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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Bpultz100.00597.64 ms597.641 month ago
Fell123100.00566.43 ms566.431 month ago
Fell12366.671,212.02 ms1,818.031 month ago
mikka1222383.33726.73 ms872.081 month ago
cmiddleman83.33821.84 ms986.211 month ago
amlug766.67829.00 ms1,243.501 month ago
kharris1964100.00459.76 ms459.761 month ago
lauraaharris83.331,001.88 ms1,202.251 month ago
cmiddleman83.33960.03 ms1,152.031 month ago
acharris66.67596.50 ms894.751 month ago
Amelia3983.33675.67 ms810.801 month ago
vnedeltchev100.00482.72 ms482.721 month ago
teantarot50.001,921.80 ms3,843.591 month ago
Dabiyyah66.67949.06 ms1,423.591 month ago
belaphabet83.33711.33 ms853.601 month ago
Amlug66.67809.67 ms1,214.501 month ago
amurray80883.33525.92 ms631.101 month ago
kerryrhull183.33928.87 ms1,114.651 month ago
vnedeltchev83.33561.97 ms674.371 month ago
Wyatt83.33537.46 ms644.951 month ago
giggles0904100.00783.07 ms783.071 month ago
Amelia3966.671,085.83 ms1,628.751 month ago
kharris1964100.00621.79 ms621.791 month ago
lauraaharris66.671,347.71 ms2,021.571 month ago
Wyatt100.00544.73 ms544.731 month ago

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