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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
kaurgurpreet_lubana50.00994.67 ms1,989.331 month ago
Rett83.331,523.50 ms1,828.207 months ago
legit_kat66.671,773.33 ms2,660.008 months ago
jciarcia12366.671,302.50 ms1,953.751 year ago
anonymous33.331,910.50 ms5,731.501 year ago
Domenico183.33696.67 ms836.001 year ago
Domenico1100.001,134.50 ms1,134.501 year ago
Joelmantt83.33947.67 ms1,137.202 years ago
Joelmantt66.671,185.67 ms1,778.502 years ago
yudeisibeltran2017100.00808.17 ms808.172 years ago
yudeisibeltran201750.001,074.17 ms2,148.332 years ago
liew716.671,234.17 ms7,405.002 years ago
adwar683.33716.00 ms859.202 years ago
kiring533.331,731.00 ms5,193.002 years ago
nabila450.001,303.83 ms2,607.672 years ago
syira9100.00651.33 ms651.332 years ago
syira950.00876.50 ms1,753.002 years ago
syira933.33980.00 ms2,940.002 years ago
afzan816.67875.33 ms5,252.002 years ago
P006AR33.331,500.00 ms4,500.002 years ago
Asyrulismail16.671,752.83 ms10,517.002 years ago
P003MA50.00968.67 ms1,937.332 years ago
Asyrulismail83.331,206.67 ms1,448.002 years ago
Asyrulismail83.33745.67 ms894.802 years ago
nasuha1066.671,622.17 ms2,433.252 years ago

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