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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
noah20050.001,035.50 ms2,071.003 months ago
suenobrain7716.671,586.00 ms9,516.005 months ago
adamskwame100.00825.56 ms825.561 year ago
adamskwame83.33751.63 ms901.961 year ago
fun2008100.001,088.57 ms1,088.573 years ago
fun2008100.00708.43 ms708.433 years ago
fun200883.33806.62 ms967.943 years ago
fun200866.671,427.12 ms2,140.673 years ago
fun200850.001,313.74 ms2,627.493 years ago
fun2008100.00843.47 ms843.473 years ago
fun200866.671,263.99 ms1,895.993 years ago
fun200866.671,520.02 ms2,280.023 years ago
fun200850.001,373.63 ms2,747.273 years ago
fun200866.671,399.10 ms2,098.653 years ago
fun200866.671,497.50 ms2,246.253 years ago
fun200883.33912.32 ms1,094.783 years ago
fun200866.67920.41 ms1,380.613 years ago
oldbrazila66.671,809.13 ms2,713.704 years ago
oldbrazila66.671,035.40 ms1,553.114 years ago
oldbrazila83.331,393.57 ms1,672.284 years ago
oldbrazila66.671,330.56 ms1,995.834 years ago
oldbrazila83.331,019.02 ms1,222.824 years ago
oldbrazila16.671,950.77 ms11,704.604 years ago
oldbrazila83.331,310.36 ms1,572.434 years ago
oldbrazila83.331,102.40 ms1,322.884 years ago

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