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nameavg. timewhen
peterpan78216.80 ms9 minutes ago
anonymous342.73 ms12 minutes ago
Citizen001306.54 ms16 minutes ago
anonymous229.00 ms16 minutes ago
patricebyrne375.80 ms1 hour ago
anonymous776.08 ms1 hour ago
anonymous266.00 ms2 hours ago
anonymous267.00 ms2 hours ago
kore375.27 ms2 hours ago
kore410.99 ms2 hours ago
Edita693.60 ms2 hours ago
Edita1,925.40 ms2 hours ago
EXTP368.00 ms2 hours ago
anonymous462.67 ms2 hours ago
alexandrucorlan300.01 ms4 hours ago
alexandrucorlan287.35 ms4 hours ago
alexandrucorlan421.51 ms4 hours ago
anonymous253.92 ms5 hours ago
careson272.80 ms7 hours ago
logo194.93 ms9 hours ago
logo207.47 ms9 hours ago
anonymous700.33 ms11 hours ago
oliviasmith18278.65 ms12 hours ago
oliviasmith18400.27 ms12 hours ago
bjchilders1308.48 ms12 hours ago

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