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name% correcttimecombinedwhen
lvarner87.503,781 ms4,321 ms2 hours ago
lvarner85.003,664 ms4,311 ms2 hours ago
anonymous90.002,538 ms2,820 ms6 hours ago
des04100.001,722 ms1,722 ms11 hours ago
selectionandy97.502,128 ms2,183 ms16 hours ago
anonymous97.502,542 ms2,607 ms17 hours ago
anonymous87.501,263 ms1,443 ms18 hours ago
snowc0ne97.501,649 ms1,691 ms19 hours ago
snowc0ne97.501,807 ms1,854 ms23 hours ago
anonymous87.501,374 ms1,570 ms1 day ago
Todddurham82.503,823 ms4,634 ms1 day ago
snowc0ne97.502,252 ms2,310 ms2 days ago
snowc0ne82.502,463 ms2,985 ms2 days ago
snowc0ne77.502,808 ms3,623 ms2 days ago
anonymous90.001,306 ms1,451 ms2 days ago
Antouka1687.504,029 ms4,605 ms2 days ago
birdman77.502,357 ms3,041 ms3 days ago
birdman77.502,357 ms3,041 ms3 days ago
ear5097.501,472 ms1,510 ms3 days ago
anonymous100.001,306 ms1,306 ms3 days ago
suenobrain7797.502,070 ms2,123 ms3 days ago
anonymous90.001,457 ms1,619 ms3 days ago
Antouka1687.504,415 ms5,046 ms3 days ago
suenobrain7792.502,246 ms2,428 ms3 days ago
anonymous97.502,255 ms2,313 ms4 days ago

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