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Separation of speed tests?
cognitivefun | 13 years ago Reply Link me
Separation of speed tests?
After reading sygenator's and TimM's comments following changing the time limit on the PASAT, it seems like several tests deserve their own speed test siblings. Speed tests likely have an advantage in skill acquisition when the task objectives is well-defined, which is the case for all of these tests (as opposed to a task where the immediate objectives are ill-defined: "write a creative novel").

The 3D speed run was an attempt at an interesting speed test, but a big problem about it was the rendering would lag on slower computers, which imposes a barrier on the maximum speed. How else though, could you notify the user that time is running out with minimal eye movement and peripheral vision, without making things fly towards them? Fading out the stimulus is one way to do it, and that will be the approach for the variable-speed variants, beginning with the PASAT.

Before that though, a spatial memory task. The comment count also needs to be fixed...
cognitivefun | 13 years ago Reply
Speed test siblings sound great - it would be good to be able to try "speed PASAT" again, maybe with variable speeds.

The speed test aspect of the 3D speed run is a great idea. Going fast on "2-back" on speed run is, I suspect, more of a "quick reactions" test than a working memory test because remembering two items for a short length of time is relatively easy, whereas keeping a cool head and not getting confused is a challenge.

I would be really interested to try "3-back" and higher on Speed Run - I suspect that a manageable speed would be quite a bit slower than with 2 back, and it would make bigger demands on working memory.
TimM | 13 years ago Reply

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