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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00695.33 ms695.331 month ago
Azor_strategy83.33820.00 ms984.008 months ago
Azor_strategy100.00553.33 ms553.338 months ago
Azor_strategy50.001,330.00 ms2,660.008 months ago
Azor_strategy100.00608.83 ms608.838 months ago
Azor_strategy100.00616.67 ms616.678 months ago
mamafih66.67833.28 ms1,249.9211 months ago
mamafih100.00733.42 ms733.4211 months ago
mamafih66.671,225.77 ms1,838.6511 months ago
mamafih83.332,007.59 ms2,409.1111 months ago
ConfusedUnderstanding100.00465.76 ms465.7611 months ago
mamafih100.001,267.30 ms1,267.301 year ago
slimy100.00556.53 ms556.531 year ago
slimy50.001,194.98 ms2,389.971 year ago
slimy50.001,055.44 ms2,110.881 year ago
slimy66.67851.25 ms1,276.871 year ago
slimy66.671,293.96 ms1,940.931 year ago
slimy83.331,318.73 ms1,582.481 year ago
kruktskia83.331,048.00 ms1,257.602 years ago
kruktskia66.671,447.00 ms2,170.502 years ago
Minus123100.00406.64 ms406.642 years ago
gnesui50.001,423.83 ms2,847.662 years ago
fourier100.00636.09 ms636.092 years ago
fourier83.33946.21 ms1,135.462 years ago
mit2100.00502.83 ms502.832 years ago

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