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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00706.18 ms706.184 days ago
anonymous50.001,293.87 ms2,587.744 days ago
anonymous66.67969.09 ms1,453.634 days ago
anonymous83.33723.19 ms867.835 days ago
Fell12333.331,753.79 ms5,261.386 days ago
mikka1222350.001,079.29 ms2,158.586 days ago
mikka1222333.33971.77 ms2,915.316 days ago
pawelsax66.671,343.33 ms2,015.006 days ago
teantarot16.672,054.63 ms12,327.797 days ago
matt13owl33.33928.17 ms2,784.521 week ago
Fell12333.331,223.69 ms3,671.061 week ago
Fell12316.671,724.61 ms10,347.651 week ago
anonymous100.00874.84 ms874.841 week ago
Phawkinshull16.671,081.12 ms6,486.701 week ago
damezcua283.33709.00 ms850.801 week ago
mikka12223100.001,375.62 ms1,375.621 week ago
anonymous100.00828.21 ms828.211 week ago
anonymous100.00922.43 ms922.432 weeks ago
damezcua283.33660.89 ms793.062 weeks ago
anonymous100.00635.69 ms635.692 weeks ago
Pulc100.00651.34 ms651.342 weeks ago
Dipuccioleo83.33920.67 ms1,104.802 weeks ago
anonymous100.00855.00 ms855.002 weeks ago
anonymous50.001,104.26 ms2,208.513 weeks ago
anonymous33.33921.48 ms2,764.433 weeks ago

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