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nameavg. timewhen
anonymous404.14 ms47 minutes ago
wikikrishna305.39 ms52 minutes ago
anonymous368.00 ms53 minutes ago
anonymous248.00 ms54 minutes ago
anonymous350.40 ms58 minutes ago
GvSplash254.74 ms58 minutes ago
mchammer337.45 ms58 minutes ago
anonymous375.00 ms59 minutes ago
anonymous499.49 ms59 minutes ago
anonymous260.86 ms59 minutes ago
anonymous263.24 ms1 hour ago
anonymous417.72 ms2 hours ago
anonymous395.29 ms3 hours ago
anonymous301.97 ms3 hours ago
RandomAnswer286.82 ms4 hours ago
zhausle250.41 ms4 hours ago
zhausle271.33 ms4 hours ago
anonymous305.60 ms4 hours ago
anonymous253.45 ms4 hours ago
anonymous233.00 ms4 hours ago
anonymous236.39 ms4 hours ago
anonymous473.39 ms4 hours ago
anonymous283.33 ms4 hours ago
RandomAnswer256.05 ms5 hours ago
RandomAnswer415.42 ms5 hours ago

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