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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
nasuha1050.001,480.33 ms2,960.6718 hours ago
nasuha183.331,423.00 ms1,707.6019 hours ago
P006AR16.671,806.67 ms10,840.002 days ago
Asyrulismail16.671,665.83 ms9,995.002 days ago
ardellah_9683.33956.50 ms1,147.802 days ago
c1234100.00514.50 ms514.501 week ago
c123466.67778.00 ms1,167.001 week ago
fazirah_9650.00908.17 ms1,816.331 week ago
nurismisyaherah33.331,043.00 ms3,129.001 week ago
afrina83.33700.83 ms841.001 week ago
azika50.00634.33 ms1,268.671 week ago
ardellah_9666.671,374.33 ms2,061.502 weeks ago
c123483.331,034.33 ms1,241.202 weeks ago
imranirfanbinzinazman33.33946.67 ms2,840.002 weeks ago
fazirah_9683.33551.17 ms661.402 weeks ago
fatinnabilah_9650.001,345.33 ms2,690.672 weeks ago
derrickhenry10100.00800.50 ms800.502 weeks ago
derrickhenry10100.00942.00 ms942.002 weeks ago
fazirah_9666.671,254.33 ms1,881.503 weeks ago
D314150.001,547.50 ms3,095.004 weeks ago
fatinnabilah_9633.331,688.67 ms5,066.004 weeks ago
afnan50.001,332.00 ms2,664.004 weeks ago
fazirah_9666.67627.67 ms941.504 weeks ago
fazirah_9683.33619.17 ms743.004 weeks ago
fatinnabilah_9616.671,316.00 ms7,896.004 weeks ago

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