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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
sos9100.00835.67 ms835.671 month ago
sos983.33974.00 ms1,168.801 month ago
sos9100.00701.50 ms701.501 month ago
sos983.33853.33 ms1,024.001 month ago
wingmaker100.00611.17 ms611.171 month ago
wingmaker100.00642.17 ms642.172 months ago
wingmaker66.67932.83 ms1,399.252 months ago
wingmaker66.67730.00 ms1,095.002 months ago
wingmaker66.67595.50 ms893.252 months ago
wingmaker66.671,157.17 ms1,735.752 months ago
wingmaker100.00620.67 ms620.672 months ago
wingmaker33.331,199.00 ms3,597.002 months ago
rkak2550.00552.50 ms1,105.002 months ago
anonymous100.001,158.83 ms1,158.834 months ago
anonymous33.33769.17 ms2,307.505 months ago
anonymous66.67739.50 ms1,109.255 months ago
kilgore35nick100.00854.17 ms854.176 months ago
anonymous66.671,284.67 ms1,927.006 months ago
anonymous83.33890.00 ms1,068.006 months ago
elevine150.001,044.17 ms2,088.336 months ago
anonymous33.33598.17 ms1,794.506 months ago
anonymous100.00814.17 ms814.176 months ago
pabichchris83.33711.00 ms853.206 months ago
anonymous83.33904.33 ms1,085.206 months ago
anonymous66.67621.00 ms931.506 months ago

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