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More minor updates
cognitivefun | 12 years ago Reply Link me
More minor updates
A couple small updates have been made. Starting with the dual n-back variants, the test completion will not jump automatically to the stats page for logged-in users. The visible background setting is also remembered across sessions.

The speed PASAT seemed to not be remembering level information (or did it?); in any case, it should have a better memory now.

A user wrote in suggesting providing links for relevant information. I have to figure out where to put this. Video links should also be added to that place.

A few more things are in progress. A later test will require some sort of note identification, so before that there needs to be something like a simple musical test. This probably won't be as common in the literature as it is for ear training, but it is still a cognitive task, also not to forget that there are measures of intelligence that correlate with musical aptitude.
cognitivefun | 12 years ago Reply

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