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nameavg. timewhen
anonymous193.00 ms23 minutes ago
anonymous260.20 ms3 hours ago
suenobrain77349.80 ms5 hours ago
suenobrain77308.80 ms5 hours ago
anonymous377.64 ms5 hours ago
anonymous376.86 ms5 hours ago
Federica123376.83 ms7 hours ago
alexice89335.60 ms8 hours ago
hustjojo337.20 ms10 hours ago
anonymous281.20 ms13 hours ago
anonymous297.60 ms13 hours ago
Citizen001281.43 ms16 hours ago
anonymous255.80 ms16 hours ago
anonymous286.60 ms16 hours ago
anonymous282.29 ms20 hours ago
timsweeney297.75 ms23 hours ago
anonymous172.20 ms1 day ago
anonymous178.80 ms1 day ago
anonymous175.80 ms1 day ago
anonymous176.80 ms1 day ago
anonymous177.40 ms1 day ago
anonymous181.80 ms1 day ago
anonymous351.20 ms1 day ago
ivan1305391.10 ms1 day ago
anonymous240.20 ms1 day ago

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