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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
631john66.671,183.33 ms1,775.002 years ago
631john66.671,360.00 ms2,040.002 years ago
Burrli66.671,058.33 ms1,587.503 years ago
Burrli66.671,108.33 ms1,662.503 years ago
Burrli66.671,050.00 ms1,575.003 years ago
Burrli66.67583.33 ms875.003 years ago
Burrli50.001,011.67 ms2,023.333 years ago
anonymous33.331,760.83 ms5,282.503 years ago
anonymous83.331,021.50 ms1,225.803 years ago
anonymous66.671,062.67 ms1,594.003 years ago
anonymous50.001,029.67 ms2,059.333 years ago
maranata66.67806.41 ms1,209.625 years ago
junhugie50.00723.09 ms1,446.175 years ago
Burrli66.671,115.00 ms1,672.505 years ago
Burrli66.67771.67 ms1,157.506 years ago
Burrli66.67993.33 ms1,490.006 years ago
Burrli66.67556.67 ms835.006 years ago
Burrli66.671,300.00 ms1,950.006 years ago
Burrli83.33683.33 ms820.006 years ago
Burrli66.671,338.33 ms2,007.506 years ago
livedoolivedoo100.00898.67 ms898.676 years ago
Burrli66.671,205.83 ms1,808.757 years ago
scasw66.671,314.83 ms1,972.258 years ago
anonymous33.331,417.17 ms4,251.5010 years ago

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