ago
wajabdag67.503,824 ms5,666 ms3 days ago
wajabdag52.504,339 ms8,265 ms3 days ago
wajabdag87.502,836 ms3,241 ms3 days ago
wajabdag42.506,006 ms14,132 ms3 days ago
anonymous100.002,421 ms2,421 ms3 days ago
anonymous82.502,814 ms3,411 ms3 days ago
wajabdag97.501,705 ms1,749 ms3 days ago
PicinZim97.502,169 ms2,225 ms3 days ago
wajabdag95.001,879 ms1,978 ms3 days ago
wajabdag95.002,109 ms2,220 ms3 days ago

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