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nameavg. timewhen
Khaaaan276.00 ms5 minutes ago
wingmaker222.82 ms17 minutes ago
Citizen001276.07 ms3 hours ago
Fernandes2,619.88 ms6 hours ago
Fernandes4,007.93 ms6 hours ago
Fernandes2,281.30 ms7 hours ago
Fernandes467.18 ms7 hours ago
anonymous160.20 ms9 hours ago
Citizen001312.41 ms14 hours ago
Citizen001309.29 ms14 hours ago
Citizen001295.60 ms15 hours ago
Citizen001291.41 ms15 hours ago
anonymous242.22 ms17 hours ago
anonymous232.60 ms18 hours ago
anonymous269.20 ms18 hours ago
anonymous1,615.40 ms18 hours ago
anonymous238.20 ms18 hours ago
anonymous229.40 ms18 hours ago
anonymous596.89 ms18 hours ago
anonymous221.56 ms20 hours ago
anonymous233.00 ms20 hours ago
afarris406.40 ms21 hours ago
rise270.40 ms22 hours ago
wingmaker242.00 ms1 day ago
anonymous258.60 ms1 day ago

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