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nameavg. timewhen
Citizen001286.40 ms5 minutes ago
sanch422358.31 ms57 minutes ago
sanch422373.50 ms59 minutes ago
sanch422329.11 ms60 minutes ago
sanch422301.55 ms1 hour ago
sanch422358.73 ms1 hour ago
sanch422352.64 ms1 hour ago
sanch422322.45 ms1 hour ago
sanch422339.18 ms1 hour ago
sanch422332.40 ms1 hour ago
sanch422329.80 ms1 hour ago
anonymous312.10 ms1 hour ago
anonymous305.20 ms1 hour ago
sanch422310.60 ms1 hour ago
anonymous314.20 ms1 hour ago
anonymous316.50 ms1 hour ago
Perdy433.00 ms2 hours ago
anonymous374.70 ms2 hours ago
anonymous226.40 ms2 hours ago
anonymous226.40 ms3 hours ago
jturquois85736.20 ms4 hours ago
anonymous262.08 ms5 hours ago
anonymous468.46 ms7 hours ago
anonymous426.33 ms7 hours ago
anonymous343.36 ms7 hours ago

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