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nameavg. timewhen
arippee224.23 ms4 minutes ago
arippee276.11 ms4 minutes ago
broleary123341.49 ms5 minutes ago
arippee259.19 ms6 minutes ago
anonymous311.37 ms7 minutes ago
anonymous277.42 ms1 hour ago
noahhutch327.57 ms1 hour ago
anonymous305.28 ms2 hours ago
anonymous306.23 ms2 hours ago
sjn6238345.70 ms3 hours ago
rt1246278.40 ms3 hours ago
rt1246326.00 ms3 hours ago
anonymous278.60 ms3 hours ago
anonymous350.37 ms4 hours ago
njm7553412.60 ms4 hours ago
anonymous3,405.40 ms4 hours ago
anonymous278.86 ms4 hours ago
anonymous261.71 ms5 hours ago
anonymous323.42 ms5 hours ago
bmr6471303.40 ms5 hours ago
anonymous193.44 ms5 hours ago
jmac4397290.66 ms5 hours ago
anonymous221.98 ms5 hours ago
LIsaac265.85 ms6 hours ago
bmt5485308.63 ms6 hours ago

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