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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous50.001,274.17 ms2,548.332 days ago
anonymous83.331,227.83 ms1,473.404 days ago
joeamx100.00642.57 ms642.573 weeks ago
joeamx83.33560.39 ms672.473 weeks ago
joeamx83.33650.30 ms780.363 weeks ago
echochilde0350.00902.28 ms1,804.573 weeks ago
anonymous66.671,455.85 ms2,183.774 weeks ago
Jjhallam16.671,783.00 ms10,698.004 weeks ago
Blepard50.001,095.38 ms2,190.774 weeks ago
Blepard66.67687.68 ms1,031.524 weeks ago
Blepard50.001,030.52 ms2,061.034 weeks ago
Blepard83.33946.17 ms1,135.401 month ago
Blepard16.67715.17 ms4,291.001 month ago
stupidwoman83.331,034.93 ms1,241.921 month ago
stupidwoman100.00632.66 ms632.661 month ago
anonymous100.00726.14 ms726.141 month ago
anonymous83.33964.94 ms1,157.931 month ago
anonymous83.331,147.50 ms1,377.001 month ago
anonymous66.671,245.59 ms1,868.391 month ago
anonymous100.00971.46 ms971.462 months ago
Azor83.331,003.67 ms1,204.402 months ago
Claveria200633.331,189.33 ms3,568.002 months ago
anonymous100.00430.67 ms430.672 months ago
anonymous16.671,973.83 ms11,843.002 months ago
anonymous33.331,537.76 ms4,613.273 months ago

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