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crystallized intelligence
medicalstudent | 10 years ago Reply Link me
Wow! This is an example of that you do not need a lot of expensive equipment to (potentially) publish in nature as long as you have a good experimental design.
? | 10 years ago Reply
crystallized intelligence
'The efficacy of working memory training in improving crystallized intelligence'

Crystallized intelligence (Gc) is thought to reflect skills acquired through knowledge and experience and is related to verbal ability, language development1 and academic success2. Gc, together with fluid intelligence (Gf), are constructs of general intelligence3. While Gc involves learning, knowledge and skills, Gf refers to our ability in tests of problem-solving, pattern matching, and reasoning. Although there is evidence that Gf can be improved through memory training in adults4, the efficacy of memory training in improving acquired skills, such as Gc and academic attainment, has yet to be established. Furthermore, evidence of transfer effects from gains made in the trained tasks is sparse5. Here we demonstrate improvements in Gc and academic attainment using working memory training. Participants in the Training group displayed superior performance in all measures of cognitive assessments post-training compared to the Control group, who received knowledge-based training. While previous studies have indicated that gains in intelligence are due to improvements in test-taking skills6, this study demonstrates that it is possible to improve crystallized skills through working memory training. Considering the fundamental importance of Gc in acquiring and using knowledge and its predictive power for a large variety of intellectual tasks, these findings may be highly relevant to improving educational outcomes in those who are struggling.

full text:

...and now we have evidence that Gc can be enhanced with working memory training versus an active control group (knowledge-based training)

should college tuition really be going up?
medicalstudent | 10 years ago Reply!!!
? | 9 years ago Reply
Good. Confirmation for my hunch. Should pass peer-review.
? | 10 years ago Reply

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