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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
damse100.00825.00 ms825.003 months ago
damse50.001,085.00 ms2,170.003 months ago
damse16.671,020.00 ms6,120.003 months ago
Ahmdoh83.33948.25 ms1,137.906 months ago
Ahmdoh83.33622.51 ms747.016 months ago
mtfbwu100.00568.27 ms568.276 months ago
mtfbwu16.671,637.80 ms9,826.826 months ago
nicholasholm83.331,057.50 ms1,269.0012 months ago
randyk100.00915.33 ms915.331 year ago
randyk100.00850.83 ms850.831 year ago
randyk83.33807.83 ms969.401 year ago
willen199583.331,192.09 ms1,430.512 years ago
zodd100.001,278.28 ms1,278.282 years ago
zodd83.331,160.75 ms1,392.902 years ago
rezarcy13100.00538.65 ms538.652 years ago
rezarcy1316.672,032.91 ms12,197.472 years ago
Janiece9533.33969.81 ms2,909.442 years ago
arcivescovo100.00818.83 ms818.832 years ago
angelo_dec100.00847.74 ms847.742 years ago
angelo_dec83.33926.26 ms1,111.522 years ago
angelo_dec83.33784.80 ms941.762 years ago
camila66.671,757.58 ms2,636.372 years ago
anonymous100.00838.33 ms838.333 years ago
anonymous66.671,131.83 ms1,697.753 years ago
anonymous33.331,784.83 ms5,354.503 years ago

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