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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
suenobrain7750.001,147.83 ms2,295.672 months ago
thegreaterbard83.331,002.91 ms1,203.492 years ago
Minus123100.00402.79 ms402.793 years ago
Minus123100.00395.80 ms395.803 years ago
Minus123100.00397.87 ms397.873 years ago
Minus123100.00398.48 ms398.483 years ago
Minus123100.00406.81 ms406.813 years ago
sweetpeas83.331,180.83 ms1,417.003 years ago
sweetpeas50.001,535.17 ms3,070.333 years ago
sweetpeas66.671,537.83 ms2,306.753 years ago
sweetpeas83.33954.33 ms1,145.203 years ago
fourier100.00478.26 ms478.263 years ago
fourier83.33970.34 ms1,164.413 years ago
fourier50.001,388.90 ms2,777.803 years ago
fourier83.331,005.78 ms1,206.943 years ago
oldbrazila83.331,326.52 ms1,591.823 years ago
oldbrazila83.331,950.76 ms2,340.923 years ago
oldbrazila83.331,294.13 ms1,552.963 years ago
oldbrazila66.67998.41 ms1,497.623 years ago
oldbrazila50.001,847.96 ms3,695.923 years ago
oldbrazila66.671,208.81 ms1,813.213 years ago
oldbrazila33.331,346.07 ms4,038.213 years ago
oldbrazila100.00773.55 ms773.553 years ago
oldbrazila66.67935.50 ms1,403.253 years ago
oldbrazila66.671,169.87 ms1,754.803 years ago

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