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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Azor_strategy83.331,156.67 ms1,388.002 months ago
Azor_strategy66.671,078.50 ms1,617.752 months ago
Azor100.00945.00 ms945.002 months ago
Azor50.001,160.00 ms2,320.002 months ago
Azor100.001,182.00 ms1,182.003 months ago
Azor16.67830.00 ms4,980.003 months ago
Azor83.33725.33 ms870.403 months ago
Azor83.33882.00 ms1,058.403 months ago
mamafih66.671,497.86 ms2,246.795 months ago
mamafih66.671,516.78 ms2,275.175 months ago
mamafih83.331,665.64 ms1,998.765 months ago
mamafih83.331,214.16 ms1,456.996 months ago
calendar83.331,051.00 ms1,261.2012 months ago
calendar50.001,674.17 ms3,348.3312 months ago
brainworking66.671,042.17 ms1,563.251 year ago
fun200883.33911.29 ms1,093.542 years ago
fun2008100.00602.25 ms602.252 years ago
fun200866.671,186.00 ms1,779.002 years ago
fun200866.67959.15 ms1,438.732 years ago
oldbrazila83.331,021.40 ms1,225.682 years ago
oldbrazila83.331,000.04 ms1,200.052 years ago
ednamode83.331,146.59 ms1,375.912 years ago
ednamode100.001,445.96 ms1,445.962 years ago
ednamode16.672,173.54 ms13,041.242 years ago
ednamode66.671,905.78 ms2,858.672 years ago

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