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nameavg. timewhen
anonymous310.44 ms4 minutes ago
anonymous326.82 ms4 minutes ago
Hnuttall276.74 ms33 minutes ago
Hnuttall286.78 ms37 minutes ago
Hnuttall298.52 ms38 minutes ago
anonymous362.60 ms1 hour ago
anonymous563.40 ms1 hour ago
anonymous3,059.93 ms4 hours ago
anonymous303.44 ms4 hours ago
anonymous321.78 ms4 hours ago
anonymous305.80 ms4 hours ago
anonymous320.76 ms4 hours ago
anonymous366.28 ms4 hours ago
anonymous315.84 ms5 hours ago
bh16fs366.50 ms5 hours ago
jadeEfada2018212.22 ms5 hours ago
jadeEfada2018286.76 ms5 hours ago
bh16fs407.20 ms5 hours ago
samcopus337.21 ms5 hours ago
anonymous560.45 ms5 hours ago
anonymous244.22 ms6 hours ago
anonymous249.81 ms6 hours ago
anonymous403.79 ms6 hours ago
anonymous333.12 ms7 hours ago
mtully372.03 ms7 hours ago

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