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Learn about and play with your brain by trying out variants of actual cognitive tests. New tests and information will be added periodically, so check back often -- and practice often too!


This site aims to be both an educational and practical resource for those trying to find out more about cognitive tests/games, or cognitive neuroscience in general.

Test results with respect to brain age, mental performance, and general intelligence

Many factors result from, and influence mental acuity, and no single test can measure overall "intelligence". This site will refrain from making unsupported claims. If there is relevant information regarding correlational performance, it may be indicated.

But surely a 20-year old brain is faster than an 80-year old brain?

Yes and no. The younger brain is more nimble and may be better tuned for calculation games, but there are tests which the older brain excels at -- unless, of course, the old brain is suffering from old-age forgetfulness, which would be a different story. [citation... I'll get to it later]

If I take these tests daily, will I get better at them?

Short answer: yes. There is a limit to the results you can obtain on any of these tests, but effortful practice does result in improved performance in most mental tasks. Visit often, by all means, and see for yourself.


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