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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
dnmedusa16.671,079.17 ms6,475.0018 hours ago
afrina50.00919.00 ms1,838.001 day ago
adilah16.671,018.17 ms6,109.001 day ago
fatinnabilah_9633.331,206.33 ms3,619.004 days ago
fazirah_9616.67609.00 ms3,654.005 days ago
anonymous66.67849.33 ms1,273.997 months ago
anonymous100.00875.27 ms875.278 months ago
pixilino100.00652.73 ms652.7311 months ago
pixilino66.671,025.29 ms1,537.9311 months ago
nicholasholm50.001,336.83 ms2,673.672 years ago
anonymous100.00672.66 ms672.662 years ago
anonymous100.001,086.34 ms1,086.342 years ago
maidenfern83.331,167.81 ms1,401.372 years ago
zodd100.00661.14 ms661.142 years ago
zodd50.00874.08 ms1,748.172 years ago
Janiece9550.001,830.69 ms3,661.393 years ago
kylie_kinnell100.00856.00 ms856.003 years ago
anaf33.331,835.29 ms5,505.864 years ago
jvpeter100.00491.83 ms491.834 years ago
jvpeter100.00460.33 ms460.334 years ago
jvpeter83.33517.00 ms620.404 years ago
jvpeter66.67687.00 ms1,030.504 years ago
anonymous100.00575.50 ms575.504 years ago
anonymous83.33960.67 ms1,152.804 years ago
bertan83.33623.33 ms748.004 years ago

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