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Chunking is impossible!? The combined multimodal n-back task
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Updated 2 months ago in Blog
The Reading Span Task (at last!)
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Updated 10 years ago in Blog
You can now link your profile externally
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Updated 4 weeks ago in Blog
On music intervals, and other updates
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Updated 7 days ago in Blog
Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight
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Updated 1 year ago in Multimedia, Blog
More minor updates
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Updated 12 years ago in Blog
Minor updates, spatial updating, and generalization
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Updated 2 weeks ago in Blog
"Hearing lips and seeing voices" - the McGurk effect
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Updated 8 years ago in Multimedia, Blog
PASAT with dynamic speed adjustment added
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Updated 11 years ago in Blog
The spatial memory updating task requires too much processing at once
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Updated 11 years ago in Blog
Separation of speed tests?
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Updated 12 years ago in Blog
Quick links organization changed
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Updated 12 years ago in Blog
Profile updated (sort of)
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Updated 12 years ago in Blog
Charts updated
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Updated 12 years ago in Blog
The 3D Dual n-back Speed Run
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Updated 6 years ago in Blog
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