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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Laszlo83.33518.50 ms622.201 week ago
anonymous33.331,573.17 ms4,719.505 months ago
Jonny883.331,387.67 ms1,665.205 months ago
kilgore35nick100.00807.00 ms807.005 months ago
kilgore35nick83.331,050.33 ms1,260.405 months ago
kilgore35nick100.00953.00 ms953.005 months ago
kilgore35nick50.001,447.33 ms2,894.675 months ago
kilgore35nick66.671,494.67 ms2,242.005 months ago
anonymous66.671,298.67 ms1,948.005 months ago
PracticeA83.331,178.33 ms1,414.005 months ago
DillonEarnhart100.00773.50 ms773.505 months ago
DillonEarnhart33.33716.00 ms2,148.005 months ago
anonymous33.331,122.83 ms3,368.505 months ago
pearldoiphode50.002,127.17 ms4,254.335 months ago
frastro66.67678.17 ms1,017.255 months ago
nabila433.331,185.67 ms3,557.006 months ago
nabila433.331,596.50 ms4,789.506 months ago
Asyrulismail50.00968.00 ms1,936.006 months ago
Asyrulismail66.671,472.67 ms2,209.006 months ago
nasuha133.331,201.17 ms3,603.506 months ago
ClockworkOrange100.001,211.00 ms1,211.007 months ago
ClockworkOrange83.331,507.00 ms1,808.407 months ago
rachel366.671,107.50 ms1,661.257 months ago
s20111stonehill50.001,264.00 ms2,528.007 months ago
zerazams7766.67796.17 ms1,194.258 months ago

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